NWF Social Media Quarterly Update (Q1 2013)


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We produce a quarterly report at the National Wildlife Federation around our social media use and discuss what we've learned.

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NWF Social Media Quarterly Update (Q1 2013)

  1. 1. NWF Social Media UpdateQ1 – January 2013 to March 2013Notable Social Media Mentions:35 Companies Rockin’ Pinterest (We’re the only nonprofit)How the National Wildlife Federation Embraced SocialHow NWF Uses Photos to Engage Facebook UsersTop 100 Green Experts to Follow in February (#6)Increasing Reach:NWF’s National Facebook Page Likes: Increased from 110,837 to124,343(up 12.2%)*about 152 new likes per dayNWF’s National Twitter Page Followers: Increased from 117,753to126,397(up7.3%)*about 98 new followers per dayNWF’s Google+ Followers: Increased from 213,800 to 246,947(up about 15,5%)*368 followers per dayWant to see more? Check out our NWF’s otherFacebook and Twitter accounts.Engagement on Social Sites:Top Retweeted NWF Tweets:1. Endangered Pacific right whales may receive stricter federal protection:http://t.co/l4gztC5i2. For Polar Bears Contending With Climate Change, "Its Survival Of The Fattest":http://t.co/olxAoi4Ypc3. The Republic of Congo has declared a new park that protects 15,000 gorillashttp://t.co/ZYefBmEXObservations and Next Steps:Since this quarter none of our more retweeted posts linked to our own content.We’ll be focusing on tweeting our own content late at night (when some of our mostpopular tweets are released)Top Shared and Liked Posts on Facebook:
  2. 2. 1. Happy Valentines Day! In honor of today we wanted to share amazing animalheart facts with you-- enjoy the day!See Post2. Today for National Wildlife Week were exploring wildlife often found on or in theTRUNK of a tree! What would you add to the list?See Post3. Valentine’s Day Ecards: See PostObservations: Strong visuals and photo albums continue to dominate our top posts.By creating content (such as the Ecards and the Infographic) we saw a huge amountof sharing this quarter.Traffic From Social Media to our Website(pulled from Omniture and Google Analytics)Top viewed pages from Twitter:1. NWF Green Inaugural Ball: See Page1,176 pageviews2. National Wildlife Federation’s Homepage www.nwf.org1,159pageviews3. Squirrel Appreciation Day –Robo Rodents311 pageviewsObservations: Twitter is about relationships and the fact that we are seeing a largenumber of pageviews to our homepage can tell you that when staff active on Twitterand link to our homepage- it makes a difference.Top viewed pages from Pinterest:1. Recipe Page on the Kids Site See Page4,089pageviews2. Flamingo Valentines See Page1,915 pageviews3. NWF’s Error Page 1,842pageviewsActionable next steps: Continue figuring out what errors are occurring since one ofour most visited pages is an error page. Look to increasingly pin more individualrecipes so that the category page isn’t the only thing receiving traffic.Top viewed pages from Facebook:1. Squirrel Appreciation Day Article (from 2011) received 9,573 pageviews2. Happy Valentines Day! In honor of today we wanted to share amazinganimal heart facts with you-- enjoy the day!See Post7,787 pageviews3. NWF Green Inaugural Ball: See Page3,712pageviewsKey Lessons Learned and Accomplishments:NWF Green Ball:As part of the Inaugural Green Ball, we encouraged NWF socialcommunities to share their #Greenwish and collected over 500 wishes to share
  3. 3. throughout the event. Even the Vice President, Joe Biden made a #greenwish. Wehad over 1700 tweets mentioning the event. Using social media at an event like thiswas new for NWF and we displayed tweets live from many of the event screens. Wenoticed an surprising number of photos shared via Instagram (over 200). We’recontinuing to follow Green Ball attendee interaction within our social channels. Wedid a social analysis of the attendees and there was a higher level of key influencersand engagers amongst them—so that means we may have luck cultivating themfurther from social media.National Wildlife Week- Wildlife in Trees Facebook Album:For National Wildlife Week we tested created a “crowdsourced” album on Facebookwhere people would come to our wall and post pictures of wildlife in trees. Thealbum received over 4,000 likes, well over 300 submission and 1,500 shares. Thiswas a great way to get people to visualize the connection animals have with trees!Each individual photo also received a number of shares and it really droveengagement on our page to new levels.
  4. 4. Annapolis Office -Reaching 1,000 Likes andCaring for SupportersThe Annapolis office experimenting gaining likes with the pictureincluded below. The post received 42 likes/ 18 shares and was one ofthe most popular posts they’ve had so far. They did notice that thepost gained more likes than their actual page.Cultivation of loyal FB postersSent a care package to a follower who is a bird enthusiast andhas his own birding blogHe shares pictures each day and names each speciesReceived our package and posted a picture of RR to his birdingblog asking people to check out our site and what we do. Hehas offered to put a summary of our regional center on his blog to get peopleover to our pageCampus Ecology Ran Their First Facebook Ad:For 9 days between 2/26 and 3/8 we used a Facebook ad to promote posts and alsothe campus page, achieving 5x as many new likes during that span than during theweek before and 4x as many new likes during that span than during the week after.The ad also helped us reach more 18-24 year olds and moderately boostedengagement (likes and shares). Between 3/18 and 3/24 we got 2x as many pagelikes as the previous week.Be Out There Facebook PartyTotal Facebook Event RSVPs: 110Email capture: 91 responses via registration form required to be eligible for prizegiveawaysFacebook Likes: 109 new Facebook Likes since DecemberIncreased Reach: 432% increase with January’s reach being at 33,016 people, so farBundle Up and Be Out There Facebook Chat reached a total of 19,810 people onJanuary 17, outside of any other posts made by Be Out There unrelated to the FacebookChat
  5. 5. Resonating Advocacy Messages on Facebook and TwitterOverall, the most successful campaigns this quarter on Facebook were:Polar bears and climate changeCaribou and Bald Eagles impacted by Keystone XLCalling on the Senate to oppose anti-wildlife amendments in the federalbudgetMost Retweeted posts on Twitter were:BP trial and Gulf restorationKeystone XL and climate/caribouWildlife in a Warming World ReportTesting a New Tool: ThunderclapFor the “Forward on Climate” rally in Washington, DC on Feb. 17, we emailedapproximately 50,000 NWF activists across the country, inviting them to participatein a solidarity action online via Thunderclap—a tool that automatically schedulesFacebook status updates and tweets at a specified time. Nearly 6,000 NWF activistsclicked through to the Thunderclap landing page—the most out of any of theparticipating groups. The overall conversion rate (those who completed the actiononce they reached the page) was 59%. We also promoted this action on Facebook,twitter, and Wildlife Promise. This proved to be an effective tool for increasingnational visibility and building awareness by offering our supporters theopportunity to amplify the message of the event even if they were not able to attendin person.Trends and Industry News:How To Make Awesome GIFSA Facebook Fan is Worth $174, Researcher SaysVine (Twitter’s video app) Tops List of Free iPhone AppsFacebook and Changed Their LogoTips of the Quarter:Since Google announced their discontinuation of Google Reader, check out a post onthe 5 best alternatives for subscribing to feeds.