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  • Summary: We’re going to introduce ConnectKey through the lens of how companies can benefit from improved document process
    I’d like to talk to you today about something that’s very near and dear to our hearts at Xerox – and integral to your business – and that’s documents. Or more specifically, document processes. Because the fact of the matter is we know documents can work better, and the launch of new Xerox® ConnectKey™ technology presents a big leap forward in that regard.
    It’s worth taking a minute to clarify what we mean by “documents.” When most of us think of a document, we often think of something on paper. And that’s really a big part of the problem that we’ve set out to solve. Because documents aren’t about physical formats – they’re about information. The “document” is just a container for the information – and it’s the information that is the important thing. It’s what drives all your business processes and insights. So when we talk about “next-generation documents” or “documents with intelligence” we’re really just talking about better, more flexible containers that improve the flow of critical information within your organization.
  • Summary: Intro first 2 of 4 universal business challenges relating to documents: Fragmentation and Paper
    At Xerox, we understand that every business is unique in its own way. But there are fundamental things that need to be in place for business to run at its best – and these things tend to be very similar regardless of whether you’re in house cleaning or health insurance.
    These challenges are so common because they come from the general cultural and technological environment we’re in – not from your specific business vertical.
    The fragmentation of devices and systems complicates the process of finding and working with information. This is compounded by the proliferation of mobile devices and use of cloud services. We all know about the trend towards BYOD – and that’s because individuals are adopting new technology at an incredible pace – there are expected to be 1.3 billion mobile workers in the next 2 years. . However, while smart, BYOD initiatives strain the corporate ability support all those various devices and users while maintaining the control they need. For instance, of the existing mobile workforce – roughly 50% has a desire to print from their mobile devices, however less than 5% of organizations support that capability. There are significant gaps that are hurting your people’s ability to get work done.
    On the flip side of this rapid innovation – people are struggling with legacy reliance on paper documents and workflows – what we call “unstructured data.” Contrary to what most people believe – the world is actually making MORE paper data – about 30% more each year. At this point, we all understand the benefits of digital information in speed to access, transfer and process to drive action and insight – but we need to find ways to evolve our existing paper documents and processes to get these benefits. The long term solution may indeed be the paperless office, but organizations need a near term solution to add more intelligence to their paper documents and integrate them with digital systems and workflows.
    Mobile worker stat: (Mobile trends - 24 Aug 2012. Xerox PPT)
    Security stats: Source: Quocirca, The Mobile Print Enterprise, January 2012. Xerox Mobile Trends PPT
    **Source: “2010 Annual Study: US Cost of a Data Breach.” The Ponemon Institute, LLC, March 2011.
    Cloud source:
    Xerox paperless office infographic (unstructured data)
    IDC's The Future of Documents Global Survey, September 2012
  • Summary: Intro remaining business challenges relating to documents: Security and Economics
    By far, one of the most pressing business needs is to managed increasing security risk. Every device connected to your network represents a potential vulnerability – and those vulnerabilities can carry heavy consequences. It’s estimated that the cost of just a single compromised data record is $214. Added up - that averages to $5.5 million dollars per data breach. What’s surprising is how print devices play into your security posture. Most companies are not taking action to secure these devices – yet recent research from Quocirca revealed as many as 70% of organizations have experienced data breaches related to print. The solution is about providing security that doesn’t get in the way of your people, but provides the protection your business needs.
    And, of course, there’s the ever-present need to increase the value we get for our money or reduce business costs. We are at a critical inflection point where organizations need to make smart investments now to set themselves up for success in the years to come.
    Mobile worker stat: (Mobile trends - 24 Aug 2012. Xerox PPT)
    Security stats: Source: Quocirca, The Mobile Print Enterprise, January 2012. Xerox Mobile Trends PPT
    **Source: “2010 Annual Study: US Cost of a Data Breach.” The Ponemon Institute, LLC, March 2011.
    Cloud source:
    Xerox paperless office infographic (unstructured data)
    IDC's The Future of Documents Global Survey, September 2012
  • Summary: Intro the ideas of “Intelligent” documents and that adding the intelligence requires a software component working with hardware.
    These shared challenges are driving toward a seismic shift in how documents are used to drive business. You’re probably already feeling the pull within your organization – a drive to use mobile devices and cloud services, an increase in scanning… the drive toward digital documents is clear.
    But digitization isn’t enough. Next-generation documents need to be more intelligent –the information they contain needs to do more to simplify our work.
    That’s why with ConnectKey we’re thinking beyond the hardware and building a software ecosystem that enables intelligent documents. The speeds and feeds race is over – at least in so far as it’s the business problem you need to solve. There’s a device that can print any way you need it to. But we’ve solving the bigger problems organizations are having with their documents.
  • Summary: Defining the “intelligent” document so it feels real – leading up to “aha” moment where we say ConnectKey can provide these capabilities.
    So what exactly is an intelligent document – and how will it improve processes? Well, simply put - Intelligent Documents are being created in direct response to the business challenges around paper, fragmentation, security and economics that we’ve just discussed. And these aren’t one-to-one capabilities – each aspect of an intelligent document has benefits for all challenges.
    These documents will be searchable – both through metadata about the document so it can be found in file systems, and the content within the document itself – to dramatically simplify the processes of finding the right information. By virtue of being searchable, these documents can also be converted from unstructured paper data to editable digital data.
    They will be secure through encryption, virus protection and rights-management – creating clear audit trails of all activity to simplify compliance and reduce risk.
    And they be connected with workflows and processes – automatically extracting information to reduce manual data entry, and routing files to appropriate people for review and approval, or to storage systems –cloud services or internal servers – for group access or archiving. File sizes will be optimized for the minimum impact on network performance
    They will allow for easy real-time collaboration and versioning – tracking edits and authorship – to allow people to work together more effectively across locations.
    Fundamentally, these capabilities boil down to simplifying the way your business works. And while this may all sound future facing – the fact is you can start incorporating Intelligent Documents into your organization today with Search, Security, Connectivity and Collaboration through Xerox ConnectKey.
  • Summary: Intro ConnectKey as a new way to think about MFP as an ecosystem - not a just a hardware product. Play overview video
    ConnectKey represents a new approach to the MFP to help bring more convenience, productivity, security and cost control to your business. Because we’re thought beyond just the hardware and focused on the software that runs across a suite of Xerox multifunction printers and it provides significant improvements to both the user interface people interactive with at the device, and the systems management and integration capabilities that run largely behind the scenes.
    These capabilities provide immediate value out of the box for small-to-medium sized businesses and larger enterprises alike, and only get more valuable when looking at more robust systems integration or fleet management.
  • Summary: ConnectKey is the latest step in a journey to use the MFP as an essential bridge between core business systems/processes
    With ConnectKey, the MFP can finally transform from an endpoint device to become an integral bridge that connect people with the information they need across devices, locations and systems.
    We’ve actually been going through this process for years – starting with the simple shift from printing then distributing, to connected devices and digital documents that can be distributed first, then printed.
    The device connectivity paved the way for more systems connections and associated services.
    The advent of mobile expanded the needs for cross device connectivity…
    But as the capabilities evolved, they were often siloed. So with ConnectKey, we’ve finally taken a holistic look at these business needs and created an ecosystem for simplicity – by using software that goes beyond the box to integrate mobile devices, cloud services, internal systems and span locations – all while adding intelligence and security to the critical business information that flows through it.
  • Summary: Overview of features aligned to the 4 ConnectKey planks: Productivity, Security, Convenience & Cost Control
    The ConnectKey Ecosystem is built on 4 planks: Productivity, Security, Convenience and Cost Control.
    ConnectKey is about bringing together Hardware, Software and Services to offer customers the right solution for their current and future business requirements.
    It’s about understanding the real customer requirements today, yet giving them a solution that can grow as their business priorities change.
    It’s about showing customers ways to be more efficient, ways to save costs and ways to be better supported, meaning printing, scanning and document handling become the least of their worries.
    ConnectKey is about taking the document processing pain out of the business and making things simple so businesses can concentrate on what they need to do!
    There are four ways ConnectKey features can simplify the way work gets done – directly tied to the concerns shared by most businesses today. This is all possible because the ConnectKey software transforms your multifunction device from basic hardware that adds minimal value to an integral player the information ecosystem of your organization.
    It improves convenience by freeing people up to work they way they want to – from mobile devices, using cloud storage solutions like DropBox or Google Drive. And at the device level, you can customize the UI to put buttons that start customized workflows right on the home screen.
    It improves productivity by automating common tasks and integrating with workflows – for end users this can be as simple as using the unified address book with favorites feature or as robust as building custom functionality to use from the device through Xerox Extensible Interface Platform.
    The security features are literally industry firsts – We’ve partnered with McAfee to provide new levels of security out o the box for every ConnectKey device –guarding your printers and the information that passes through them with similar security software you trust for your PCs, in addition to other industry standard features you’d expect such as disk encryption and protocol compliance. For larger enterprises, we’ve also made ConnectKey compatible with Cisco TrustSec – for easy integration into more robust security environments.
    Lastly, ConnectKey puts an emphasis on controlling costs by enforcing less expensive printing methods, reducing energy consumption and by providing accounting reports for visibility or even recouping costs.
  • Summary: Fictionalized “day in the life” videos demonstrating ConnectKey features - style is similar to “The Office.” Show as applicable
    To demonstrate some of the features we’ve been talking about, we made a series of fun videos that show ConnectKey in action - and hopefully get a few chuckles in the process.
    Something for Everyone:
    Set for Success:
    Always on Guard:
    Anywhere, anytime:
  • Summary: Overview of Xerox product portfolio and where ConnectKey is available. Note: ConnectKey badges link to product pages
    NA -
  • Summary: ConnectKey works with a number of additional Xerox solutions and services to further integrate with the ways you work
    As we’ve said, ConnectKey was built as an entire software ecosystem – so we made it easy to integrate with additional solutions that you’re probably already using in your daily work routine.
    The Xerox Share to Cloud solution allows you to scan from your ConnectKey devices to popular cloud services like DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, Office 365. and In the process, ConnectKey can also convert your paper documents into searchable PDFs or even editable word processing documents or spreadsheets.
    Share to Cloud:
    Xerox ConnectKey for SharePoint simplifies and streamlines the way you scan, capture, and store your paper-based documents. Using your Xerox MFP, you can route documents directly into the precise document repository folder, just like you would from your PC. At the MFP, you can browse to the folder, name the document, and add any key indexing information before you scan.
    Xerox Mobile Print extends the built-in mobile features of ConnectKey like support for Apple AirPrint to create broad mobile solution where you can print from anywhere on any device. With Xerox Mobile Print, businesses of all shapes and sizes can help their workforce be more efficient. It provides a high level of security to ensure information stays confidential and eliminates the need to rely on others to print sensitive documents. You can use Xerox Mobile Print in one of two ways: As a pay-as-you-go cloud service, which limits your up-front investment, or as an on-site hosted solution – which provides the maximum control and security. If you’re interested in learning more, we’re currently offering a free trial period for the Cloud service.
    Mobile Print:
    Mobile Cloud trial:
    ConnectKey is built on the Xerox Extensible Interface platform – which is an existing Xerox solution that continues to evolve and increase in value. Because ConnectKey is a consistent platform across multiple devices, the ability create custom apps through EIP becomes much more compelling. An app on your MFP is a useful way simplify highly customized workflows and tasks tailored to your specific processes and systems. We already offer 4 apps, and are introducing simple, visual tools to anyone can use to build their own custom apps – without needing to know how to code.
    EIP apps:
  • Summary: ConnectKey features offer value if you just need one device – but become exponentially more valuable when multiple devices are used in the same organization – one UI for employees to learn, one management system to train and use. This is a natural fit for MPS, and with the addition of ConnectKey, Xerox’s MPS offering is even more compelling.
    Our commitment to ConnectKey is broad and long term. Just like an iPhone and iPad with Apple with iOS, ConnectKey creates a consistent platform and interface across a broad range of Xerox devices – so no matter what the specific requirements of your business are for media handling and output, and you’re getting the same business critical features for convenience, productivity, security and cost control.
    We’ve already covered the compelling benefits ConnectKey offers from day one: Workflow integration with mobile devices and cloud services, built-in security, cost-control and sustainability tools. These benefits only become more valuable when using multiple ConnectKey devices.
    For your workflow, open API makes it easy to integrate ConnectKey with your other devices and systems – to truly customize to the way you do business
    Advanced Security features see benefits on all fronts. The built-in McAfee security can be augmented with McAfee Integrity Control for more advanced options over your MFP security. For example, if you wanted to allow an executable file to run on your MFP if it’s from a source you’ve identified as trusted, you would need to have the additional Integrity Control option to make those custom rules. For companies using Cisco TrustSec, ConnectKey’s ability to easily integrate with this solution provides immediate value. Lastly, ConnectKey’s access control features are a great fit for larger organizations who use card keys or other device access control solutions.
    Energy savings and cost control are built in with the Xerox Earth Smart Print Driver – and similar to TrustSec, larger organizations using Cisco EnergyWise will be able to easily integrate their ConnectKey devices into this Cisco solution.
    IT Enablers are perhaps the biggest area of benefit – reduced time training both end users and fellow IT staff thanks to the common interface for device front panels and PC drivers. Robust remote management tools such as the Remote UI - which allows you to see and interact with the actual device from any PC. And a growing library of serverless apps – apps used from the front panel of the MFP to enhance productivity, with no negative impact on your network performance.
    Because ConnectKey only increases in value as your print environment gets more robust – it’s ideal for Managed Print services environments. You’ve likely heard of Managed Print services, but what you may not know is that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. There are degrees of managed print services that can significantly simplify the work to maintain your print environment accessible to small businesses – such as automatic meter reads and supplies replenishment – that are easily implemented with ConnectKey.
  • Summary: ConnectKey works with a number of additional Xerox solutions and services to further integrate with the ways you work
    Wrapping up, ConnectKey is all about making your work simpler by increasing productivity and convenience, improving cost control and security.
    We provide increased support on-device, and make it easier for your admins to support workers – or even outsource support altogether
    We connect your MFP to your workflows so documents easily get wherever they need to go
    Those destinations include cloud services and mobile devices – a modern work requirement
    We’ve built it with all businesses in mind – ensuring that features are every bit as valuable for small to medium businesses as they are for larger enterprises
    And all of this is wrapped up with industry leading security capabilities driven by McAfee and Cisco
  • Summary: Conclusion and point to supplementary material
    Thanks very much for your time. If you need to learn more about ConnectKey, or share it with others in your organization – you can find all the relevant information discussed here, video demos and most up-to-date list of ConnectKey products on our website:
    Or if you’re interested in a takeaway document – you can download our interactive brochure.
    Brochure URL:
  • Summary: Overview of Productivity features
    Xerox has designed our ConnectKey Controller with accessibility in mind so that our MFPs can be monitored and managed from virtually anywhere. For example, our remote control panel enables users to see and control the device even when not in front of it. And with EIP, users can simplify processes with automation at the touch of a button. And most of our A3 MFP’s use the same ConnectKey Controller that provides consistency across product line. This facilitates user training, network certification, and fleet management.
  • Summary: Remote control panel feature allows access to MFP front panel from any PC – see exactly what users see at the device for easy for training and troubleshooting.
    IT management, support staff and super users can access any ConnectKey device from a PC through the Xerox CenterWare management system and see the exact same interface as if you were standing in front of the MFP. This is an incredibly valuable feature for setting up the device and providing support and training so administrative staff – either your own employees, or Xerox support – can provide real time assistance from anywhere.
    Users who might walk up to the device while it’s being accessed remotely are notified through the device interface, and any admin activity such as entering passwords will be hidden from view.
    All this is a standard feature on ConnectKey devices.
  • Summary: Unified address book solves traditional MFP problem of duplicate entries for email, fax & scanning addresses. Favorites feature makes it even simpler to find key contacts.
    With ConnectKey, we’ve solved one of the problems with many MFP interfaces – fragmented address books. Finally, you can have all the relevant contact info for a person or organization stored against one contact in a single, dedicated MFP address book that’s consistent across all your ConnectKey devices. This, along with the ability to add favorites – quickly accessible through a shortcut menu – drastically simplifies common personal workflows and saves your employees time and hassle.
    We’ve made sure to make this usable without adding complexity – For example: if one of your employees is looking to send a scan to someone’s email, they’ll only be searching email addresses – they won’t see all the contact info such as fax numbers and scan to addresses. So, while from the management side, address book contacts are very robust containers for all relevant information, it doesn’t clutter the end user experience.
    And, of course, from an IT perspective it’s easy to import or export contacts from other devices – even some of our competitors – so migration is easy.
  • Summary: Simplified support with on-device help videos and full access to support from the front panel.
    We’re confident that the innovations we’ve made with ConnectKey make it one of the easiest-to-use printing platforms on the market – but for the times when you need a little extra help, we’ve provided robust support tools right where you need it: at the device.
    For simple tasks and routine maintenance, like replacing toner cartridges or fixing paper jams, embedded help videos appear on the device so any member of your company is empowered to immediately solve the problem, rather than losing productivity waiting for IT to step in.
    And if something a little more out of the ordinary occurs, web-connected devices have access to the full library of support content directly from the MFP front panel, formatted in an easy-to-consume way for the smaller screen size. This is the same support content that our second level support staff use to provide troubleshooting assistance, so there’s basically no problem you can’t solve.
  • Summary: Xerox offers the right driver for whatever driver deployment you need.
    At Xerox, we offer driver options that fit whatever print driver deployment your company needs. And all Xerox drivers are built on a consistent user experience- regardless of the chosen driver. Users will see the same features and behaviors, the same interface components, and the same driver/application interactions. And you only have to install these drivers once- future updates can be done without the need to un-installed and re-install. For simplicity, they also offer Built-in Online Help that assists with troubleshooting.
    Our Traditional print drivers are the classic one driver designed for one printer concept. What we’ve all grown used to over the years. They are also designed to be common across the bulk of the Xerox product portfolio and to deliver unprecedented ease of use. The benefits of this range from decreased learning curves and higher productivity for our end users, to easier management and deployment by IT administrators due to the commonality of the architecture.
    Our Global Print Driver is the Xerox response to the whole “universal print driver” concept. It differs from the core or traditional driver concept in that its made to work with ANY printing device. The driver package itself isn’t designed for just one device so it simplifies driver deployment in client/server environments. It provides a consistent interface with full feature support for most Xerox products- not dumbed down like some competitive offerings. And, it works with both Xerox and non-Xerox products providing IT administrators the flexibility they need.
    Our Mobile Express Driver is a very different concept from the traditional or universal print driver models. Think of it more as a utility rather than just a driver. It’s a truly innovative and unique approach to removing the need for multiple print queues. One driver install that you can then use to print to many print devices.
    And finally the Xerox Pull Print Driver allows users of popular "Pull Printing" solutions to use one single, configurable print driver for their printing needs with compatible Xerox products. This will simplify deployment and usage for both IT and customers who use solutions such as
    Xerox Secure Access, Equitrac Office, and YSoft SafeQ.
  • Summary: ConnectKey and Xerox EIP provide a platform for custom apps on the MFP device – Xerox already offers 4 useful apps, and Xerox makes it easy for you to dive in and create apps for yourself
    This is perhaps one of the most interesting long-term opportunities of owning a ConnectKey device. Through the Xerox Extensible Interface platform, we’ve effectively created a platform for MFP apps. It’s a robust development environment that can be used to create highly personalized pieces of functionality to integrate with common business processes and systems.
    There are already a few select apps available for ConnectKey from, but the real opportunity here is for custom development that is tailored to your business needs. Because ConnectKey represents a long-term commitment from Xerox across multiple product lines, features like ConnectKey Apps prove the long-term value of your hardware investment.
    Link to apps:
  • Summary: Xerox AppStudio provides an easy way to start creating custom EIP apps without needing to know anything about code or development.
    App Studio coming mid 2013. Xerox App Studio is a cloud-hosted portal for designing, deploying and licensing customized ConnectKey Apps from predefined ‘app-types’
  • Summary: Intro to Convenience features
    Our Xerox MFP’s offer scanning, printing, and faxing features that enable your company to get the most out of their device- simply and conveniently. Users can get their work done in no time with a simple to use interface, personalized services, and convenient features on a powerful platform that is easy to manage- even with limited IT resources. And you can connect and print from anywhere to a your MFP.
  • Summary: New UI improvements are consistent across all ConnectKey and simplify common tasks to boost productivity
    The new ConnectKey user interface is dynamic, engaging, & easy to use with uncluttered, bright accent colors – and it is common across all ConnectKey MFP devices. It is intuitive and works to fit into your business requirements with a soft keyboard with larger touch points. You can add and customize up to 10 single-touch scan buttons that are associated with Workflow Scanning templates. And it offers the simplicity of favorites, streamlined workflow, icon design, and default screens.
  • Summary: ConnectKey simplifies scanning to help transition documents from physical to digital
    Our MFP’s are enabled with simple scan solutions that are easy to access. Perhaps the most simple is the USB print and scan feature. Users can print any print ready file stored on a USB key with no need for IT intervention. This is ideal for those who do not have access to the device any other way. And for security, the USB port can be disabled if not required.
    We offer standard Scan to email that converts documents to PDF, Searchable PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS or High Compression file formats. Then, we securely transmit them as email attachments. Fax forward to email allows a user to specify that the incoming faxes are automatically forwarded to one or more email addresses, a file share repository, or a combination of both.
    Our ConnectKey Controller also offers various other standard scan solutions that allow users to scan, store and forget their documents until needed. These are offered with no additional software or cost. For example, with Network Scanning, users can create searchable files, scan in paper documents and receive text-searchable PDF, PDF/A and XPS files at their desktop or network folder.
    And our TWAIN driver will allow our MFP to seamlessly integrate with systems such as EPIC, IPro and Imageright if needed.
  • Summary: TBD
    Our ConnectKey Controller allows you to enable frequently used scan destinations from the top level of the user interface without the need for customized EIP applications.
    You simply enable a button on the front panel that would normally have to be selected within Workflow Scanning, and elevating that to the All Services screen. This button is can be customized with a your bitmap or logo.
    Since that button is associated with a Workflow Scanning template, the button can be programmed with all aspects of capturing and delivering a scanned image into a workflow, including imaging and repository delivery. Max of 10 buttons available.
  • Summary: Scan directly to SharePoint and Windows folders with this ConnectKey add-on service.
    Remember when the internet and digital technology were supposed to reduce our reliance on paper documents and help us create the paperless office? Well, digital technology is somewhat responsible for actually creating more paper for us and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Recent studies have shown that printed documents are still preferred by three to one.
    Part of the problem lies in the incredible surge of documents and data. Unstructured data—half of today’s companies still rely on to run their daily operations—is information on paper that has to be filed manually and is difficult and costly to archive. You can transform unstructured data into structured data through scanning. For example, if you scan a paper-only version of a letter and process it using an OCR application, you now have a version of that letter that you can modify in your favorite word processing application, share, distribute and archive. Unstructured information is mainly unmanaged because it is difficult to do so.
    Xerox® ConnectKey™ for SharePoint® will let you say goodbye to the multi-step process by offering you the flexibility to directly route your paper documents to your existing SharePoint libraries and Windows® folders. With one easy process you can create searchable PDF documents with meaningful file names that are easy to find when you need to, making your office more productive and helping with critical functions such as complying with industry regulations. To capture your documents with ConnectKey, simply walk up to the MFP, select the desired workflow, add any required indexing data and press scan. That’s it—your documents are now on their way to exactly where you want them to be stored. No need to rename and manually route. ConnectKey is the easiest way to convert your documents into intelligent structured data with the peace of mind knowing that you can always find critical information when you need it.
  • Summary: ConnectKey makes it easy to scan to cloud services
    One of the most compelling work and IT trends of the past few years has been the move to cloud services and storage, and we’ve made sure ConnectKey can integrate with these new ways of working. Using this add on solution, you can scan documents directly from your ConnectKey device to services including Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Office 365,, Evernote and SharePoint Online. And email too, of course.
    When content is in these online locations, it’s easily accessible to all your employees - even from mobile devices, everyone always has the information they need.
    Not only does this Share to Cloud improve access – it adds intelligence to your documents. When you scan, you can convert paper documents into editable word processing documents or spreadsheets and searchable PDFs.
  • Summary: ConnectKey makes it easy to scan to cloud services. CLICK ANIMATIONS
    Key Benefits:
    Server-less solution
    Simplicity / ease of use
    Key cloud storage repositories supported
    Immediate access from any mobile device or PC
    We spoke earlier about how ConnectKey now gives you the ability to scan directly into ‘cloud’ based repositories, in fact ConnectKey can go into 8 of the most popular ‘cloud’ offerings today, DropBox, GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, Evernote,, PaperPort, SharePoint on-line and Office365 along with simple email if required.
    ConnectKey devices offer you these choices at the User Interface, just choose which one you use and log-in. If your device uses authentication, then it will remember you after the first log-in so you can use your ID card for added convenience.
    Once you enter your user name and password, ConnectKey will communicate with the cloud to check credentials and if valid, open your account with the same folder structure created on your hosted site so navigation stays the same.
    You can then choose from a number of scanner and document settings including Text Editable file formats such as Word and Excel avoiding the need for any other software requirements. The document is then scanned and sent to the Xerox cloud where it gets processed and routed to it’s final destination for immediate access.
    This whole solution offers a low cost, secure and simple to use alternative to in-house content management systems. There’s no need for extra hardware or IT support setting up and maintaining as it’s a ‘Cloud’ based solution that Xerox maintain for you.
  • Summary: ConnectKey makes printing from mobile devices simple
    According to recent data, mobile workers will increase to 1.3 Billion by 2015 and it’s these workers, businesses are having to cater for whether it’s offering convenient access to a device so they can continue to do their daily job with little or no disruption (Office areas, Universities) or offering a value add service to get these people through their door to use their facilities instead of their competitors (Coffee shops, Airport lounges). We see this with ‘free’ Wireless access today, so ask yourself if you had a choice of hotels to stay in, one with wi-fi the other without, which would you choose?
    This is where Wireless connectivity becomes extremely important as it not only allows you to place the device in more accessible areas, without the need of additional cost to add a network point, but it can easily join the wireless network you enabled for visitors.
    With the continued success of Apple’s iPad and iPhone, 2012 Q3 data shows Apple owning approximately 14% of the mobile device market. Apple AirPrint capability means these users can walk up to any enable device and print any document, without the need for drivers or document re-purposing tools. Discovery on the network, wired or wireless, is done with Apple’s Bonjour protocol so any device is easy to find, once selected you just press print it really as simple as that!
    What about the other 86%? Well that is where the complete ConnectKey offering comes in with the new Xerox Mobile Print Cloud and Xerox Mobile Print Solution offerings. Both solutions offer the ability to print from your mobile device, and not just to Xerox devices, you can now print to virtually any networked device from pretty much any mobile device, all you have to do is decide which is the right choice for your customers environment.
  • Summary: It’s easy to enable company-wide mobile printing the way you want with options to use Xerox Mobile Print as a cloud service or on-site hosted option. Both work seamlessly with ConnectKey
    Apple AirPrint is a great no cost solution for Apple iO/S users, but lets have a little look at the other two Xerox offerings.
    Xerox Mobile Print Cloud is a great starting point because if its offer 30 day / 30 job FREE trial, anyone can set it up and start using it in less than 15 minutes. The Cloud solution offers the flexibility to test and really gauge Mobile Print requirements and if 30 day / 30 jobs is not enough you can purchase a 900 job pack for less than $150 – giving you more than enough time to understand your requirements. As it’s Cloud based, no one needs to manage the infrastructure as Xerox look after everything, you just top up the jobs when notified it couldn’t be simpler.
    However, for the more heavy users or those who wish to maintain their own infrastructure for security reasons, Xerox Mobile Print Solution is the right choice offering complete in-house control along with a secure print release mechanism to any EIP enabled Xerox device.
    Both solutions offer True MS Office document conversion and the ability to print to any networked enabled device including non-Xerox ones.
  • The Xerox ConnectKey Controller offers the highest level of security available today in the market place for any MFP. Xerox’s comprehensive array of security capabilities are built-in standard, and offer the right security level for all companies- small to large.
    We offer multiple levels of security that covers your end to end such as:
    Embedded McAfee that prevents malware and viruses from penetrating your MFP.
    Cisco TrustSec Integration that allows access to the device to be fully controlled and stay compliant with industry and government regulations.
    And SMTP over SSL provides for a secure connection with web hosted email servers like GMAIL and Yahoo.
    Finally we offer ongoing security monitoring and advisory notifications via and we meet with key government and industry security standards such as HIPPA, FIPs, and Common Criteria Certified.
  • Summary: Xerox has taken a holistic, layered approach to security with ConnectKey.
    Our commitment to security begins early in product development with secure coding techniques, extensive testing, and analysis to eliminate vulnerabilities.
    State-of-the-art security
    Xerox offers the broadest range of security functionality on the market, including our partnerships with industry leaders McAfee and Cisco.
    Xerox is one of the first manufacturers to seek and obtain certifications for “complete” devices.
    Maintaining our multifunction devices’ security throughout their lifespan requires ongoing diligence to ensure continuous protection against newly discovered exploits.
  • Summary: ConnectKey devices are compliant with all latest industry security standards
    We are all aware that Security is an important topic for businesses- large to small. Every Xerox product and service is designed with security in mind and managed throughout the entire product life cycle- from requirements analysis, design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and disposal. This gives you more protection and peace of mind. And we seek and obtain 3rd Party independent certification to verify that our devices are protected.
    We’ve identified five key security goals in our quest to provide secure solutions to every one of our customers:
    Confidentiality – We believe that no unauthorized disclosure of data should happen during processing, transmission, or storage. Xerox MFP’s keep the confidential information safe with encrypted hard disk & image overwrite.
    Integrity – There should be no unauthorized alteration of data and the system will perform as intended, free from unauthorized manipulation. The ConnectKey Controller offers secure data transmission with IPsec, HTTPS, SMTP/SSL (NEW), FIPS 140-2 encryption, and encrypted email.
    Availability - Systems will work properly, with no denial of service for authorized users and protection against unauthorized use of
    the system. Xerox MFP’s hide or lock services from inappropriate access with network ID, CAC, PIV, .Net or other cards. And we control access to services by authorized user with Xerox user permissions, IP filtering, and session timeouts.
    Accountability - Actions of an device must be able to be traced directly to that device. Xerox MFP’s keep document Integrity with Digital Signing, and they track print and scan usage with Xerox Standard Accounting and Network Accounting.
    Non-repudiation – There must be mutual assurance that the authenticity and integrity of network communications is maintained. Xerox MFP’s keep audit trails with comprehensive audit logs and confirmation reports.
  • Summary: ConnectKey devices don’t just secure documents within your network - we help you extend security and integrate with other systems like email and card scanning
    So how does Xerox protect you from the outside?
    We provide SMTP over SSL that enables compatibility with 3rd party mail service providers like Google Gmail, and Yahoo. This means you can scan to email securely with a provider like Google email, and then leverage the MFP to create hard copy images.
    We also work with Swipe, Proximity, and Smart Card direct connect readers that provide a simplified and faster secure log-in. Xerox MFP’s have integrated support of off-the-shelf card readers and have SDKs available to allow for any type of reader to be used.
  • Summary: Xerox is the first in the industry to partner with McAfee and provide built-in security standard on every ConnectKey device
    While MFP security is often overlooked, as a network-connected device, they present a risk that requires the same attention as any network end point like a PC or mobile device. Additionally, the data processed and stored on MFPs in the form of sensitive documents requires security to protect sensitive business and customer information such as confidential R&D material, financial information, or other sensitive material.
    With ConnectKey, Xerox is the first company to partner with McAfee to bring out-of-the-box security to print devices. This built-in software ensures only trusted applications and code run on Xerox devices through a process known as “whitelisting” – technology already used to protect servers, ATMs, point of sale terminals, and mobile devices. Basically, Instead of saying “Here’s a list of all of the bad stuff we want to prevent,” we’re saying “Here’s a list of all of the good stuff we’re going to allow.”
    The software also monitors key device files to make sure they have not been compromised, and provides centralized reporting of any changes or security breaches to ePolicy Orchestrator, CenterWare Web, and Xerox Device Manager.
    In addition to the factory standard McAfee Enhanced security, you can choose to add McAfee Integrity Control for more advanced options over your MFP security. For example, if you wanted to allow an executable file to run on your MFP if it’s from a source you’ve identified as trusted, you would need to have the additional Integrity Control option to make those custom rules.
  • Summary: McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures only safe, executable code can run on protected systems.
    The worldwide security experts in Embedded Systems at McAfee have integrated “whitelisting” technology into Xerox devices to defend against new and emerging threats.
    McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures only safe, executable code can run on protected systems. This technology is used to protect servers, ATMs, point of sale terminals, mobile devices, and now for the first time, embedded systems such as printers and MFPs.
    The McAfee embedded solution maintains the integrity of the MFP system by allowing only authorized code to be run and authorized changes to be made. It automatically creates a dynamic whitelist of the “authorized code” on the embedded system. Once the whitelist is created and enabled the system is locked down at the known good baseline, whereby no program or code outside the authorized set can run, and no unauthorized changes can be made.
    Whitelisting ensures that the only functions those devices perform are exactly what you want to deliver. Whitelisting technology narrows the scope of many embedded systems to ensure that an attacker can’t install malicious code.
    Instead of saying “Here’s a list of all of the bad stuff we want to prevent,” we’re saying “Here’s a list of all of the good stuff we’re going to allow.”
    Therefore, whitelisting is more effective because the set of “good stuff” is smaller and changes less frequently than the set of “bad stuff,” making it easier to manage. Antivirus protection has been defeated because it tries to keep a list of bad stuff, so all the bad guys have to do to stay ahead is tweak the malware slightly (polymorphism). It takes the antivirus software vendors a couple of days at least to update data files with the new signatures of the adjusted malware. Compounding the problem is the thousands of malware programs constantly in circulation, making the blacklist virtually unmanageable.
  • Summary: Xerox is the first in the industry to partner with McAfee and provide built-in security standard on every ConnectKey device
    In addition to the factory standard McAfee Embedded security, you can choose to add McAfee Integrity Control for more advanced options over your MFP security. For example, if you wanted to allow an executable file to run on your MFP if it’s from a source you’ve identified as trusted, you would need to have the additional Integrity Control option to make those custom rules.
  • Summary: ConnectKey is built to integrate with Cisco TrustSec
    Thanks to our groundbreaking partnership with Cisco we’re evolving the TrustSec solution to respond to the explosion of personal devices in the workplace. To protect confidential information, companies need to secure network endpoints – such as printers, tablets, and webcams – and deploy security policies faster than ever. By allowing IT managers to automatically identify, monitor and manage all devices from a central location, TrustSec helps ensure the security of the network path to and from such devices.
  • Summary: Cost Control overview
    The Xerox ConnectKey Controller offers multiple ways to manage your costs. Xerox developed a breakthrough print driver platform that significantly reduces costs. It also increases the efficiencies of printer management and support adding simplicity for small and medium businesses. We offer powerful, standard accounting capabilities so you can restrict and track usage. And we can reduce Energy Consumption with Cisco EnergyWise or Xerox Managed Print Services offerings.
  • Summary: ConnectKey controls on app defaults and user permissions provide simple ways to limit costly print output.
    The Xerox Windows and Macintosh Driver Platforms enable a wide range of workflows from a common driver core. This simplifies driver certification in enterprise environments, and also significantly reduces or eliminates the effort required to transition between driver types. And in SMB environments, Xerox drivers with B&W programmable defaults or specific Application Defaults can be used to save color and B&W output and additional costs without software or IT intervention.
    Out of the box Xerox print drivers are set to default to two sided so you can start saving from day one. This saves money when needed and saves energy when not required. Our Intelligence Duplex allows the machine to print jobs as duplex when needed, and sends as simplex when required.
    The Saved Settings feature allows each user to customize driver’s default settings for all applications. User can configure their own application-specific printer settings that will be applied to every new printer selected.
    Application default allows each user to customize default settings for each application. For example, color for presentation and black and white for emails as default. This means users print the way businesses want them too and can decrease color and black usage, waste and user frustration.
    Simple print policies are available within the print driver and can yield big savings. IT managers can deploy global, pre-configured printer settings to all of Xerox devices. Expanded coverage of features can be managed for pre-configuration, and IT administrators can proactively and dynamically change “pushed” driver settings. This avoids driver reinstallation and maintains MS certification.
    And finally, single and consistent interfaces greatly improves the overall user experience.
  • Summary: ConnectKey controls on app defaults and user permissions provide simple ways to limit costly print output across all ConnectKey devices
    ConnectKey gives organizations a variety of ways to control print output that adds up to serious savings through reductions in wasted pages and unnecessary color.
    Different applications often suggest different types of prints – for instance, email likely just needs to be black and white double-sided – whereas a Word document might want to be full color, and a Power Point could want to have multiple pages per sheet. ConnectKey drivers allow you to set custom default print preferences for different applications – so just by hitting print, you know you’ll get prints the way you want. This feature can be enabled for individual users or controlled by IT depending on your organization’s needs.
    If you want even more granular control, ConnecKey gives admins the ability to set very specific user permissions for print output depending on a variety of variables. You can limit print output by application, by employee or workgroup – even by time of day… finally putting an end to after hours printing of personal items. This gives you the most control over your organizational print costs.
  • Summary: ConnectKey lowers the barrier to entry for card authentication solutions by integrating with most off-the-shelf USB card readers
    Card authentication is nothing new in the print industry, but with ConnectKey we’ve made strides to make authentication solutions even more accessible to more companies.
    The main improvements here is that built in support we’ve provided for off-the-shelf 3rd party USB card scanners. We support over 80 common device models – which greatly reduces the barrier to entry for companies that have considered card authentication for both the security and accountability benefits of “Follow Me Printing.”
    With authentication in place, the solutions can start very small - but have a big impact. For example: banner pages. Think of all the wasted pages used to print basic information about the person running the print job. We came up with a simple solution with Print ID, where ConnectKey automatically puts an encoded user ID and date in the margin of the printed pages – so you can trace a print’s origins without the extra waste.
    Solutions get more robust - all the way up to integration with Active Directory, so you can simplify management of print and scan features.
  • Summary: ConnectKey offers a variety of features to help your company improve energy and paper consumption
    Our corporate commitment to environmental sustainability is built right into ConnectKey, so you can rely on these devices to reduce your corporate carbon footprint.
    The Xerox Earth Smart feature is automatically setup to default prints as two-sided, and remove wasteful banner pages. You can customize these settings, and employees can easily see the impacts of their efforts to stay green. It’s one of those simple yet practical features that we’ve seen drive real positive changes in organizational behavior.
    On the more robust side of energy management, ConnectKey integrates with Cisco EnergyWise – an energy management protocol for monitoring, controlling, and reporting the energy use of information technology and facilities equipment.
    And as a charter partner of the international ENERGY STAR® program, Xerox offers ConnectKey devices that are fully compliant with the latest standards in energy efficiency.
  • Summary: Xerox Earth Smart is a free print utility included with ConnectKey devices that provides easy options to enable environmentally sustainable print habits.
    Our corporate commitment to environmental sustainability is built right into ConnectKey, so you can rely on these devices to reduce your corporate carbon footprint.
    The Xerox Earth Smart feature is automatically setup to default prints as two-sided, and remove wasteful banner pages. You can customize these settings, and employees can easily see the impacts of their efforts to stay green. It’s one of those simple yet practical features that we’ve seen drive real positive changes in organizational behavior.
    On the more robust side of energy management, ConnectKey integrates with Cisco EnergyWise – an energy management protocol for monitoring, controlling, and reporting the energy use of information technology and facilities equipment.
    And as a charter partner of the international ENERGY STAR® program, Xerox offers ConnectKey devices that are fully compliant with the latest standards in energy efficiency.
  • Summary: ConnectKey devices carry a variety of leading industry certifications for environmental friendliness
    Xerox global certification program ensures the entire Xerox range exceeds the highest standards. We are award winning and certified for the Life Cycle of the product- from Papers, to Solutions, and to the device.
    Some of our Certification examples include:
    ENERGY STAR® Energy saving (U.S. EPA).
    EcoLogo™ Blue Angel & Ecolabel programs mandating strict requirements for product life-cycles. (Canada, German, Nordic)
    EU RoHS – Assurance against hazardous materials.
    Forest Stewardship Certified / Papers - Xerox is the largest certified paper supplier, international multi-site forest standards. 
  • Summary: ConnectKey lowers the barrier to entry for card authentication solutions by integrating with most off-the-shelf USB card readers
    ConnectKey devices can easily be connected to Cisco EnergyWise solutions to report on usage data and be remotely controlled to limit power usage during periods of inactivity. EnergyWise is a separate Cisco solution – so this is more of a value-add feature for companies already using EnergyWise
  • Summary: ConnectKey provides a variety of features that improve 4 core areas of business: Productivity, Security, Convenience and Cost Control
    The ConnectKey Ecosystem is about bringing together Hardware, Software and Services to offer customers the right solution for their current and future business requirements.
    It’s about understanding the real customer requirements today, yet giving them a solution that can grow as their business priorities change.
    It’s about showing customers ways to be more efficient, ways to save costs and ways to be better supported, meaning printing, scanning and document handling become the least of their worries.
    ConnectKey is about taking the document processing pain out of the business and making things simple so businesses can concentrate on what they need to do!
  • Summary: Businesses, Employees and Customers are all demanding simpler ways to get work done – businesses need to start addressing this expectation with better document capabilities.
    Address the need for simplification, first and foremost many MFP features are going unused because fragmented software that doesn’t connect mobile/cloud, BYOD demands virtual, secure transactions
    Workers are more sophisticated now
    An “Apple experience” is expected
    Workers want to access documents and workflow solutions from their mobile devices
    Workers want to know it is safe to get rid of the hard copy and that digital copies are easy to find
    IT Challenges – Fragmented Solutions that don’t connect, must be OPEN, flexible
  • Summary: The move toward mobile & cloud services is inevitable – and in that space, great software is required to actually simplify the way work gets done.
    So let’s start with a look at what’s happening in the market today. Today’s workforce expects technology to support them however they do business: via their laptops and tablets, in the cloud, from home, on the road or in the office. According to IDC, from 2013 to 2020, 90% of IT industry growth will be driven by what they call the ‘3rd Platform technologies such as mobile, cloud, social business and big data/analytics. Hence, 80% of our competitive energy should be focused on strengthening the 3rd platform offerings and capabilities. As a result, open source software/platforms will play a pivotal role and gain greater commercial adoption.
    In addition, from an Office perspective, the most significant thing happening is the continued secular decline in print. Capturing the document on the front end and managing the document – digital workflow – is becoming critical. Activating the channel to tap SMB segment remains the dominant objective for vendors today. MPS is still growing and continues to drive down to smaller businesses. Mobile revolution and huge growth in smartphones and tablets represent the most significant trend happening in printing today, fueled by bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends.
    Tomorrow’s trends will drive the bulk of IT industry growth from 2011-2025 and beyond. Millions of new apps and services are being created for tomorrow’s business world . These apps and services will be built on cloud, mobile devices, mobile apps, social technologies, big data/analytics, and more
  • Summary: ConnectKey spans the Xerox product line so you can get critical software capabilities on a device right-sized for your business
    Just some drill down into the specific products being launched and their timelines.
  • Summary: ConnectKey offers valuable capabilities for any sized business or organization – some may skew towards SMB or Enterprise, but there is something for everybody.
    Let’s take a slightly different look at the value ConnectKey brings by customer segment such as SMB or Large Enterprise. The key thing to point out here is that ConnectKey is an enabler for Services. “Services Led, ConnectKey driven”. ConnectKey provides the system layer across MPS deployment, allowing for common experience for IT and end-users. Through its building blocks – remote, automation, mobile, cloud, and industry leading security - ConnectKey is an enabler for delivering business end to end experiences. It integrates with the Xerox MPS tool set and supports our services-led strategy in several ways:
    It’s ideal for fleet deployment and management. Get the configurations right…remotely. No cloning. No problems. Usability is not an afterthought, its consistent across the board. You learn one product, you learn them all…just like going from an iPhone to an iPad. We also have a control panel that can be navigated remotely from a help desk. All those UI buttons can be pushed without anybody having to be at the device so you can provide long-distance training and support. People get up to speed quickly and support is provided economically
    Second, with Xerox’s alliance partners McAfee and Cisco, ConnectKey delivers security that establishes a new industry standard for protecting your data and your business from viruses and intrusions, and management of network access. With McAfee inside, if we have a situation where a nasty virus comes from a terminal, over the wire to our device, McAfee will attack the virus, and stop it, before it gets to the operating system. It uses whitelisting technology, we know what’s good inside the machine, and we know what’s bad. So when that nasty virus or malware comes in, that whitelist shuts it down.
    And, we’ve also partnered with another great brand on the network, Cisco. ConnectKey is in full compliance with their TrustSec solution to provide full visibility to authenticate and control access for MFPs and printers. At the end of the day, our devices are all managed appropriately and we have leadership security, bar none.
    Energy management? This is fantastic – we can manage energy use with Cisco Energywise and other technologies so sustainability right there for MPS is there for our devices.
    We’ve augmented support management with a next generation remote management console and remote capabilities. When you plug these machines in, its going to phone home, connect to back office, get meter reads, automatic supplies replenishments, you’re going to get maintenance.
    And for product certification, think about moving from product certification to platform certification. Now with our common software layer, like if you had Microsoft Office, you wouldn’t have to certify that multiple times, so why would you have to do that with Connectkey. So now we have one software platform, certify that in that one product, and even though that software is the same across the products now and future, and you’ve certified it only once.
    We’re integrated with the MPS tool set, and within the customer environment, we now have the foundation for business process integration. Its an open platform, ready to connect to the cloud, connecting to mobile services, connecting to anything in there with our alliance partners. So when our channels want to migrate that customer, do that business process integration , now you have the technology under the hood to get it done.
  • Summary: ConnectKey provides immediate value out-of-the box, and is a platform to connect optional services that add more value
    Backup slide provides an all-up view of the standard and optional ConnectKey features aligned with our 4 planks.
  • Summary: ConnectKey simplifies the way work gets done with features that add convenience, increase productivity, improve security, control costs and improve your environmental impact
    Let’s take a closer look now at some of the specific ways ConnectKey devices can help you transform the way you work.
    Convenience - Mobility offers a new flexibility in the enterprise, but with it comes new challenges as industry standards, government regulations and security threats evolve with the interactions of smart devices on the network. With Xerox in your office, the freedom of uninhibited mobility empowers the confidence to do what you do best wherever your real business takes you.
    Productivity- Paper-intensive industries like healthcare, finance, and the public sector are struggling to find efficient and cost-effective ways to bridge the paper to digital void. Xerox gives you the tools and technologies that make it possible to automate common office workflows, to turn challenges into routine tasks, and to greatly simplify the ways in which you share business-critical information.
    Security - IT security managers are already overwhelmed with managing security demands of ever growing connected devices, threats and regulations. Small businesses don’t really have the staff to manage security. That’s why Xerox engineered ConnectKey devices with the most complete range of advanced features, technologies, and solutions from security-industry leaders that safeguard your critical information from all potential points of vulnerability.
    Print Quality and Cost Control - The typical constraint for adopting color is the high cost of printing professional looking color documents. A range of ConnectKey devices for specific needs, customers can print outstanding color documents while keeping their costs under control with built-in features, such as User Permissions. You can achieve high-impact color documents that impress customers and deliver results — while minimizing costs.
    Environment - Your work environment is just a small piece of the puzzle that forms our natural environment. The choices you make impact the overall health of our planet, for better or worse; and office technology is a key consideration.
  • Summary: ConnectKey is a natural fit for MPS environments
    While ConnectKey products stand on their own – this solution was absolutely made for managed print services environments.
    It’s probably easiest to think of Managed Print Services as outsourcing your print environment. You don’t buy or own hardware or supplies – you lease the machines and pay a rate for the prints that are created. Keeping the devices working, supplies stocked and helping support your employees is all taken care of with dedicated staff under the MPS agreement. You can even have more robust MPS agreements where all printing jobs are actually fulfilled by MPS staff – your own in-house print shop.
    Xerox has been identified by Gartner, IDC, Forrester and Quorcirca as an industry leading Managed Print Services provider (reference: . Many companies have recently entered this market, but no other company brings the breath of expertise and optimized product line that we do. This is incredibly important because an MPS engagement isn’t a product sale - it’s an ongoing relationship. While cost control is usually the business driver that have companies looking at MPS, the quality of service delivered throughout the engagement is what actually makes MPS work for your company. Xerox has the experience to meet both needs better than anyone else.
    We bring that experience to bear in our detailed assessment of your environment to find not only the best way to meet your business needs in the most cost effective way – but in laying out a roadmap that allows your business to get to that end state.
    One of the common misperceptions about Managed Print Services is that it’s only for large enterprises. Xerox maintains a network of Certified Print Service Providers that offer the same MPS benefits to organizations of almost any size with customized, flexible plans that simplify accounting with a monthly itemized invoice at a fixed cost-per page, and remove the need for costly IT support resources.
    Another way that MPS ties into core benefits of ConnectKey is that it provides a simplified path to advanced printing capabilities – specifically around mobile device support, automated workflows, and security. ConnectKey benefits in all three areas can more easily and quickly be implemented across your organization with the help of trained MPS professionals.
    Gartner stats is from MPS whitepaper: The importance of Managed Print strategy
  • Summary: ConnectKey lowers the barrier to entry for card authentication solutions by integrating with most off-the-shelf USB card readers
    Meter reads/supplies: Every ConnectKey device is ready out of the box to report meter reads and supply levels automatically. If your device is supplied through reseller or support partner, information can be sent automatically for per-page charging or supplies ordering – no need to inventory devices for monthly reports, stop worrying about stocking supplies
    Outsourced support: Because of ConnectKey’s remote management tools like the remote control panel, you can easily outsource your device and user support to a 3rd party service provider - eliminating the need for your in house IT resources to worry about print devices – or adding a more robust support capability for your employees.
    Full in-house print: This is the MPS most people are familiar with – basically an in-house Kinkos. Xerox can come in and perform a holistic analysis of your existing print usage to fully understand how you can maximize cost savings and productivity. Our staff will then implement the solution and can work to handle internal print jobs and support.
  • Summary: ConnectKey lowers the barrier to entry for card authentication solutions by integrating with most off-the-shelf USB card readers
    As businesses look for ways to cut costs, be more efficient and adapt to their employees or customers needs, we are seeing a number of different initiatives evolving. Bring your own device (BYOD) for example, most people now have a private smartphone and use it for work because it’s convenient.
    This in itself helps businesses to reduce costs as they get their employees to buy and maintain the equipment themselves, they just enable the usage of them.
    It’s not just employees equipment, businesses can now opt for cloud based ‘pay as you use’ type services giving them the flexibility to run with solutions without the need for IT expertise or internal infrastructure.
    However, they still want the highest levels of security to safeguard their data now it moves outside of their own firewall and ultimately out of their control.
    Not only that, customers are becoming increasingly demanding of their suppliers, making them fight it out to give the best deal when differentiation is minimal.
    ConnectKey helps customers to evolve by supporting these key initiatives like enabling printing from Smartphones or Tablets, direct integration with cloud based solutions whether it’s email, scanning or printing but at the same time offering the most complete security package of any MFP in todays market.
    ConnectKey further enhances our MPS offering by giving the tools to meet those ever-demanding Service Level Agreements (SLA), supporting convenience authentication and follow-me requirements with lower cost solutions but at the same time not over-complicating the offering with numerous options.
  • Summary: ConnectKey adds compelling benefits for MPS support
    Xerox is already the market leader when it comes to MPS offerings, but ConnectKey makes this offering even stronger by giving you better support tools, enhanced authentication methods along with cost control features to differentiate Xerox from the competition.
    Lets take the new Remote Control Panel as an example, this tool allows for Service, IT personal, Trainers or Super Users to access and control the device as if they were right in front of it, meaning support is instant no matter where you are or what issue needs addressing.
    Someone needs help storing an email address in the address book, a service technician needs to look at the diagnostics first before visiting the device, or if it’s just to change some default settings it really becomes a tool that helps you get closer to your customers and helps to avoid unnecessary trips to the device saving time and money.
    ConnectKey also brings a new EIP technology called ‘ConnectKey Apps’, this is the ability to run basic custom applications on the device without the need of an EIP server. A simple example of this is an ‘Info App’ what if you could place a simple message on the screen saying you are aware of a problem and a service technician has been sent? How many duplicate phone calls would that save, and if you offer a Freephone support number, how much money?
    You could just use it to place your company details and logo on the screen saving you putting a sticker on the device and a whole lot more.
    ConnectKey has even enhanced roll-out simplicity by improving the device Address book capability, even allowing for certain competitive address books to be imported to ConnectKey saving the time to re-create. ConnectKey has also expanded the cloning functionality to enable more settings to be transferred across a fleet of products along with offering a Universal Pull-Print driver to meet and simplify the growing needs of ‘follow-me’ solutions.
  • Summary: ConnectKey adds compelling benefits for MPS authentication
    It’s not just ‘support’ tools that enhance our MPS offerings, it’s other useful features like security and ‘authentication’ methods. ConnectKey integrates fully with standard authentication servers such as LDAP allowing you to control many features based on user profile. A great example of this is the Feature Access control, why show all features to those who don’t have access to them, or more importantly, those who YOU don’t want to have access to.
    In today’s world of mobile workers and more open access to devices, why show things they can’t use as it may generate phone calls or queries as to why its not working?
    Feature Access Control does exactly that, it hides any feature to any non-authenticated user and only when they authenticate will they see features they are entitled to use, more so you can even have different features for different authenticated user or group. This is very important as more and more devices are shared between different departments and types of users.
    Let’s take an example we used earlier with Single-Touch scanning, I’m in the invoicing department who sit next to the mortgage department and we share a device, I walk to the machine authenticate and only see my invoice scan button, my mortgage colleague authenticates and only sees the mortgage application scan button.
    Maybe a more practical example with a University campus, the device is enabled for Copy and Print for students and only Scan to email is enabled for teachers and so on.
    ConnectKey has now a more open approach to USB Card Readers by allowing for virtually any standard USB reader to be directly connected to the device, whereas before it was only approved readers by our Partners meaning costs were out of Xerox’s control and generally quite high compared to off-the-shelf readers.
    And let’s not forget simple solutions like Printing the User ID in the page margins, this allows you to do away with banner pages helping to save paper and also offers a simple audit trail of who printed what and when.
  • Summary: ConnectKey adds compelling benefits for MPS cost control
    And finally, MPS is about saving customers 20-30% on their printing costs, so why not use ConnectKey technology to help customers print more efficiently?
    Every ConnectKey device now comes with 2-sided printing on as standard, yet has the intelligence to ignore the 2-sided paper path of only a 1-sided document is sent. This helps reduce energy consumption as the device is running for less time, and when merged with application defaults you can show customers how less mistakes are made, colour is not used for applications like email and the use N-up printing prints 2 pages on 1 side halving clicks.
    User Permissions also helps control who prints what, when and how, this includes colour and single-sided printing and by application! for example, any non-authenticated user has the ability to print from word and PowerPoint, but only in black and white. So let’s think about our mobile workers, instead of making them log into the device why not just give them the ability to print black and white minimising the need to charge for prints and allowing for a more value add offering to bring these workers through your door.
    ConnectKey also offers ‘Power Mibs’ these Mibs can be used by energy management tools such as Cisco Energywise and Joulex Energy Management, they work by monitoring devices usage patterns and if a device is left on in a ready state without being used, it can send it to sleep automatically. These tools can help save in energy consumption, and with every increasing fuel bills and pressures to reduce CO2 footprints, ConnectKey does its part for the environment as well.
  • Summary: Building credibility: Validating impact of Intelligent documents with IDC insights that prove documents affect key areas of business
    So what exactly is possible with better documents? Documents are the currency of business – so it’s not surprising that when we improve document processes, there are wide ranging benefits – some that you might not expect
    In research, done in conjunction with analyst firm IDC, we found that IT managers, business manager and information workers expected improvements to revenue, operational costs, and controlling risk – three core business metrics – with improved document processes.
    While it is probably not surprising that improving document processes will improve an organization's operating cost profile and reduce business risk, it is notable that optimizing document processes would improve revenue-generating functions. Documents touch many customer-facing parts of the business, and optimizing them could improve sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Additionally, improving employee productivity has strategic revenue-generating consequences because more productive employees can spend more time on innovation, customer service, winning new business, and otherwise making the business more competitive.
  • Summary: Detailed stats from IDC research defining desired Next-Generation Document capabilities
    IDC research uncovered that IT managers, business managers, and information workers have a list of unmet needs when they use documents in critical business processes. This chart the features they would like to see in next-generation document technology. The theme of building greater intelligence into documents is clear.
    Security tops the list, followed by support for automated document workflows with automatic data extraction; enabling multiple users to work on a document simultaneously; and automated summarization, categorization, and indexing based on the document's content.
    Another key request is reducing complexity in the document life cycle, with documents incorporating built-in retention and disposition policies including automated retention, storage, and disposal capabilities. This study found that managing the document life cycle is a key pain point.
    Looking at the data by company size, we found that while large businesses desire greater intelligence in document technology, SMBs want it even more. For example, 65% of large businesses desire built-in virus protection compared with 75% of SMBs (as shown in Figure 2, the average across all organization sizes is 70%)
  • Connectkey presentation

    1. 1. Internal: How to use this deck IMPORTANT: Remove this slide before presenting to customers This presentation is designed to facilitate a walkthrough of Xerox® ConnectKey™ technology. Each slide contains a summary and talk track. The core deck covers all necessary points, and detailed backup slides are provided for all relevant features. You can navigate among these slides using the index slide (# 18) In addition, there are optional slides (# 55- # 73) you can swap out to change the introductory narrative and also have a more detailed conversation around MPS. Please select the slides you’ll use and remove all others prior to giving the presentation. CLICK HERE TO VIEW INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE THIS DECK
    2. 2. How document intelligence simplifies your business. Xerox® ConnectKey™ Date goes here ©2013 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design ® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. BR6032 XOGPA-31UC
    3. 3. Businesses face similar challenges: Fragmentation Locked in to paper Information is hard to find/access across devices and systems “Unstructured data” is a drain on productivity 3 Xerox Confidential
    4. 4. Businesses face similar challenges: Security Economics Connectivity adds complexity Constant need to reduce costs 4 Xerox Confidential
    5. 5. Organizations need more than document digitization. They need documents with intelligence. This requires a shift in thinking from hardware devices, to software ecosystems that integrate devices and systems.
    6. 6. What is an Intelligent Document? Searchable Secure •Content and metadata •Editable formats •Language translation •Encryption and Virus protection •Rights management •Audit trails Intelligent Document Collaborative •Auto versioning •Multiple real-time 6 Connected •Integrated with workflows •Connected to internal and cloud storage •Automatic data extraction •Optimized file sizes
    7. 7. Watch video > Introducing Xerox® ConnectKey™ 7
    8. 8. MFP as Bridge: Building Toward ConnectKey Distribute & Print Connections & Services Mobile & Cloud Simplicity Redefined 8
    9. 9. ConnectKey™ Ecosystem Unified Address Book Security GDP Productivity Secure Print & 256-bit encryption EIP Support & Mgmt features Controller Common UI / EIP apps User Permissions Mobile / Cloud access Card Access/ Authentication Single Touch Scan Cost Control Cisco® EnergyWise 9 Convenience Workflow integration
    10. 10. See ConnectKey in action: Productivity Security Cost Control Convenience 10
    11. 11. Color Color PPM Black-and-white ColorQube 9302/9303 Phaser 6700 41 B/W PPM Multifunction Printers Printers •47ppm color/black •Legal/A4 Xerox® 560/570 Xerox® C75 •60/70 ppm color Digital Press •65/75 ppm black •45/50 ppm color •13 x 19 in./SRA3 •50 ppm black •12.6 x 18 in./320 x 457 mm to •75 ppm color/black •13 x 19 in./SRA3 Multifunction Printers Printers 71 to 130 WorkCentre 5875/5890 •75/90 ppm •Tabloid/A3 70 Phaser 7800 ColorQube 8700/8900 •45 ppm color/black •12.6 x 48 in./ 320 x 1219 mm •44 ppm color/black •Legal/A4 WorkCentre 7845/7855 WorkCentre 7775 •45/50 ppm color/ 45/55 ppm black •12.6 x 19 in./ 320 x 483 mm •50 ppm color/ 75 ppm black •13 x 19 in./SRA3 Xerox® D95/D110/ D125 Copier/Printer •95/110/125 ppm •13 x 19.2/SRA3 Xerox® D110/D125 Printer •110/125 ppm •13 x 19.2/SRA3 41 to Phaser 6600 31 Phaser 7500 •36 ppm color/black •35 ppm color/ •Legal/A4 black •Tabloid/A3 WorkCentre 6400 •32 ppm color/ 37 ppm black •Legal/A4 Phaser 4600/4620 Phaser 5550 WorkCentre 4250/4260 •45/55 ppm •Legal/A4 WorkCentre 5150 •55 ppm •Tabloid/A3 •55/65 ppm •Legal/A4 •36 ppm color/ black •Legal/A4 ColorQube 9301 to 70 WorkCentre 6605 WorkCentre 7835 •50 ppm •Tabloid/A3 Phaser 3320 Phaser 3600 WorkCentre 3315/3325 WorkCentre 3550 •37 ppm •Legal/A4 •40 ppm •Legal/A4 •33/37 ppm •Legal/A4 •35 ppm •Legal/A4 WorkCentre 3210/3220 WorkCentre 5325/5330 •24 /30 ppm •Legal/A4 •25/30 ppm •11.7 x 17 in./A3 WorkCentre 5845/5855/ 5865 •45/55/65 ppm •Tabloid/A3 40 ColorQube 8570/8870 •38 ppm color/ 50 ppm black •12.6 x 18 in./ 320 x 457 mm •40 ppm color/ black •Legal/A4 31 •35 ppm color/ black •12.6 x 19 in./ 320 x 483 mm to 40 21 to 30 Phaser 6500 •24 ppm color/ black •Legal/A4 Phaser 7100 •30 ppm color/ black •Tabloid/A3 WorkCentre 7225 WorkCentre 7830 •25 ppm color/black •Tabloid/A3 •30 ppm color/black •12.6 x 19 in./ 320 x 483 mm to 1 to 20 1 Phaser 6010 •12 ppm color/ 15 ppm black •Legal/A4 WorkCentre 6015 WorkCentre 6505 •12 ppm color/ 15 ppm black •Legal/A4 •24 ppm color/ black •Legal/A4 WorkCentre 7220 •20 ppm color/ black •Tabloid/A3 30 Phaser 3250 •30 ppm •Legal/A4 Phaser 3635MFP WorkCentre 5335 •35 ppm •Legal/A4 •35 ppm •11.7 x 17 in./A3
    12. 12. Additional ConnectKey Solutions Share to cloud Learn more > Mobile print solution (cloud or onsite) Learn more > 12 ConnectKey for: Learn more > ConnectKey Apps Learn more >
    13. 13. Platform ecosystem provides benefits for one device or many. Workflow integration for Mobile & Cloud • • • Print from/to anywhere Scan & convert documents for view on mobile devices Open API for custom workflow integration Built-in Security • • • McAfee & Cisco compatibility Device management integration Card/device access control Cost Control & Sustainability • • Cisco Energywise Earth Smart Print Driver IT Enablers • • • Simplified UI reduces training Remote management, support and deployment tools Serverless Apps All these tools are available for in-house management, and also make ConnectKey ideal for Managed Print environments 13
    14. 14. Summary: ConnectKey™ Highlights • Next-generation support • Customized to your workflows Productivity • Scan to cloud with no middleware • Mobile work ready – device agnostic Convenience • Designed for SMB and enterprise • Sophisticated user controls without special software • Cost Control Industry-leading Security – McAfee and Cisco partnerships Security 14
    15. 15. Learn More About ConnectKey Visit the website Or download the interactive brochure 15 Xerox Confidential
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. Appendix 17
    18. 18. Backup Index Productivity overview > Security overview > •Remote Control panel > •Address book > •On-device support > •Print drivers > •ConnectKey Apps > •Xerox App Studio > •Multilayered security > •End-to-end > •Email > •McAfee overview > •McAfee whitelisting > •McAfee integrity control > •Cisco TrustSec > Convenience overview > Cost Control overview > •User interface > •Scanning features > •Single touch scan > •SharePoint > •Share to Cloud > •Mobile solutions > •Xerox Mobile Print > •Print Policies > •Application defaults and user permissions > •Authentication > •Environmental sustainability > •Xerox Earth Smart > •Industry certifications > •Cisco EnergyWise > 18
    19. 19. Productivity 19
    20. 20. More Accessible, More Productive • Remotely control the device front control panel • Unified address book integrates fax, scan and email • Access the full online support knowledge base right from the device front panel • Quick and easy deployment with single, unified, forward-compatible print drivers • Xerox® Extensible Interface Platform® (EIP) serverless technology allows creation of applications to run on ConnectKey multifunction printers, without the need for additional IT infrastructure 20 Productivity Index
    21. 21. Remote Control Panel simplifies support and training. Full access to device interface from any networked PC • Easy for internal staff or contracted support partners • Useful for remote training and support • Secure connection that hides sensitive data such as passwords • Remote sessions are indicated to the local UI to prevent simultaneous changes • Factory standard 21 Productivity Index
    22. 22. Unified Address Book Management Integrate fax, scan & email address info attached to a single address book contact • Favorites list for frequently used contacts • Easy to add or customize contacts at the device • Share the same address book across devices 22 email Ifax Productivity Index Fax Scan to… Manage contacts for all network services in one centralized device address book
    23. 23. Support where and when you need it. Robust support tools available at the device empower users and reduce downtime • Embedded support videos for common tasks on the device • Access to full Xerox online support library at the device – the same support content used by Xerox staff 23 Productivity Index
    24. 24. Xerox Print Drivers: Options for any deployment need Productivity Index Traditional Xerox® Driver Mobile Express Driver® (X-MED) Xerox Pull Printer Driver Overview •One driver, one printer •Award winning ease-of-use with fully bidirectional information •One driver, many printer models •Xerox® and nonXerox printers and MFPs •Universal print driver •One driver, many locations •Xerox® and nonXerox printers and MFPs •One driver for onthe-go •One driver, one queue for Pull Print applications •Release jobs at UI •Authentication and integration for “pull print” workflows Key Value Points 24 Global Print Driver® (X-GPD) •Fully bidirectional •Specific to each printer and MFP •Mixed media and all finishing •Universal printer driver •Single driver for Xerox® and nonXerox devices •Single, consistent interface •Universal printer driver •Configures itself at print time •Automatically detects location •Finds Xerox® and non-Xerox printers and MFPs in that location •Manage all print devices on the network using a single driver in a Pull Print environment •Single queue and single driver for easy site administration
    25. 25. Xerox ConnectKey™ Apps ® The simple way to deliver maximum productivity through ConnectKey MFDs Info app demo • Create a customizable graphic and text experience about your business • Highlight your value added services for all your customer’s ConnectKey needs Quick scan to email • Create a customized workflow app starts a scanning workflow with just a single touch. Mobile print links • A simple app supporting Mobile Print by creating on device QR Code Quick print • A simple app that creates 1-touch-printing workflow for key documents in your business Learn more and get apps > 25 Productivity Index
    26. 26. Xerox App Studio: DIY App Creation ® Easy Customization – Simple to create •No programming skills needed •Simple, visual customization environment •No server or agent software needed •Customize your app look and message Easy to deploy •Simply create your customized app & download •Deploy to one ConnectKey MFP or many •USB or browser based deployment 26 Productivity Index
    27. 27. Convenience 27
    28. 28. Simple and Convenient • Simplified device front panel enables walk-up users to access key functions faster • Simple scan solutions with walk-up print and scan convenience • Customized one-touch scanning workflows • Reduce reliance on paper and capture key information with scanning features that simplify workflows • Be more mobile - ConnectKey helps you get work done from anywhere on any device 28 Convenience Index
    29. 29. Enhanced User Interface • Simple, clean design with large icons that are intuitive to select • Customizable single-touch scan buttons for easy workflow scanning • Separate buttons for each function Copy, Email, Scan, etc. • Create one-touch favorites • Streamlined workflows 29 Convenience Index
    30. 30. Simple Scanning • Print, and scan conveniently at the device from a USB drive – no need for a PC • Simple built-in scan functionality • Scan to email / fax forward to email • Scan using industry standard file formats: single or multi-page PDF and PDF/A • Seamless integration with TWAIN compatible scanning applications 30 Convenience Index
    31. 31. Single-Touch Scanning • Dedicated scan buttons on the front panel associated with workflow scanning template • Buttons can be customized with customer logo • One-touch simple document management • No additional software or cost 31 Convenience Index
    32. 32. ConnectKey™ for SharePoint ® Convenience Index The Simple, Smart, Flexible Workflow Solution Did you know? •Printed documents are still preferred 3 to 1 •Document volume is growing by over 30% per year •50% of organizations still rely on paper documents Xerox® ConnectKey for SharePoint •Capture documents directly into SharePoint, Windows folders, or home directories •Convert paper documents to flexible digital content •Instantly create structured data with naming and indexing •Simple: Easy to set up, use and maintain •Smart: Automatic workflow updates •Flexible: Route to both SharePoint and Windows folders 32 Scan directly to your Windows folders Scan directly to your SharePoint libraries Learn more about ConnectKey for SharePoint >
    33. 33. ConnectKey™ Share to Cloud Capture. Convert. Share Anywhere. •ConnectKey Share to Cloud provides Anytime, anywhere access without extra infrastructure Convenience Index Work Anywhere, Share Anywhere •Powerful document scanning capabilities with all the benefits of a preferred cloud repository •Quickly transform paper into editable, actionable information in the cloud •ConnectKey delivers secure scanning that can convert & distribute to the cloud with a new intuitive touchscreen Securely upload with 1touch ease to your cloud repository as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Text or Microsoft Word, Excel •Provides “on-the-go access” for mobile workers and mobile devices Learn more about ConnectKey Share to Cloud > 33
    34. 34. ConnectKey Share to Cloud – Three Simple Steps 1 Walk up to any ConnectKey device, choose your destination and file format 2 Scan document which is securely transmitted to the cloud Convenience Index 3 Locate the document in your private or shared repository Microsoft® Office 365 Google Docs™ Google Drive™ Online email (via SMTP) Microsoft® Word® Microsoft® Excel® Adobe® PDF Customer Environment (EIP enabled MFP) View demo > 34 Xerox® Cloud (Routing and file format conversion) Evernote® Microsoft SharePoint® Dropbox™ Choice of 8 final destinations + email
    35. 35. Print to anywhere from anything. Convenience Index Xerox® ConnectKey™ enables print from cloud applications and mobile devices •Wireless connectivity allows for device placement in more accessible areas Airports Office Areas Copy Shops Libraries Coffee Bars Universities •Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud allows printing from any smart phone or tablet to virtually any networked device •Xerox® Mobile Print Solution for those wishing to host their own service •Apple® AirPrint™ support 35
    36. 36. Mobile Print & Mobile Print Cloud Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud® No infrastructure / management Print to virtually any networked device True MS Office conversion 30 day / job FREE trial > View demo > 36 Index Xerox® Mobile Print Solution® In-the-cloud Hosted by Xerox • • • • Convenience On Premise, Hosted by You • • • • Secure Pin Release (EIP enabled devices) Print to virtually any networked device True MS Office conversion Customer Installable
    37. 37. Security 37
    38. 38. Secure Anywhere • Comprehensive array of security capabilities are built-in standard. • Secure email over SSL • Built in McAfee security provides detection and protection against intrusion. • Integrates with Cisco TrustSec environment • Ongoing security monitoring and advisory notifications via 38 Security Index
    39. 39. Protecting the Perimeter: A Multilayered Approach Security Index TrustSec Access Protection User Endpoints 39 MFPs Network Management Consoles
    40. 40. Total end-to-end security. • Secure print and ability to delete jobs by timeouts • Keep confidential information safe with encrypted hard disk (256 bit encryption, FIPS 140-2) & image overwrite • Track print and scan usage with Xerox Standard Accounting, Network Accounting – Keep audit trails with comprehensive audit logs and confirmation reports • Secure data transmission to and from the device using industry standard protocols • Control access to services by authorized user with Xerox user permissions, IP filtering, or session timeouts 40 Security Index index Confidentiality Confidentiality Availability Authorization Integrity Accountability Non-repudiation
    41. 41. Enhancing security on the outside. Convenient, secure workflows SMTP over SSL • Secure connectivity to Gmail, Yahoo and other SMTP mail servers • Secure sharing across the internet Swipe / Proximity / Smart Card direct connect readers • Simplified and faster secure log-in • SDK available to allow for any type of reader to be used 41 Direct Connect USB Readers Security Index
    42. 42. Industry-first McAfee Security McAfee Embedded Control protects sensitive information with built-in security • Protects key device files through “whitelisting” •Enhanced Security (standard) prevents unauthorized reads/writes of protected files & directories and adds to designated protected directories – recorded as modify •Optional Integrity Control accessory prevents new files from being executed from any location via untrusted means and prevents writing of protected executable files 42 Security Index
    43. 43. Hands off Protection: McAfee Whitelisting Technology Normal usage • Known users • Approved software Alerts Known files and software Attacks • Unknown users • Malicious acts • Polymorphic zero-day attacks 43 Unknown files and software Whitelisting technology allows only approved software to run Security Index • Email • Xerox Management Tools • McAfee ePO
    44. 44. McAfee Integrity Control • Proactive/Always active even if mismanaged • Security is managed at the end point in addition to the network • Permits secure use of advanced MFP features — user permissions, scanning without fear • Turns the unknown (bad) into known (good) 44 Security Index
    45. 45. Cisco TrustSec & ISE Integration Security Index Cisco TrustSec • TrustSec is the umbrella brand used by Cisco to describe a family of security products that enable secure network access based on the context of a user or a device Cisco ISE • Xerox worked with Cisco to integrate our devices into the Identity Services Engine (ISE) software product • Cisco’s ISE allows customers to reliably enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations Useful Links Xerox TrustSec FAQ Cisco TrustSec overview Cisco ISE overview 45
    46. 46. Cost Control 46
    47. 47. Manage Your Costs • Simple Print Policies enables big savings with pre configured print drivers and application defaults • Maximum print control flexibility with user permissions and active directory integration • New and more powerful Xerox Standard Accounting capabilities • Choose the most environmentally sensitive print option with the Earth Smart Print Feature • Control, manage and report the device’s power consumption information with Cisco EnergyWise Integration 47 Cost Control Index
    48. 48. Simple Printing Policies: Big Cost Savings • Intelligent two sided printing avoids feeding the paper twice when one sided job is sent • Start saving from day one. Xerox print drivers use two-sided printing as a default • “Saved Settings” feature allows each users to customize driver’s default settings for all applications • Application defaults allow each user to customize default settings for each application e.g. color for presentations and black and white for emails as default • Unified and streamlined print driver roll out and management dramatically reduces network printing costs 48 Cost Control Index
    49. 49. User Defaults & Permissions Cost Control Index Set default print settings by application •Save time and reduce printing errors, such as wrong paper size or forgetting duplex MS Word email PPT •Settings can be adjusted using the new driver interface – common on all ConnectKey devices Admins can control available options based on user permissions •Unique to Xerox – nobody else provides this granular control •Can be tied to Active Directory to set permissions by employee, group, time of day– permissions follow users across PCs and at the device (with authentication) •Limit print options such as color, media tray, and paper handling (I.E. 2-sided printing). • 2-sided • Color 49 • 2-sided • B/W • 2-sided • Color • 6 pg./sheet
    50. 50. Affordable authentication enhances security and accountability. ConnectKey facilitates responsible printing tied to your employees. • Print ID puts user info in page margins to eliminate banner pages and provide a secure traceable solution for who printed what and when • Feature Access tied to Active Directory ensures users only see what you want them to see, based on their individual credentials • ConnectKey devices support off-the-shelf direct USB authentication readers, which lowers overall cost of implementing Follow-Me Print solutions 50 Direct Connect USB Readers Cost Control Index
    51. 51. Enhancing Environmental Sustainability Xerox Earth Smart Printing • Automatically default to 2-sided printing and removing “banner pages” • Enable “hold all jobs” feature to limit unnecessary printing • Green meter shows employees the positive impact of their efforts Built-in visibility to Cisco EnergyWise • Enables measurement and management of power usage ENERGY STAR® certified products available 51 Cost Control Index
    52. 52. Xerox Earth Smart Printing Built-in Xerox feature to enhance sustainability right out of the box •Automatically default to 2-sided printing and removing “banner pages” •Enable “hold all jobs” feature to limit unnecessary printing •Green meter shows employees the positive impact of their efforts 52 Cost Control Index
    53. 53. Environmental Compliance Xerox global certification program ensures our devices meet the highest standards •Certification examples include: – ENERGY STAR® Energy saving (U.S. EPA). – EcoLogo™ Blue Angel & Ecolabel programs mandating strict requirements for product lifecycles. (Canada, German, Nordic)* – EU RoHS – Assurance against hazardous materials. – Forest Stewardship Certified / Papers - Xerox is the largest certified paper supplier, international multi-site forest standards. * Select models only 53 Cost Control Index
    54. 54. Cisco EnergyWise ® Cost Control Index Cisco EnergyWise Technology manages the energy consumption of your enterprise IT environment and beyond •Set power states for optimal power savings •Get current power consumption information •Reports on usage data and can be remotely controlled to limit power usage during periods of inactivity •EnergyWise is a separate Cisco solution – so this is a value-add feature for companies already using EnergyWise •An energy management protocol for monitoring, controlling, and reporting the energy use of information technology and facilities equipment 54 Supports Imaging system Power MIB v1.0
    56. 56. ConnectKey™ Ecosystem Solutions Unified Address Book Security GDP Productivity Secure Print & 256-bit encryption EIP Remote Control Panel Controller Common UI Mobile / Cloud User Permissions Card Access/ Authentication Cisco® EnergyWise 56 Cost Control Services Single Touch Scan Convenience Microsoft® SharePoint®
    57. 57. New Expectations for Simplicity Observations: •Increase in “digital landfills” – document repositories grow until they become unwieldy, then new ones are created. •User experience lags behind. Most document workflow solutions are still stuck in the ‘90s while expectations for simple, customized apps grow. •IT is challenged by fragmented document solutions that don’t connect, and are expensive to deploy. It remains hard to integrate into business applications. •Virtual secure transactions remain paramount 57
    58. 58. Market Trends – What’s happening? Today and Tomorrow Billions of Users CIOs LOBs Enterprises SMBs SPs Consumers Emerging Markets Mobile Broadband 3rd Platform Intelligent Industry Solutions Big Data / Analytics Mobile Devices & Apps Millions of Apps Apps Services Information Content Experiences Social Business Cloud Services Today Hundreds of Millions of Users Tens of Thousands of Apps LAN / Internet PC Client / Server Yesterday Millions of Users Mainframe Terminal 1st Platform 58 Thousands of Apps
    59. 59. Product Consistency and Improved Feature Set 5 New Platforms (16 offerings) 1H 2013 April/May Availability Feb 13th Availability A3 Mono A3 Color A4 & A3 Color Xerox® ConnectKey™ – Common Controller WorkCentre 5800 Series • 45, 55, 65, 75, 90ppm • Laser technology • Single-Pass Scanner • Improved IQ • Lower cost finishing WorkCentre 7800 Series • 30/30, 35/35ppm • 45/45, 50/55ppm • Hi-Q LED technology • Single Pass Scanner ColorQube 9300 Series • 38/50,50/55,55/60ppm • Solid Ink technology • XSA 3-Tier support ColorQube 8700/8900 • 19/19 ppm • Solid Ink technology • Desktop configurations WorkCentre 7200 Series • 20/20, 25/25 ppm • Laser technology • Faster Processing times • Small Footprint • Quiet operation Reduced SKU’s and Higher Commonality of Options *Copier Assistant **XPS Printing Unicode Kit Single Line Fax Two Line Fax * Free Download from **WC5800 & WC7800 only ^Wc7845 / WC7855 59 Wireless Kit Smart Card Enablement Kit McAfee Integrity Kit Secure Access CAC Reader Kit FDI
    60. 60. ConnectKey™ Value by Customer Segment SMB One Touch Scan simple workflow built in. Integrated address books with favorites; less time wasted. Self designed ConnectKey Apps with Xerox App Studio Connectivity ease with integrated Wi-Fi Adapter. Device based User Access Controls and XSA enhancements. 60 Consistent controller and driver platform. Simplicity for all. EIP 2.5 cloud and solution ready with ConnectKey, cloud print, Apple AirPrint™. Easy to use User Interface for drivers & local UI. Fleet deployment ease with consistent cloning & custom driver deployment. Fleet energy mgm’t with device power MIB (Cisco EnergyWise). Leadership security with embedded McAfee control & built in support for 86 different access cards. Fleet Security Management integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. Workflow productivity with single pass/Twain scan up to 200 ipm. LiveKey for Enterprise business process transformation. Remote management ease with remote control panel. Enterprise
    61. 61. Xerox® ConnectKey™ Solutions and Capabilities Convenience Standard Apple AirPrint™, Single Touch Scan, Xerox® Mobile Express Driver® Optional ConnectKey for SharePoint, Wi-Fi Kit, Xerox® Printback, Xerox® Mobile Print, Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud, ConnectKey Share to Cloud Productivity Standard Address Book Integration, Remote Control Panel, Application Defaults, Searchable PDF, Print Around, TWAIN, Scan to Home, Scan to email, Scan to Mailbox, Cloning, Online Support, Color By Words, Xerox® Global Print Driver®, Xerox® CentreWare® Web Optional Xerox® Scan to PC Desktop® SE and Pro, Foreign Device Interface Kit, Unicode Fonts Kit, XPS Print Kit Security Standard McAfee® Embedded, McAfee ePO Compatible, Hard Disk Image Overwrite, 256-bit Encryption (FIPS 140-2 compliant), Secure Print, Secure Fax, Secure email, Cisco ® TrustSec integration, Network Authentication, SSL, SNMPv3, Common Criteria Certification* Optional McAfee Integrity Control, Smart Card Enablement (CAC/ PIV, .NET), Secure Access (Magstripe, Legic, Mifare, IND/ EMM/HITAG for example) Cost Control Print policies, User Permissions, Xerox® Standard Accounting, Xerox® Power Management Standard Optional Equitrac Office®, YSoft® SafeQ®, Print Audit and many other Alliance Partner Solutions * Certification pending 61
    62. 62. Integrate processes, simplify tasks and free up resources so you can grow your business. Convenience Mobility offers a new flexibility in the enterprise, but with it comes new challenges as industry standards, government regulations and security threats evolve with the interactions of smart devices on the network. Productivity Paper-intensive industries like healthcare, finance, and the public sector are struggling to find efficient and cost-effective ways to bridge the paper to digital void.* Security IT security managers are already overwhelmed with managing security demands of ever growing connected devices, threats and regulations. Small businesses don’t really have the staff to manage security. Print Quality and Cost Control According to the study Xerox conducted in schools, 77% of surveyed students said color makes it easier to remember information; it helps them to focus on what’s important and color makes it more interesting. Environment Your work environment is just a small piece of the puzzle that forms our natural environment. The choices you make impact the overall health of our planet, for better or worse; and office technology is a key consideration. * Source - Aberdeen Group – February 2012 62
    63. 63. Alternate MPS Slides 63
    64. 64. ConnectKey: Made for Managed Print Services Take ConnectKey benefits to the next level • Not just for large enterprises. SMBs can benefit from standard features for automated meter reads and supplies reporting, as well as remote support capabilities • Gartner estimates companies spent 1-3% of annual revenue on printing. • Free up expensive IT resources from managing print with remote support contracts • The average office employee consumes 10,000 printed pages a year • Doesn’t require a full rip and replace of your existing print devices • MPS can reduce printing costs by up to 30% • Only pay for the prints you create • No capital expenditures on hardware – allows for more flexibility to optimize your print infrastructure for maximum benefit • Easiest way to leap frog into next-generation printing capabilities: I.E. mobile, automated workflows, and passcard security 64
    65. 65. MPS: Not just for large enterprises. ConnectKey enables different degrees of MPS functionality – lowering the barrier to entry for managed print Automatic meter & supplies reporting Outsourced support Full in-house print service 65
    66. 66. World is changing, MPS opportunity is growing. Adapting to the Evolving Business World • Supporting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) initiatives • Integrating with ‘Cloud’ based solutions • Offering Security reassurance Strengthen Managed Print Services • Meet ever-demanding SLA’s – Instant remote support, status updates, training needs and installation activity •Address the basic convenience authentication opportunity •Offering more standard features and lower cost solutions 66
    67. 67. ConnectKey™ Makes Xerox® MPS Offerings Even Stronger: Support • A new Remote Control Panel allows first-line support and/or training giving immediate response times • ConnectKey App technology allows for ‘real-time’ status messages to be placed on the User Interface avoiding duplicate calls (free phone numbers) – Create ‘Contact Us’ button, offering easy access to ‘Reseller’ contact details • Reduced roll-out/installation times especially in mixed fleet deployments – Enhanced Address Book capability – Expanded Cloning functionality – Universal Pull-Print driver 67 Export from competitive MIF
    68. 68. ConnectKey™ Makes Xerox® MPS Offerings Even Stronger: Authentication • Feature Access with LDAP integration ensures users only see what you want them to see, based on their individual credentials • Supporting off-the-shelf direct USB authentication readers lowers overall cost to customers implementing Follow-Me solutions • Print ID in margins avoids the need for banner pages while offering a secure traceable solution for who printed what and when 68 Direct Connect USB Readers
    69. 69. ConnectKey™ Makes Xerox® MPS Offerings Even Stronger: Cost Control • Intelligent 2-side print and application defaults increase print efficiencies and reduces printing errors • User Permissions with LDAP integration controls who and what can print, by time and day of the week • Customer installable and cloud based solutions minimizes IT intervention and additional install costs • Power Management tools helps save on energy consumption by integrating with energy monitoring software such as Cisco EnergyWise 69 2 Page Simplex/Duplex Output N-up Printing (4-up shown) (2) A4 Sheets = 2 clicks (1) A4 Sheet = 1 click
    70. 70. Research Support 70
    71. 71. IDC: Intelligent Documents have broad effects. IDC research shows optimizing document processes brings widespread benefits: • Increase revenue • Lower op costs • Reduce risk
    72. 72. Next-Generation Intelligent Documents IDC research data ranking importance of next-generation document capabilities 72