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Planning Your Wedding Flowers


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Check out these useful ideas in planning for your wedding flowers.

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Planning Your Wedding Flowers

  1. 1. Holding a destination wedding is a great way of spending more time with your guests over the course of several days and means that come the day of your wedding, everyone is feeling nicely relaxed and ready for a fun day. The challenges of planning a destination wedding are different to that of planning a home wedding, but by using an experienced wedding planner they can take care of the majority of the planning leaving you to give more thought to your flowers.
  2. 2. The easiest way to incorporate flowers into your wedding is by using a local florist at your destination. Here are some tips to help you find the right florist, put your plans into action and get the most from your budget.
  3. 3. Choosing a florist As with any type of service, word of mouth and recommendation is the best way to choose a florist. Your venue may be able to recommend a florist and your wedding planner is likely to have a few contacts too. A local florist to your location is likely to be the best choice and they will also have the best idea of what flowers will be available for the time of your wedding.
  4. 4. Using a local florist will help to keep your budget on track besides adding a touch of authenticity to the proceedings. A local florist will also have the ability to deal with any problems which could arise, and be able to substitute any flowers with others which will look similar and work within your designs.
  5. 5. Email is invaluable When working with your chosen florist you are likely to conduct most of the planning by using email. The exchange of photos will be crucial and this is easily done by email. Be sure to get plenty of photos of your wedding location and ask that they are kept updated, in the event that your venue suddenly undergoes a makeover or a new site is chosen for your photos. There may not be a great many photos on the websites of your ceremony or reception venues to give you a good idea of the décor in place, so ask if the wedding planner can get some extra photos emailed to you.
  6. 6. Combine flowers with natural beauty Another way of maximising your budget is to integrate your flowers with the natural design and beauty of your destination. A good florist should be able to offer advice on doing this but it helps to send her some photos of the type of designs you like and what you're hoping the end result will achieve.
  7. 7. Ask to see samples Seeing the flowers beforehand is an absolute must, so ask your florist to make up a couple of samples and to send you the photos. This will show if you're both on the same wave length and help to put your mind at ease.
  8. 8. Be prepared for all eventualities If your florist is going to be decorating your venue then she needs some space at which to work. Arrange for some workspace to be made available for her and find out if there is an additional charge for the space. Also check whether they are planning an alterations to the venue before your wedding takes place and ask to see photos of the new work when it is completed.
  9. 9. Working with experienced vendors and hiring a good wedding planner is really important for a destination wedding. So share your ideas, communicate well, and then relax and hand over the reins to the professionals. You'll feel far less anxious if you do. Visit our website for more helpful destination wedding tips and ideas.