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From data centers to fog computing: the evaporating cloud


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Why AI & IoT are forcing a shift from the cloud (as we know it) to fog computing. And why 'greening' the fog is actually more difficult than greening the cloud. (slides used at the JRC roundtable on intensive data processing and energy efficiency)

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From data centers to fog computing: the evaporating cloud

  1. 1. From data centers to fog computing The evaporating cloud Daniele Miorandi CEO U-Hopper
  2. 2. Will IoT+AI kill the cloud?
  3. 3. IoT&AI are here to stay Will change the nature of the Internet as we know it
  4. 4. Explosion of data Explosion of computing Explosion of energy consumption
  5. 5. Today: do everything in the cloud IoT data to the cloud AI (incl. training) in the cloud
  6. 6. Is the cloud a dead end?
  7. 7. Fog Computing bring computing to the data
  8. 8. Cloud computing Fog computing
  9. 9. Benefits of fog Scalability (less data through the Internet) Latency (AI closer to data sources) Data security (local scope) Cost
  10. 10. How to ‘green’ the fog?
  11. 11. We ‘know’ how to green the cloud
  12. 12. Aren’t greening cloud solutions good for fog?
  13. 13. Fog is fundamentally different from cloud Will require different solutions
  14. 14. A distributed system Small amounts of energy consumed in a plurality of locations
  15. 15. Technology The approach and frameworks we use for data processing and AI in the cloud is not good for fog
  16. 16. Money smaller devices, smaller energy cost, smaller savings
  17. 17. Value Chain The one paying for the energy may not be the one who runs the infrastructure or service
  18. 18. 1. Fog is emerging, and it will happen 2. Greening the fog is more difficult than greening the cloud 3. It is a techno-economic issue, not a purely technical one 4. Purely financial incentives are not sufficient 5. May require regulatory actions Take Away Messages
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