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Evaluation two


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Evaluation two

  1. 1. Daniella Worth
  2. 2. A brand is a particular make of a product.It is the idea or image of a specific product or service that theaudience connects with. Branding is when that idea or image ismarketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people, andidentified with a certain service or product when there are manyother companies offering the same service or product.
  3. 3. I think that the combination of our main product and ancillary texts work very well and link to the genre of the artist; grime. Firstly the album cover has the main colours used in our music video which are pink, black and white. The facial expression of the artist shows the seriousness and the colour pink contrasts to the black and white showing the funky brand image. I think the combination of dark colours with the Hot pink is important as the main image in our music video is the Pink animated heart. Without the use of the colour pink, the combination wouldn’t be as effective and the brand image wouldn’t be put across to the target audience. We chose this image because it combined with one of the shots we used in our music video. Another way in which we made our music video unique was intertextuality, the distinctive shock pink love heart that we designed to bring animation to the media product. This finalised the brand image of our artist. The use of the heart throughout the video re assures the target audience of the brand image and that the video sustains to it the whole way through. The colour pink is We kept theThe original image was distinctive but not costumes to aprecisely cut out and too obvious so the minimum. Te facial expressions aremade transparent the same.against the striped brand doesn’tforeground. change.
  4. 4. In our second panel shot, we showed the “urban” side to the branding bytaking a shot of the artist dancing. This linked to the main product as wehave scenes where the artist and actors are dancing. I made the hearttransparent so it didn’t take over the whole image of him dancing. Itcombined extremely well as the main image of the product has beenbrought in with the ancillary.Again we kept the same colours that are used in the video which combinesthe product and texts appropriately.
  5. 5. We also had a second option for a front cover. This one challenged the brand image. Although the colours were bright, attractive and the black and white eye went well with our brand image, it didn’t show that the brand image was urban. It could have been mistaken for pop because of the patterns and not much of it related to our music video. It didn’t show enough imagery to show that the brand image was urban.Only the blackand whiteeffect relatedto the video. The colours couldThe font type have gone wellmatched the with the brandstyle of the image.heart.
  6. 6. Our magazine advert The black and whitecombines with our main image links to the The white standsmusic video, again video as the out against thebecause the background backgrounds subtle the same as the alternate from theseforeground of the album colours.cover. He pink stripesmake the main image ofthe artist stand out.Instead of making theartists name the centreof attention, the heart isplaced on hischest, which is used inthe video. He mainimage is in black andwhite which relates tothe green screening ofthe music video. The Thealbum cover was more background isserious than the advert. the same asHis “smug” facial the transparentexpression makes the foreground onadvert more appealing. the album cover. The album cover that reassures the The heart that is used in the audience. music video.
  7. 7. Cadburys brand image is continued through the purple packaging and the “milk swirl” withwhite writing.Although Cadburys adverts do not fully establish that the product is chocolate, it still conveysthe brand image because it is a well known company. Even though there is no direct link to theproduct in the adverts, it incises people to buy the product. The brand image is fun and joy.Coca Cola also continue their brand imagethrough the logo and the well known colourscheme of the product. The brand image iscloseness, friendship and fun. LikeCadburys, coca Cola don’t advertise theircompany in anyway that relates to the product.Instead of being random, like Cadburys, theyare more personal and can relate to theaudience which makes them buy the product. Itmostly appeals to young people.
  8. 8. Branding in the music industry is used to show how different music is delivered through the overallimage of the artists look. The way music is branded can affect the way the audience interprets andfeels about it. This is the way they attract the target audience. A brand for an artist is createdthrough their consistent image ,style, mise-en-scene of music videos and artwork and theirpersonality. This brand image may change slightly overtime to reflect changes of the artist, forinstance as they get older, the music branding fashion outdates which could repel the targetaudience. A successful brand image will show in the artists work and give a clear ideology to theaudience, this will make them recognise the album of the artist.An example of music branding;Tinie Tempah’s single cover; Pass Out A still shot from the music video Pass out On the front cover of the single, the artist still maintains the branding image, which makes the audience recognise the artist.
  9. 9. YOUNG, FUN & URBAN Throughout our music video we tried to keep the costume colour dark. Although it doesn’t seem to stand out, the dark colours represent the grime genre. The colour scheme was black, grey and shock pink. The pink was only shown on the animated heart which contrasted with the artists style and costume, making it stand out more to the audience which makes the artist recognisable to the target audience. Black background and dark costume White background Black background and shock pink heartBlack background with pink heart Black background with pink balloons Split screen; black and white background with pink heart
  10. 10. For the whole of our music video, I shot every scene in the studio. Ididn’t think it was necessary to have location shot as we wouldn’thave been able to get across to the target audience that it was to attractthem that are interested in our brand. We mostly used long shots,mid- shots, close ups and extreme close ups. This was so all theattention was focussed on the artist. When the group of daancers werebehind the artist, I went in and out of focus on the camera so theattention wasn’t taken from him.