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Top Ideas and Tips for Save the Date Cards


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Check out these top ideas and tips for save the date cards.

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Top Ideas and Tips for Save the Date Cards

  1. 1. Save the date cards are intended as a reminder to keep the day free in your calendar for the wedding. In the case of destination weddings, save the date cards are even more important as they give advance warning several months ahead, of the intended destination wedding which should allow the recipient sufficient time to organise time away from work and to budget their finances. There's no real rules as to when to post your save the date cards, but in the case of a destination wedding, as soon as possible is best, even if that is 12 months ahead. So what information should your save the date cards convey?
  2. 2. Here are a few ideas for the design and content of your save the date cards: Portray the destination Your save the date cards should portray what to expect of the destination and type of wedding, whether it be a romantic sunset beach wedding on a tropical island or a snow extravaganza at a ski resort. Whatever, the theme should be carried through to your wedding invitation cards. Save the Date cards need not be as formal as the wedding invitation cards, so be creative and have fun with them. Many companies will offer a discount if you order both sets of cards together.
  3. 3. Details to include In essence a save the date card contains little more than the date of the wedding, names of the wedding couple, and the location. In the case of a destination wedding, however, you could include a little more information about the destination, nearest airport, suggested accommodation, and preliminary itinerary for the day. If you've secured group discounts then include this information to help family or friends decide whether or not it will be possible for them to attend.
  4. 4. Ideas for the design A quick search online will reveal no end of save the date designs including message in a bottle, passport and boarding pass, and luggage tags. If you're creative why not have a go at making your own. It will make your guests feel more special to receive a hand- made card. Try and incorporate ideas from your destination into the design such as sending out an invitation on a sparkling flip flop shaped card for a beach wedding or for a winter wedding, portray some husky dogs pulling a sledge with a banner giving the details, or for a Vegas wedding send out your save the date on the back of a playing card.
  5. 5. Think out of the box Don't just assume that your save the date cards need to be made from paper. You could send out such things as fridge magnets, a mug, post card or even a simple jigsaw puzzle to piece together. If you're on a really tight budget then consider sending out emails instead or a personalised e card. With a little planning and creativity, you can send out save the date cards which will fill your guests with enthusiasm and have them packing in no time. For more unique destination wedding ideas, visit our website.