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Dog Days bbc electric proms film short


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Dog Days bbc electric proms film short

  1. 1. ‘The Ganzfeld Procedure’bbc electric Proms New music short.Dir. Keith McCartheyThe opening reveals a basic laboratory set up for an experiment. The mise enscene is colour neutral and plain, it emphasises the realness of the spacecompared to what will later be inside the subconscious. I like the passivity of thecharacters in there exterior being, in contrast to the activity within their minds.Also, the voice over which introduces the concept immediately separates it from
  2. 2. The bleached colouring and layering along with an old analoguequality to the video, helps to emphasise the transparency of the thisimage. It is a long buried memory and along with the hauntingslow use of the song it is conveyed as distressing for thewomen, almost a bad dream.
  3. 3. Because it is filmed in widescreen, a lot of the shots are incrediblycinematic. Using the music in a dynamic way helps the piece to appearlogical in its surrealism despite the shifts in location and time. Thecharacters are traveling through the inner geography of their minds.
  4. 4. Often music videos are so focused on establishing a mood or setting, thatany sense of narrative is lost. What I found gripping as a viewer wasseeing the development of a relationship between these two characters.The voyeuristic two shot fits into Goodwin’s theories of music videos.
  5. 5. The connection made between the two characters is allthe more powerful because of its alienatingcircumstances.
  6. 6. The whole concept behind this film is so far removed from the musicvideos previously made for ‘Dog Days’. It is at the extremes ofperformance and narrative based videos.
  7. 7. In the end, this film reflects the songs meaning.Moving on from a troubled past and looking forwardto a hopeful future.