Using Social Media to Improve the Work You Do


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Using Social Media to Improve the Work You Do

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Strengthen the Work You Do By Danielle Brigida @starfocus
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Introductions - 10 mins• Social Media Tools - 15 mins• Discussion - 15 mins• Question and Answers - 20 mins
  3. 3. Danielle Brigida@starfocus Nerd at Your Service
  4. 4. Always Remember to…• Identify an Audience• Pick Specific Goals• Know Your Capacity• Have an Outreach Plan• Have a Long-term Plan Image: Flickr / Iowa Red Bulls
  5. 5. Listen, Communicate, Create, Track Time on Social Media 15% 30% Listening Communicating 25% Creating/Experimenting Tracking 30%
  6. 6. Establish Community to Reach the Crowd
  7. 7. Be Present, Wherever You AreEach network has strengths, communities and solutions to offer. You will get out of it what you invest.
  8. 8. Consider ALL Communication Channels
  9. 9. Do NOT Just “Push it Out”
  10. 10. Find Solutions in Social Media• Ask questions and establish focus groups• Use the free/affordable tools• Give your supporters the power to help you
  11. 11. Bring the FUN to fundraising
  12. 12. Integrate Social Mediainto the work you’re ALREADY doing
  13. 13. Empower Your Community• Use social media to listen• Be consistent and form relationships• Ask questions• Find ways to give your supporters a voice
  14. 14. Share and Tell…What ways can the work you do be enriched bysocial media?
  15. 15. Discussion Questions• Do you have questions about tools you’re currently using?• Name a time when social media has let you down or has surprised you.• When was the last time you experimented with social media?