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Movie example survey


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Published in: Career
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Movie example survey

  1. 1. Movie example survey Thisis an example of amovie surveythatIwill usestohelpme create mine whenIstart makingit The firstquestionthattheyasked iswhattype of movie genre thatthe audience likethatwaythey can create a filmthatthere targetaudience wouldlike.Theydothisbecause if theypickamovie genre that theydonot like thenthe movie wouldnotgodownwell. The nextquestionisusedtofindouthow much theiraudience enjoymoviesthiswillhelpthem decide howconventional theywantthe movie orhave andunconventional one . Theythenask howtheywatch films.Thisisusedtofindoutwhat theyuse toview filmsandby answeringthisyoucanget an ideaat whattype of filmstheywatchandhow many.
  2. 2. The nextquestiongivesthemthe ideaof whattypesof moviesthe audience like andif there issome sort of recurrence then the filmproducerscanmake relationstotheirmovie. Thiswill showwhattype of movies thattheylike. Andthatif there issome similaritiesbetween multiple peoplethenthe personwhoismakingthe filmcanaddsome thingsinthere movie that couldrelate tothe movie thattheywatchedlast