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NWF Social Media Strategy Mapping Document


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NWF Social Media Strategy Mapping Document

  1. 1. National Wildlife Federation Social Media Strategy Map *(social media resource list) 1. Objective a. Please select your main reasons for using social media. • Research and Learning • Build Relationships • Issues Awareness • Improve Reputation • Content Generation • Driving Traffic • Taking Action • Fundraising • Other: b. Describe how your social media objective supports or links to an objective in the National Wildlife Federation’s mission. 2. Target Audience/ Tool Research a. Who do you want to reach with your social media efforts? Describe a target group: b. What social media tools are they currently using? Describe based on secondary research, direct observation, or primary research.
  2. 2. Social Media Strategy Map c. What additional research do you need to do to learn about your target audience’s online social behavior? 3. Integration a. How will your social media strategy support and enhance your Internet strategy? Internet Strategy Component How Does Social Strategy Support Email Web Site Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Advertising 4. Capacity a. Who will implement your program’s social media strategy? b. Can you allocate a minimum of five hours per week to your strategy? c. Will your content updates depend on any other resource or person? (Do they know your intentions?)
  3. 3. Social Media Strategy Map 5. Tools and Tactics a. What tactics and tools best support your objectives and match your targeted audience? Tactic Identify Tools Questions Listen What decisions will you link your listening to? What key words will you use? How will share or summarize what you learn from listening with others in your organization? Participate Who is empowered to respond and what circumstances? How will you address negative comments or perceptions? Share Your Story What content or information be used to update or feed the social media sites? Who will assist or support users in remixing your message? Generate Buzz How will you “brand” your presence on buzz sites? (Personal/Organizational) Who will implement and build relationships with influencers? Social Networks How will your group represent itself on social networks? Who will develop or repurpose content? Who will be the “community manager?” b. Now, take a second look at what you are planning, what tactics and tools do you have the capacity to implement? c. Are you prepared to allow additional time for researching new social media tools or changing tools?
  4. 4. Social Media Strategy Map 6. Measurement a. What hard data points or metrics will you use to track your objectives? How often will you track? Measure of Success Before During After b. How will you harvest insights from hard data and qualitative data as the project unfolds? Keep in mind your objectives will need to be “SMART” – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based 7. Experiment a. What small piece can you implement first as a pilot? b. Aside from the metrics described above, how will you track the implementation so you can learn from it? How will you determine if you are successful?
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy Map c. What is the lifespan of this project? 8. Steps for Getting Started STEP 1: Listening Sign up for Google Alerts and search Twitter Put in a few key words and select a comprehensive search (includes blogs and news) Select that you want a weekly or daily update. *Search Twitter by going to - look for program names or key words! (You don't need an account to search) *looking for followers on twitter? Check out and - also search friends of like-minded people! *Check out NWF's Recent mentions: search keywords for more drilled down results. STEP 2: Engage internally Sign up for (this is the internal twitter! It is fun and your coworkers won't bite) To sign up just enter your WORK EMAIL and join the conversation! There are over 65 NWFers and this is just a way to update people on campaigns and initiatives in an easy way. We also do social media pushes through this channel so you can learn about what NWF offices are working on! STEP 3: Talk back Find people that are talking about you (through step 1) and respond to them! Wherever they are talking about your issue or a related topic it's important to engage in a meaningful way. Look for blogs, twitter users or webpages that talk about you or link to you! Once you start listening you will realize there are great ways to respond. If you are looking for more ways to listen or respond let me know! Ask me questions. (Danielle Brigida Whether you want to learn more about organizing on Twitter, searching your program, or Facebook - and you want to get to know more about where NWF is online (check out ) Feel free to contact me either on yammer, email or phone and ask me these questions! Also-- if you sign up for twitter or have a current account-- let me know! I will add you to NWF's list of staff who tweet. Social Media Resources presentations on our social media strategy great blog about nonprofits using social media NWF's social media page in Sharepoint - hub of social media sites - follow NWF or find us wherever you are! Also let us know if you have your own sites that you've created.
  6. 6. Social Media Strategy Map NWF's recent mentions. Social Media for Nonprofits:
  7. 7. Social Media Strategy Map NWF's recent mentions. Social Media for Nonprofits: