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  1. 1. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night Aimee Alty, Charlotte Brooks, Daniella Worth
  2. 2. What social groups or places are represented in the media text?• 80s American Teen Party.• Katy Perry- Geek but pulls the main Jock.• Location: Supposed to be a quiet Suburban setting but a secret party is going on next door. American middle class houses.• Football Jocks• Geeks with braces• 80s – dressing in bright colour and curly perm hair.• Geek boy is in love with the geek version of Katy Perry• Equilibrium – beginning: geek in unfamiliar surroundings middle: geek transformed re-equilibrium: the new girl• All the categorized groups: jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, new girl etc are the stereotype teenagers.• Protagonist changes lifestyle after the corruption
  3. 3. Are any stereotypes evident?• You see the stereotypical geek with the braces and glasses.• Jocks wearing the American football jackets, with a big build.• Good looking popular girls dressed in skimpy outfits.• When they transfer the geek to the popular girl, they keep elements of the “geekness” look (braces)• Mise- en- scene: make-up and costumes are bright colours representing the 80s. Big hair is also used to create the 80s look. Small plastic cups used for alcohol, typical in american teen parties. The decoration included: Silly string, toilet paper, feathers, underwear, party poppers.
  4. 4. The purposeKaty Perry revealed that she was inspired to write the track after running naked through a parkwith her friends. According to Music Rooms, Katy claimed that after a wild night of partying andstreaking, she wrote the song about her antics and what she remembered the next day. Perryrevealed: “There’s nothing better than an impromptu dance party with my friends. My track LastFriday Night , is a song about debauchery because I had one of those nights in Santa Barbara. Wewent out to this place called Wildcat and got crazy,” Perry admitted: “We had a couple of beersand danced until we died, then brought the party back to the hotel room.” She added: “Most ofthat song is actual truth, apart from the ménage a trois… unfortunately! But, yes, streaking in thepark, that’s what we did, so we had to write a song about it the next day!
  5. 5. ProducerThe song was written by Perry, Dr Luke, Max Martin, and Bonnie McKee and was produced by Dr.Luke and Max Martin.“Martin received a call from Perry asking if he could help her make a video that resembled a nightout that she had in Santa Barbara, but with a twist. Martin came up with the idea of adding 80’selements to the video, Katy thought it was an amazing idea and so went forth”Critics said that Katy wanted it to show that, “however different you are, you can always havefun” and aimed it at all teenagers. To show that it was aimed at teenagers, they stereotyped themand made it a ‘teen movie’ style setting. MAX DR LUKE MARTIN
  6. 6. CONFORMATION OF DOMINANT IDEOLOGIESAll the stereotyped teenagers in The geeks have braces and unstylish‘Last Friday night’ are all dominant ideologies. clothing.The jocks wear the red and white Americanfootball jackets and six pack.The popular girls wear skimpy outfits Transformed geek…and always have something in their hand.
  7. 7. The Male and Female Gaze