Using Social Media to Improve Internal Communications


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At the National Wildlife Federation we have improved communications and the quality of our work using social media!

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Using Social Media to Improve Internal Communications

  1. 1. Incorporating Social Media Into Your Workplace Danielle Brigida Social Media Outreach Coordinator Kristin Johnson Web Producer
  2. 2. National Wildlife Federation • Nonprofit conservation organization • Founded in 1936 • Large member base
  3. 3. Why Did We Get Into Social Media? • Messages to share • Looking to connect with people where they are • Wanted to have a presence
  4. 4. Challenge #1 Getting Staff Buy-In • Not knowing tools • Don't have time • Scared to be out there
  5. 5. How can you be a “big tent” organization online?
  6. 6. Know your priorities…
  7. 7. …and your audiences Moms Scientists Gardeners Grandparents Wildlife enthusiasts Dads Policy wonks Nature lovers Kids Park rangers Educators Camp counselors Hunters and anglers Shoppers Photographers etc…
  8. 8. NWF Programs on Twitter WildlifeAction @NWF, @greenhour, @campusecology, @wildlife_watch @climateclass, @wildlifeaction @ecoschoolsusa @beoutthere @ayea @forestjustice @akglobalwarming @nwfpacific @mountainaura
  9. 9. Questions to Answer • What do you want to accomplish? • Who do you want to reach? • How will it support your Internet strategy? • Who will implement your social media strategy? • How will you measure your success?
  10. 10. People share their wildlife sightings
  11. 11. Integrating Twitter with Website Twitter Feed!
  12. 12. Wildlife Watch Goes Mobile WildObs iPhone App allows people to record wildlife observations on their phone, shows on a map on
  13. 13. @wildlifeaction
  14. 14. A Few Other Superstars @klsnature @epschleichert @climateguru
  15. 15. Challenge #2 Increasing Internal Communications
  16. 16. Social Marketeers Chat Room
  17. 17. Communicating on the Networks Annapolis, MD Austin, TX Reston, VA Washington, DC
  18. 18. Challenge #3 Getting Buy-In From Senior Leadership @ecosoccermom @ljschweiger @Jeremysymons
  19. 19. Social Media… Just for Kids? Is it a trend? Is it a waste of time? What’s the purpose? Will it make my employees less productive?
  20. 20. What We Found • Connection to audiences old and new • Listening tool • Instant focus group • Marketing tool • Sharing resources • Partnerships • Improves communication • Instantly mobilize your audience
  21. 21. Questions? Danielle Brigida Kristin Johnson National Wildlife Federation