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Client Case Study - $1000 SEO Audit Nets $60,000 Sales Increase in 60 Days


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Find out how my client earned $60,000 in 60 days by investing $1000 in SEO.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Client Case Study - $1000 SEO Audit Nets $60,000 Sales Increase in 60 Days

  1. 1. $1000 SEO AUDIT NETS $60,000SALES INCREASE IN 60 DAYSClient Case Study
  2. 2. How One of My ClientsInvested $1000 Experienced a$60,000 Sales Increase in 60Days.
  3. 3. Wow, I am very happy with this outcome…and so ismy client as you would imagine!LMIT engaged the services of Quantum SEO Solutions inSeptember of 2010 to conduct an SEO Audit of one of theirwebsites. The initial investment was $1000 whichprovided LMIT an SEO audit report of 12 specific productpages on their site.Their business model delivers training on specificAustralian certifications online, so having properSEO is a must for e-commerce scenarios.
  4. 4. After conducting the audit, we found a few aspects ofthe site which needed to be changed to maximize searchindexing by the popular search engines. Without givingaway too much, see changed a number of on-page andoff-page elements of the site.Click here to view a video about the improvedfirst page rankings Quantum SEO Solutionsachieved for LMIT after only a few weeks.I caught up with this client last week to follow upon the search engine marketing project.
  5. 5. Out of the original 12 products, three of them had beenselling on average one per month. Each product had anaverage value of $2000. He seemed very happy whenwe caught up and I asked him how the sales for themonth were going so far.Traditionally sales in this particular industry are quite lowdue to the Christmas holidays. He beamed as he told methat they had smashed all previous months, and the totalsales from the three particular products had improved 10fold!
  6. 6. So if you do the math; 3 products x $2000 each X10 sales = 60 sales = $60,000 compared to anaverage of $6000 for the same three products, andthis in what is usually the slowest month of theyear.This can be directly attributed to the improved organictraffic from the $1000 investment in SEO!
  7. 7. The lesson here is good SEO doesn’t necessarily require100’s of backlinks, press releases, articles or forumcomments. I’m not saying backlinks are not valuable, butthey are only part of the equation of SEO.Good SEO starts at the root aspects of the domain, andthen moves on to each page uploaded to thatdomain. Yes, links to pages can be very powerful forindexing, but it all starts with the basics of good on-pageSEO. Then add to that the webmaster skills required tomake sure the important search engines know you exist!
  8. 8. There is another major component to thispuzzle…new content.You hear this again and again in the world ofblogging, which is why so many blogs rank for importantkeywords. Think about it…why are blogs so good atgetting ranked?Because the very definition of a blog translates to newcontent daily, weekly, monthly etc…depending on theblog, some even update minute by minute.
  9. 9. So good SEO = good on-page basics + goodwebmaster skills + good new contentIf you get these three things right, I can guarantee youthere will be an improvement in both the quantity, and thequality of the traffic coming to your site!Why should you believe me? Because I do this fora living every day and I’m getting brilliant resultsfor my clients.
  10. 10. You too can invest $1000 in a basic SEO audit, so pleasecontact Quantum SEO Solutions if you would like toexperience an improvement to your traffic, revenues andprofits from search engine marketing.There is also the option of learning how to do SEOyourself. I’ve developed an SEO training course forbusiness owners who want to take control of their ownwebsite traffic and online profile.I applaud any business owner who takes an interestin building their business through search enginemarketing, because it is a very intelligent way tostart building a continuous source of new leads andrevenues.
  11. 11. This then starts to relieve the stress and pressure of beingan entrepreneur. And stress relief is a goodthing, especially considering all the pressures businessowners face in today’s global economy.I’m looking for serious business owner who want to attainserious results!Please check out the Your SEO Coach trainingprogram for business owners. Here’s a goodreason why…You’ll get nine free SEO lessonssimply by signing up, with no requirement topurchase the premium content.
  12. 12. If you only implement the nine free lessons, you WILLexperience an improvement in the amount of trafficcoming to your website, and generally more traffic meansmore business. Check out and signup now!So what are you waiting for? Get startedimproving the SEO on your site today!!