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Dynamic equil


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Dynamic equil

  1. 1. Narrowing the Gap A report by BECTA on how technology can support approaches to narrowing the gap for underachieving and low-achieving learners in secondary schools
  2. 2. The specific focus was to look at low-achieving and underachieving learners, with the aim of identifying and analysing a range of effective pedagogical approaches that may help to narrow the gap for such students in secondary schools
  3. 3. Identified GAPS for these students compared to successful learners - gaps in individual learner competencies - gaps in opportunity to achieve both within school and outside school - gaps in achievement, including failure to achieve the required national benchmarks but also failure to achieve personal potential.
  4. 4. This video highlights the use of Video in small groups for students to collaborate and communicate their learning in an individual but still scientifically correct way Consider what topics you are teaching now that you could use this approach and how you would do it
  5. 5. See what you think of his approach What could you use this method/approach in your classroom for your students? What would you like to ask your mentor or HOD about this? Why?