Destination Wedding Ideas: Fun, Edgy, and Sexy Trash the Dress Shoots


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Check out these fun, edgy, and sexy trash the dress shoots.

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Destination Wedding Ideas: Fun, Edgy, and Sexy Trash the Dress Shoots

  1. 1. Destination Wedding Ideas Fun, Edgy, And Sexy „Trash The Dress‟ Shoots
  2. 2. Congratulations, you‟re soon to be married and have chosen a wonderful destination wedding! You‟ll be wishing to squeeze every last drop of fun from your time in the sun, so let‟s look at a fun destination wedding idea that you might not have heard of in this blog. Are you an „edgy‟ bride, looking for a unique way to celebrate your wedding, or just love having fun? If that‟s you then keep reading to learn all about spectacular „Trash The Dress‟ wedding photo shoots, and why they‟re a great idea for brides like you who are celebrating their weddings in the sun!
  3. 3. What Is A „Trash The Dress‟ Photo Shoot? I know what you‟re thinking, “Why would I want to trash my wedding dress, are you crazy!?” I‟m not. Seriously! This is a new wedding trend that has started to become really popular as we search for more and more creative and amazing ways to get wedding pictures that both stand out, and we can look back on with pride in years to come. After all, we only get one shot to capture our special moments around the time of our weddings, so it‟s important to try something new!
  4. 4. In a „trash the dress‟ shoot the bride will usually wear her wedding dress for one last time and head outside to the beach, forest, or lakeside with a photographer. Now it‟s time to trash the dress! Brides have a chance to go crazy, tearing their wedding dresses, splashing around in the mud and sand, and swimming in the sea! Don‟t forget that the groom should also get involved, and the happy couple can have a lot of (very messy) fun with this!
  5. 5. This isn‟t just destruction of a beautiful wedding dress for no reason, it goes deeper than that. Anyone who‟s already married can probably testify to the fact that it can be an overwhelmingly stressful experience – I know mine was! If you‟re currently planning your wedding then you may also agree! So symbolically, the ability to go out there and trash the dress is a kind of decompression, where you can let out all of the stress that has perhaps built up around your wedding and kick off your newly married life with a really fun bonding experience with your new husband!
  6. 6. Remember that the objective is also to be left with pictures that are also really „edgy‟ and sexy, and there won‟t be many of your friends that have thought of this idea!
  7. 7. Trashing Your Dress During Your Destination Wedding If your wedding is taking place at the beach then the obvious choice is to get down to the shoreline for a frolic in the sea! A great idea would be to start the shoot in the afternoon and get more shots as the sun starts to set. Here are a few ideas of the kinds of shots you can go for:  Pictures of you and the groom in the sea, with your skirt or train flowing out around you mermaid style!  Draw some romantic notes in the sand.  Roll around in the surf with your beloved!  Get a shot of you both walking into the sunset.
  8. 8. Of course, it‟s your shoot, and your rules, so I‟m pretty sure there are hundreds more ideas that you could try! Other brides choose to try an alternative shoot where they don‟t actually damage their dress, but pose in edgy environments like a junkyard, or abandoned building. You could also keep it pretty tame and conserve your dress by getting some beautiful shots taken amongst natural environments that you may find in a destination wedding, such as palm trees, with exotic flowers, and a stroll on the beach!
  9. 9. “OK, I‟m Sold On Trashing My Dress. Do I Just Use My Wedding Dress That I Got Married In?” Hold your horses! Before your go wading off into the sea in your designer gown worth thousands of dollars, it‟s probably best to consider a cheaper wedding dress for this kind of shoot.
  10. 10. If you have spent a reasonable amount on your wedding dress then you won‟t want to destroy this thing of beauty that you spent so long deciding on! After all, you may wish to pass it down to your daughter for her to wear someday. The alternative is cheap wedding dresses that can easily be found in on line stores.
  11. 11. These wedding dresses are still beautiful, but because they‟re ordered from an on line store and not a highly priced local bridal store, they‟re a lot cheaper in price. There‟s no need to spend more than $100 to $200 on a dress for a „trash the dress‟ shoot during your destination wedding! As the bride the main thing isn‟t the price-tag, it‟s whether you feel happy, comfortable, and beautiful in whichever dress you happen to choose as these pictures will last a life time.
  12. 12. “Do I Need To Hire A Professional Photographer On My Destination Wedding?” No. You certainly don‟t need to hire a professional, although for the highest quality pictures this would be the way to go. It could be very costly to hire a photographer to join you on your destination wedding, especially if you‟re abroad.
  13. 13. An alternative is to do it yourself! Most of us have a camera that‟s good enough to capture truly lovely shots these days, and so all you need to do is search on line for more „trash the dress‟ picture ideas which are readily available in places like Google images. In this way you‟ll be inspired and ready to take great pictures, rather than starting from square one with no ideas. Click this link to get inspired with some pics from Google: Trash the dress pictures image search.
  14. 14. Over To You… Would you like to try a „trash the dress‟ shoot on your destination wedding? What kind of pictures would you try? Would you use your original wedding dress, or would you buy a cheaper one just for the shoot?
  15. 15. About Adrian Leighton Adrian Leighton is a bridal wear specialist and social marketing manager for the formal dress and bridal wear store with a fresh perspective on weddings. specialise in low- cost, hand-made occasions dresses for all kinds of events, made to your specification and delivered worldwide. Styles include light and comfortable destination wedding dresses. Come join the fun by liking his OuterInner Club Facebook Page and see the latest dress styles, offers, and fashion tips.