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Skills Booster Training Sessions From Pdtraining


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Check out pdtraining's new skills booster training sessions.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Skills Booster Training Sessions From Pdtraining

  2. 2. What is pdtraining Skills Booster Training?
  3. 3. The best training outcomes are being achieved using our Skills Booster sessions in the months after the training.
  4. 4. Our courses are based around the practical application of the world’s most accepted theories from the world’s greatest minds on each topic.
  5. 5. Because we tailor the delivery of every class to ensure it is relevant and directly applicable to the workplace of each participant we often have our clients report back to us that they see very significant impact in the months after our training as apply what they have learnt back on-the-job.
  6. 6. However, when we run our skills booster sessions it gives people the chance to share their successes and failures about applying the techniques learned in the course with their colleagues and peers.
  7. 7. Several things occur during these sessions – firstly a learning, collaborative and supportive culture is developed. Secondly, people learn from each other and see the benefits of applying lessons learned from the training back on the job.
  8. 8. And possible most significantly by everyone reviewing the key and most applicable parts of the course in the months after the initial training the concepts are refreshed, and by sharing their experiences each person cements their learning and understanding and begin to permanently ‘own’ the new skills and we create a successful change in behaviour.
  9. 9. These Skills Booster sessions normally run between 1 and 3 times after the initial training and are the best 1-3 hour training sessions you will ever implement in your workplace.