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Year 10 pitch presentation (1)


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Year 10 pitch presentation (1)

  1. 1. Shout Magazine Shout magazine has carried out all the latest news of QPCS, it has shown students what great advantages and possibilities there are at this school, sharing articles about what students have been up to, it has caught our attention that it does not seem appealing to our target audience year 10’s
  2. 2. Our Research  Our Questionnaire – We conducted a questionnaire, where we got some interesting responses back.  Our Focus Group -We went out and did some primary research, where we went out and found out information from the target audience.
  3. 3. Questions 1. What Gender are you? 2. What’s your ethnicity? 3. Are you working class or middle class? 4. Do you read the shout magazine? 5. What would you like to see in the year 11 insert for shout? 6. What do you think will be beneficial for you and your year? 7. What do you do in your spare time? 8. Are there any school events you look forward to? 9. What’s your favourite subject? 10. What do you hope to achieve by the end of year 10? 11. What’s your parents occupation? 12. What GCSE options are you doing? 13. Is there any advice you need for the rest of your school experience?
  4. 4. Demographic Classifying our target audience with feed back from the questionnaire and focus group. Looking at race, genders and Employment Status has helped us expand more idea’s
  5. 5. Psychographic Psychographic audience – Explorers Observing and studying our audience, we asked them question that would match their lifestyle, attitude, interest and personality
  6. 6. Our Ideas Appealing to the audience Introducing Ideas What would you like to see in the insert  GCSE TAT  Interview  Work Placement  Achievers What’s Shout I don’t read it all the time Doesn’t have anything to offer 13 18 9 12 9 3 2 Options Sports Techn Gaming Quiz Art Music
  7. 7. GCSE TAT (Tips, Advice and Techniques) A great idea to help support the year tens would be to talk about one the biggest step’s they are taking into secondary school, GCSE.  Tips on Revision – how to keep a solid revision schedule (timetable)  Benefits – the reward for good GCSE, how it will help you in the future.  Advice - get organised
  8. 8. INTERVIEW  Interviewing students in who are sitting their real GCSE’s, get their opinion and response to the pressure and amount of work out into GCSE’s  Talk to years 12’s, on their experience on moving from GCSE’s to Sixth Form
  9. 9. WORK PLACEMENTS Getting them prepared for the real world, would be to give advice and tips on where to go and how to do well on your up coming work experience
  10. 10. MATHS QUIZ A maths quiz for students to enjoy
  11. 11. CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION Write a short story Any genre Maximum of 500 words Prize vouchers Get winners work published
  12. 12. How will this be beneficial? - Giving students hope - Fun facts - Pressure Ideas - Osman Kakay - Chris Burrell
  13. 13. ADVERTISING AND MARKETING  Getting our idea publicised  How? - Posters - Computer Desktop - Mentions - Social Media  Focus Group responses  Fulfilling students needs Do you read Shout? 1 33 5 Yes No Sometimes