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                                                              Term 1 Week 4

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T1 W4


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T1 W4

  1. 1. Year 7 HOMEWORK Term 1 Week 4 READING WRITING MATHS Think about 20 mins every night joining the Gold Write 10 simple Complete the Maths Coast Library! sentences in your activity sheet. It’s free and you homework book. get your own card….. M T W TH mins mins mins mins Circle the participants (noun group) in blue and the action process (verb group) in green.  PROJECT WORK SPELLING RIBIT Leadership project. Look Say Cover Write You should’ve begun One world and one Check (LSCWC) reading your book by Australian leader. Keep Draw up 5 columns in now. Begin thinking checking your your homework book. about your first project. instruction sheet to make sure you don’t Do this with any words leave out any important that were incorrect on information! your pre-test. Due Friday Week 7. Remember Friday is test day. HOME DUTIES R.E. SPORT If you don’t already Does the washing This week: Ash belong to a sporting need taking in? Wednesday. This is the club try to exercise at Does the table need beginning of Lent. What least 3 times per week. could you sacrifice during You could go for a walk setting? this time? How’s your bedroom or run. You could play (Reminder: Our prayer with your little brother looking? assembly is next or sister in the backyard. Monday at 8.30am. Be Whatever it is, you’ll TEAM at school on time!) feel great when you’ve finished!