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Fundraising deck.

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Hypercon Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Constantly Connected in Context
  2. 2.  Advertising and Mobile Application Platform Think Viggle for Mobile Advertising ◦ We are a highly individualized and hyper locally contextualized personal non-invasive ad portal. To Users… We’re an Interactive Mobile/Web Ad Company ◦ We pay them micro payments, based on their level of engagement, for allowing businesses to advertise to them on their personal smart phones, tablets and social networks. To Brands and Businesses… We’re an Integrated, Real-Time Bidding Demand Side Platform ◦ We use a mass customization, high performance network, that utilizes category management to enable unprecedented direct access to highly profiled niche consumers.
  3. 3. • Buys Brand Advocates or groups. • Money flows into Hypercon.Advertisers • Retains 33% of cash inflow as Service Fee. • Disperses remainder to users based on performance (only after they watch the ads).Hypercon • Watch the ads. • Earn payments/credits for watching and sharing the ad. Users
  4. 4. To Users… We show only relevant hyper-contextualized and hyperlocally-targeted ads, when the brand advocates want them. When people have control over what they are viewing and interacting with, they regulate, pay attention and share ads more readily.To Brands and Businesses… Through pinpoint targeting and sharing incentives, we reduce the cost of advertising, increase ROI and maximize influenced reach. We continually value users individually based on a proprietary algorithm that incents desired behaviors.
  5. 5. Buy the group, Buy Brand location, level Advocates or similar individually brands here. here. Select ad types, seebudget, and purchase quantity.
  6. 6. Continually Change budget, updated stats time, location, help to improve Brand Advocates ad placement Percent of Changeeach type of quantity of ad ad shown type
  7. 7. Users have…• Complete control over the app at all times• Interface to connect up to all social media and payment channels• Interface to allow or disallow brands, ad types, limit frequency• “Home Zone” to navigate around the app and watch ads• Gamified entities to encourage ad play• “Know Zone” to qualify them
  8. 8. Dynamic OtherDisplay Ads Video Ads Ads Media Ads Like Youtube or 3D Scene Control Scroll Banner ads commercials in Push Ads Ads. Hulu. Gamified Videos Full Screen where content Augmented Reality Targeted Text Ads overlays commenting is ads. enabled.
  9. 9. Everyone starts at Level 1and levels up from there.
  10. 10. 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Market Size ($B) $2.6 $4.3 $6.5 $8.7 $10.8 % Market Capture ($) - 0.1% 0.2% 0.7% 1.9%Total Addressable Market (M) 43.5 46.2 49.0 52.0 55.1(Age 18-34 with smart phones) % Market Capture (Users) - 0.0% 0.1% 0.5% 1.0% Brand Advocates (#) - 926 2,678 7,741 13,128 (Year End) - 2,953 19,428 127,839 321,921 Power Users - 3,180 16,573 86,386 178,809 High Users - 1,497 2,688 4,827 2,448 Medium Users - 2,996 9,402 29,508 52,991 Low Users - 11,551 50,769 256,301 569,298 Trial Users Total Advertised Brands (#) - 36 135 259 508 (Year End) Revenue ($M) - $0.8 $4.0 $21.2 $66.5 EBITDA ($M) ($0.03) ($0.4) ($0.1) $9.1 $37.0
  11. 11.  Exponentially growing market segments One-stop shop for highly targeted, highly contextualized and highly connected advertisements Unprecedented direct access to qualified, motivated, influential consumers at a lower price point Unique combination of gamification and advertising with a micro payment incentive structure which keeps users coming back Proprietary ranking algorithm with provable results and ROI