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SMCSTL STLSocialGood Conference 2014 - Combined Presentation Deck


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This half-day conference was created to help non-profits with digital and social media marketing - from basics to analytics and ROI. Speakers included in this deck are Travis Sheridan and Brianna Smith. A separate link will be posted on our blog at for Ashley Riley's presentation.

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SMCSTL STLSocialGood Conference 2014 - Combined Presentation Deck

  3. 3. Who in your life has been affected by a neurological disorder? (Think about it - Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS, CP, Huntington’s, Epilepsy, brain injury or stroke? Everyone knows someone!) Shout Out For Hope is a Facebook community that makes it easy for us all to share stories of hope, rally to support research for treatments and cures, and celebrate victories big and small.
  6. 6. Social Media + Digital Best Practices INTRODUCING OUR PANELISTS Ashley Riley | @GatewayPets Kathy Bernard | @Getajobtips Marcy Bursac | @marcycts Jill Hampton | @JillSTL
  7. 7. Social Media Analytics and ROI Tracking Brianna Smith | Digital Marketing Specialist S
  8. 8. Social Media Analytics and ROI Tracking Agenda S Social Media Metrics S Social Media Measurement Tools S Measuring ROI of Social Media
  9. 9. Social Media Metrics Determining what to measure S
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Metrics S
  11. 11. Increase in Community Membership
  12. 12. Content Mobility & Engagement
  13. 13. Market Perception S Sentiment of brand mentions on social media S Track trends in social media sentiment S Increase in positive mentions S Decrease in negative mentions
  14. 14. Social Conversions S Total number of click-throughs to website from each social media source S Twitter S Facebook S LinkedIn S Pinterest S YouTube Social Media Follower Website Visitor Lead
  15. 15. Social Media Measurement Tools S
  16. 16. Social Media Tools S
  17. 17. Hootsuite • • • • • • • • Social Network Management Google Analytics Integration Twitter Profile Statistics reports Click Statistics Google+ Pages Analytics Custom Reports Team Features Monitoring
  18. 18. SocialBro • • • • • • • • Real time analytics Best time to tweet report Discover Twitter users and insights Analyze your competitors Analyze your lists Twitter DM Campaigns Compare accounts of similar size & age Geolocated search
  19. 19. Google Analytics • • • • Conversion reports Visitor flow Social site traffic On-site engagement
  20. 20. ShareThis Plugin • • • Custom Analytics SQI Score Integrates with Google Analytics
  21. 21. SproutSocial • • • • • • • Engagement reports Best time to post Evaluate competition Track brand mentions Geotargeting Monitor competitors Analyze multiple social profiles
  22. 22. Gremlin • • • • • • • Network comparisons Schedule posts by time zone Auto-scheduling Translations Track ROI Search for brand mentions Social calendar creation
  23. 23. SimplyMeasured
  24. 24. SocialMention • • • • • • Searches for brand mentions all across the internet Measures social media strength Determines sentiment Analyzes passion Measure top users, top hashtags, and sources Set up alerts for brand mentions
  25. 25. Measuring ROI of Social Media Efforts S
  26. 26. Determining Social Media ROI S
  27. 27. Google Analytics Ecommerce Sales Funnel S Tracking Code S Goals S Conversion Reports
  28. 28. Goal Pages S Examples of Goal Pages: S Volunteer pages S Donations pages S Contact Us pages
  29. 29. Savings: Social vs. Paid Media Are your social efforts generating more results than what you would see with paid media?
  30. 30. Savings: Social vs. Paid Media Value of SMM efforts Cost of SMM ROI
  31. 31. Calculating Value of Social Media Efforts S Organic (non-paid) Facebook Impressions x $10.00 CPM S Clicks from Facebook posts x average cost of PPC clicks S ((Tweets x # of followers) + (retweets + @mentions) x .25*) x $10.00 CPM S Clicks from Twitter x average cost of PPC clicks S Organic YouTube video views x $0.20 per view S Blog pageviews x average cost of PPC clicks S Online brand mentions x average cost of PPC clicks View rate or impressions of a single tweet, as estimated by Twitter
  32. 32. Revenue from Social Media S Visitors to Goal Pages / Total Products Sold = Goal Pages per Sale S Social Traffic to Goal Pages / Goal Pages per Sale = Social Sales S Revenue from set period / Total Transactions = Average Transaction Value S Social Sales X Average Transaction Value = Social Revenue S (Social Revenue – SMM Cost) / SMM Cost = ROI Social Revenue – SMM Cost Cost of SMM For a given period of time ROI
  33. 33. Brianna Smith Digital Marketing Specialist and Social Media Blogger S Follow me on Twitter: S S @Brianna5mith Email me at: S S Connect with me on LinkedIn: S S Find more social media resources at: S
  34. 34. Social Media ROI INTRODUCING OUR PANELISTS Tom Ruwitch | @marketvolt Brianna Smith | @Brianna5mith Post Q’s via Twitter #STLSocialGood
  35. 35. DOING THE MOST GOOD WITH LIMITED RESOURCES Time, Money or Talent Travis A. Sheridan AVP, Innovation & Entrepreneurship St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
  36. 36. Will you go to the prom with me?
  37. 37. Will you go to the prom with me?
  38. 38. TONE: Awareness Know us “Yeah, I’ve heard of them.”
  39. 39. TONE: Preference Like us | Think of us fondly | “Like” “Yeah, I’ve heard they do good stuff.” “Yeah, I’d totally volunteer if I had time.” “Yeah, they are cool.”
  40. 40. TONE: Engagement Join us | Hang out with us | Visit us | Donate Buy | Download | Subscribe “Yeah, I’ve been there.” “Yeah, I’m on their mailing list.” “Yeah, I financially support them.” “Yeah, I’m a client.”
  41. 41. TONE: Retention/Referral Stay with us | Come back to us | Tell others “Retweet” | “Share” “Yeah, I keep going back.” “Yeah, I think you’d like what they stand for.” “Yeah, you should contact them.”
  42. 42. Client Programs Sponsor Appreciation Volunteer Development Annual Gala A day in the life
  43. 43. One Year | One Page Time: Simple way to compose a message with limited critical thinking. Money: Did not require an outside consultant for implementation. Did not require expensive technology. Talent: Empowers all levels to help spread the message.
  44. 44. Mon, June 2, 2014 Major Event (Conf) We’re happy to announce @FamousFella will be the keynote speaker at our #SocialGoodConf on June 22. <RSVP link>
  45. 45. Wed, Oct 22, 2014 Sponsor Recognition @HeckaNiceSponsor helped us achieve our mission! Grab tickets & join the #celebration at the #2014gala. #thanks <ticket link>
  46. 46. Tues, Mar 17, 2015 Client Program “This workshop helped me avoid costly errors.” -@AvgAttendee. The entire 2015 schedule is online. Plan accordingly. <link to schedule>
  47. 47. CASE STUDY: CENTRAL VALLEY BUSSINESS INCUBATOR 120% 100% 100% 70% 32% 19% 40% 0%
  48. 48. Download a FREE version of the One Year | One Page Grid
  49. 49. THANK YOU. @TravisSheridan @MessagePlacemat
  50. 50. Social Media with Limited Time and Resources INTRODUCING OUR PANELISTS Melanie Bernds | @DanforthCenter Travis Sheridan | @TravisSheridan Dana Biermann | @DanaBiermann Bethany Prange | @BethanyPrange
  51. 51. Please join us for a happy hour and networking! 5:30-7:00 p.m. Granite City Food & Brewery 11411 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, MO 63141