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Measuring Engagement with Social Media

  1. Measuring Engagement with Social Media Danielle Brigida [email_address] National Wildlife Federation @NWF @starfocus
  2. Edelman Trust Barometer 2009
  3. What tools do we use to track Return on Investment? ?
  4. Social Media = Listening Mike Bailey-Gates, Flickr
  5. How We Listen : Search News Search Blogs Search Social Sites
  6. Track Your Mentions
  7. What Inspires a Response ?
  8. @NWF, @greenhour, @campusecology, @wildlife_watch @climateclass, @wildlifeaction WildlifeAction Example: NWF on
  10. How are people engaging with the tweet?
  11. Be creative in tracking campaign engagement
  12. People share their wildlife sightings
  13. Wildlife Watch with Twitter? Robin in Park, Maryland #NWF
  15. It’s All About Quality! I do it for them.

Editor's Notes

  1. Avoid the temptation to jump in and start pushing out your network. After branding yourself you want to make sure you approach the constituents respectfully. Listen to them through (Tracking) but also be observant who is participating a lot with content and creation. [RSS feeds, Technoratti, Surmize, Board reader, Google Alerts] Participating in the conversation Encourage participation, reference interests and point them in the right direction
  2. Method to the madness.