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Evaluation 4


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. Q4 How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Daniel Javelosa
  2. 2. Presentation of the finished product in electronic format • A number of websites was used to aid with the presentation of the evaluation. The websites used include: Blogger YouTube Prezi Slideshare bubbl
  3. 3. Combined technologies • There is a combination of still and moving images with text • One of the software's used was QuickTime player to record my voice whilst at the same time recording the screens • This was then posted on YouTube after Blogger • More than 2 technologies were combined in this instance
  4. 4. Links with websites • A number of the videos posted on the Blog website have links to YouTube • This was because it is a video sharing site which can be used with relative ease. Also, it was convenient to link it to YouTube as sometimes uploading directly to Blogger doesn’t work
  5. 5. Embedded elements • A number of embedded elements of our own video and print products are present in the blogs • This was done through screen grabbing specifically the software used was “grab” • The software allowed gave the ability to take still images of the music video and analyse it in great detail
  6. 6. Overall analysis • Throughout the research and planning picture in picture was used to show how audience reacted with the video shown but in the evaluation it was myself talking about how I’ve used media technology for the construction, research, planning and evaluation whilst at the same time the screen is recording and there is a picture in the top right hand of the screen