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Quantum SEO Solutions - Guide to Marketing Your Business Online


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Find out how to market your business online.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Quantum SEO Solutions - Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

  1. 1. Quantum SEO Solutions: Guide toMarketing Your Business OnlineInternet Marketing
  2. 2. Curtis Chappell, owner of Quantum SEOSolutions and Quantum Publishing PtyLtd, and developer of the Your SEOCoach training program for businessowners, has just released his newbook, Quantum SEO Solutions: Guide toMarketing Your Business Online.
  3. 3. Curtis coaches local business owners on how totap into the power of the Internet to find morenew customers and create a more profitablebusiness.When you have a more profitablebusiness you have less stress in your life!
  4. 4. You can use how to use the internet to marketyour business online in whatever format youare comfortable with, and there are many waysto leverage the internet as a marketing tool.Use this guide to both identify whichinternet marketing format you want touse, and how to build a plan to make thathappen.
  5. 5. Learn how to become the #1 authority onlinein your market by following this 5-point plan foronline market domination: Search Engines – Get Listed in the Big 3(Google, Yahoo, Bing) Dominate – Your site appears in local,natural and paid search results Move -Up – Dominate the search engines bymaking your site search engine friendly
  6. 6.  Lead the Pack – Use videos, press releases,articles, social content sites, onlineclassifieds, online business directories, andonline review sites to make the searchengine articles fall in love with your site. Your Phone Rings Off the Hook – Yourcustomers can find you – and you see theresults in your increased profitability.
  7. 7. Quantum SEO Solutions: Guide to MarketingYour Business Online is essential reading forany business owner who wants tounderstand how to use the internet toleverage their business online.
  8. 8. Take control of your internet marketingand start building an online businessprofile that will both make you moremoney and give you a less stressfullifestyle!Get Your Business Found Faster!