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Search engines and techniques presentation


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Search engines and techniques presentation

  1. 1. Lesson one.
  2. 2. Todays WALT : Carry out effective and efficient searches on the internet using a variety of techniques ◦ 1)Look at a number of different search engines. ◦ 2)Look at a number of different search techniques which can be carried out. ◦ 3)Look at what hits mean within a search.
  3. 3.  Search engines are very useful when you need to carry out research on a specific topic you want to learn about. The search engines we will be using are: ◦ Google. ◦ Dogpile. ◦ Bing. ◦ About. ◦ Ask Jeeves.
  4. 4.  There are a number of techniques which can be used when carrying out a search. Using different techniques can refine the search to make it specific to what your looking for. The technique examples we will look at are: ◦ Boolean Operators. ◦ Keywords. ◦ Wildcards. ◦ Advanced Searches.
  5. 5.  Boolean operators use three logical operators which are: ◦ Or ◦ And ◦ Not Examples of the operators: ◦ College or university ◦ Poverty and crime ◦ Cats not dogs
  6. 6. Keywords A keyword search will allow the user to carry out a search that will look for documents and websites that contain one or more of the specified words.
  7. 7. Wildcards This search involves the us of a symbols ‘?’ and ‘*’ to replace individual letters, or sequences of letters. This is useful when you do not know how to spell the word. ◦ ? - You can use a question mark to replace a single character. ◦ * - You can use a asterisk to represent several characters, or ‘zero’ characters. Zero characters gives you the option of looking for a character that may or not be there.
  8. 8. Advanced Searches When using an advanced search this allows you to narrow down your results through providing the search engine with more information about what it is you are exactly looking for. Google Advanced search.
  9. 9. Hits Hits on a search engine are the number of results which the website finds based on your search. Using different search techniques will help you to reduce the number of hits you get. The least hits you get the more relevant your search is.