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Blakeleigh doucet 4th hour exam


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Blakeleigh doucet 4th hour exam

  1. 1. COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION Name: Louisiana State University Address: Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Telephone Number(s): (225) 578-3202 Website:
  2. 2. HISTORY • 1859 main building is complete near Pineville • January 1860 LSU opened with 5 professors and 19 cadets • Closed June 30, 1860 because of the Civil War • 1863 Professor William A. Seany becomes super intendant • 1865 Civil War ends
  3. 3. TUITION AND REQUIRED FEES Fall Spring Tuition $3,322.30 $3,308.55 Require d Fees $549.45 $545.70 Summer Winter Tuition $2415.80 $1,527 Require d Fees $124 $277.20
  4. 4. • Bachelo r degree • Master degree • Doctor
  5. 5. YOUR MAJOR PROGRAM I will study and ultimately get my degree in education.
  6. 6. OTHER INTERESTING INFORMATION • LSU’s presidents were military generals • Only University with live tiger mascot • College of education is the largest in the state • Had a haunting- couple got into an argument, the girlfriend shot the boyfriend, but he survived and ran to another dorm; the girl committed suicide, strange noises and sightings have been reported
  7. 7. WHY DO YOU WANT TO ATTEND THIS COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY • Close to home • Highly ranked • I can still see my family anytime