Audience Research Analysis


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Audience Research Analysis

  1. 1. Daniella Johnston Market Research Gender? Which age category do you fit into? Females 16 or under Males 17 - 30 30 and aboveFor my market research I conducted a questionnaire to get the general public’s opinions on musicmagazines. I asked them several questions including their preferred genre, price etc. to see what differentgenders and ages would expect. All the results from this questionnaire will help me decide on the type ofmagazine I want to create, and also make sure that it is most appealing to the target audience I choose toaim my magazine at. I asked the same number of females and males to get a fair amount of results fromboth genders. Half the people that I surveyed fell into the age category of 17 – 30 years, with theremaining half consisting of people of ages 16 or under, and 30 and above. Because more 17 – 30 year oldshave answered my questionnaire, it is likely that my results will reflect more on what this age categoryprefers in music magazines. Male favourite genres Female favourite genres Pop Pop RnB RnB Rock Rock Metal Metal Indie Indie Other OtherAfter gathering the results from the favourite genres of the people I asked, I split them into the genresmales chose and the genres females chose so I could compare the two and see if there was any noticeabledifference between them. The pie charts above show that the most popular genre for males was rock,followed by metal, indie and RnB. This could be because these genres of music tend to be aimed more atmales than females and are more masculine. However, pop was the most popular genre chosen forfemales followed by RnB and other, showing that females tend to prefer mainstream music which is morefeminine.
  2. 2. Daniella Johnston What attracts you most to What would you like to a magazine? see most in a magazine? Masthead Live reviews Coverline Discounts/offers Freebies Interviews Colours Photographs ImagesThe pie charts above show the results from the questions on my questionnaire that focus on the content ofthe magazine. Firstly, I asked what audiences would like to see most in a magazine and the most popularanswers were photographs and interviews showing that they will both be equally as important when itcomes to creating my magazine. In total 80% chose one of these two leaving the remaining 20% answeringeither live reviews or discounts. Because there are still some people who preferred these the most, I willconsider this when making my magazine as it will help it appeal to a wider audience. As for what feature onthe cover attracts the audience the most, images was the answer chosen by the majority. Cover line wasthe second most popular answer therefore both of them need to be professional and eye catching toentice the readers into buying the magazine. Although colours, freebies and the masthead received theleast results, they will still be considered carefully to make my magazine the most appealing can be to itstarget audience. Preferred prices for those Preferred price for those who are who are employed students/unemployed Under £3 Under £3 £3 - £5 £3 - £5 Over £5 Over £5In total, 60% of the people I surveyed were either unemployed or currently a student/in education. Theremaining 40% were all employed. I also asked the prices that they would prefer to pay for a musicmagazine and then combined both employment status and price to create the pie charts below. There is anobvious relationship between them as those who are either students of unemployed chose the lowestprices for what they would be willing to pay for a magazine whereas those I asked who are employedchose a range of the prices, but the most popular answer was over £5. None of the students/unemployedpeople chose this as it was the highest price, suggesting that they wouldn’t be able to afford it. This isimportant when choosing the price of my magazine as it shows that price is one of the things that willaffect who buys the magazine.
  3. 3. Daniella Johnston The final question I asked on my questionnaire How often would you was how often you would prefer a magazine to be prefer a magazine to be published. The most popular answers were fortnightly and monthly therefore depending on published? the audience I decide to target and the price I choose, I will choose one of these for my magazine Weekly to be published. Fortnightly MonthlyAfter considering all of the above results from my questionnaire, I have decided to create a magazineaimed at 17 – 30 year olds because I asked more people that fell into this age category and therefore mostof my questionnaire is based on what they would want. Because most people who fall between the ages 17– 30 would most likely be unemployed/students, under £3 will be a reasonable price for my magazineespecially if it is published fortnightly. In terms of genre, my magazine will focus on rock music and as thiswas the favourite genre for males, it will appeal to males more than females although some females maystill buy the magazine. Finally, my magazine will have an interesting cover line and main image on thecover and then some form of interview with photographs beside inside because these were the favouritefeatures chosen in my questionnaire.