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Diploma of Management


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The diploma of Management course is a nationally accredited and nationally recognised business course that will help build your business career.

Successful completion of the Diploma will (based on mapping by Swinburen University in Melbourne) exempt you from the first year of a standard 3 year Bachelor of Business degree.

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Diploma of Management

  1. 1. Diploma of Management<br />Daniele Lima<br />Managing Director<br />Road Scholars Training and Strategic Consultancy<br />Diploma of Management<br />Nationally Accredited, Proven and Universally Recognised as Industry Leading Best Practice <br />
  2. 2. Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next.<br /> G.K. Chesterton<br /> 1874-1936<br />
  3. 3. The Reasons Why You Should Consider the Diploma of Management<br />Nationally accredited and recognised Business qualification throughout Australia<br />The Diploma of Management gains students one full year off a 3 year business degree (based on mapping by Swinburne University).<br />Done in just 4 days, at one day a month over four months.<br />No exams, with only manageable written assessments.<br />Normally up to $3500, but free for students that meet the specified entry criteria.<br />
  4. 4. How Does It Work<br />The Government is providing generous funding for people interested in doing the Diploma of Management<br />To be eligible you need to be:<br />Either an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident in Australia<br />Either work full time or part time over 13 hours a week<br />Beyond this:<br />If you are under 20 (that is 19 or less):<br />And have not completed a degree or diploma, the course is free for you<br />
  5. 5. How Does It Work<br />If you are over 20 years of age:<br />And have not completed a degree or diploma, the course is free for you.<br />
  6. 6. How is the Diploma Assessed and What Units are Covered<br />The Diploma is made of eight key units of which two units are delivered each day, over each of the four days. <br /><ul><li>As previously stated, the assessment for the diploma is purely by written assessment and not formal exams</li></ul>The specific units are:<br /><ul><li>Managing Personal work priorities and Professional Development
  7. 7. Show Leadership in the workplace
  8. 8. Managing an Operational Plan
  9. 9. Facilitating Continuous Improvement in your business
  10. 10. Leading and Managing a Sales Team(s)
  11. 11. Providing Mentoring and coaching within you Business or workplace
  12. 12. Managing Quality Customer Service
  13. 13. Managing Budgets and Financial Plans.</li></li></ul><li>Course Designer & Facilitator: Daniele Lima<br /><ul><li>Bachelor Of Business (Marketing and Economics)
  14. 14. Assoc. Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute
  15. 15. Certified Practicing Marketer (C.P.M).
  16. 16. Diploma – Medicines Australia (Med Rep)
  17. 17. Certificate IV – Assessment & Training
  18. 18. 20+ years experience in business and training
  19. 19. Territory Manager
  20. 20. Regional Training Manager
  21. 21. Senior Marketing Product Manager
  22. 22. National Sales Manager
  23. 23. Managing Director of Road Scholars Training & Strategic Consultancy</li></li></ul><li>Next Step<br />Please feel free to call me directly by phone on: O413297617<br />I will advise you on whether or not you qualify to receive the Government funding and start you on your way.<br />
  24. 24. Decision Time<br />Make the Call<br />Don’t Make the Call<br />
  25. 25.<br />
  26. 26. Any further enquiries and to enroll for Road Scholars <br />Daniele Lima<br />Founder and Managing Director <br />Road Scholars Training & Strategic Consultancy<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />Telephone: (61) 0413 297 617<br />