Designing For Distributed Content Models


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If we want to have content that's prepared for future technologies, is ready for shifting user and device contexts and is appropriate for machines and humans, we must change our patterns of thinking in Interaction Design. This presentation calls for a content out approach to design and begins examining tools and tactics to achieve this method.

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Designing For Distributed Content Models

  2. Let’s talk about patterns @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  3. We look for clarity in patterns = @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  4. But we’re increasingly distracted @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  5. And Mobile Isn’t Going Away @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  6. And oh, that *$#@&! context thing ... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  8. What (many of us) DO @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  9. We create hierarchy. Home Ford Social Support LAD En Esp. More Ford Search Crossovers Hybrids Comm Shopping Cars Trucks All Tech Hub & SUVS and EVs Truck Tools C-Max C-Max Fusion Fusion Focus Build/Price Hybrid Energi Hybrid SE Energi ElectricHybrid Gallery Features Specs Models Accesories Pricing Etc.Games @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  10. We catalogue and audit pages. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  11. We devise a strategy. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  12. We produce wireframes. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  13. Then we think about design and content. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  14. And then things like this happen. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  15. And happen.... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  16. And happen.... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  17. And happen.... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  18. And happen.... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  19. And happen.... @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  20. And happen.... (for lots and lots of pixels) @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  21. Taking 25 seconds to load @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  22. Foundational workflows (and patterns) are failing us. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  23. These are problems we can solve @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  24. Design from the content out! A Call To Arms @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  25. We must look beyond the page. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  26. Prepare for new devices and contexts. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  27. Prepare for distribution. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  28. Designing for Portability @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  29. Content is messy.• PURPOSE What’s the content supposed to accomplish?• MESSAGE What’s it saying? How is it saying it?• RELATIONSHIPS What other content is conceptually connected?• PRIORITIES How important is it for the business? The user? @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  30. Making sense of the mess1. Content types (inventory)2. Content wireframes3. Content structure (data model)4. CMS Plan5. UX/Design6. Prototype @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  31. Content Inventory1. Content Type / Persona2. Production Source / Author / Owner3. Original Intent (aka why was it made)4. Content Quality / Score5. Length / Word Count /File Size6. Rights @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  32. Goal: Understand the whysContent purposeContent qualityContent reach @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  33. Content Wireframe1. Logo2. Navigation3. Headline4. Author5. Date6. Related Assets7. Related Badge8. Comments9. Related Articles10. Social Links @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  34. Content Wireframe 11. Logo 22. Navigation 4 33. Headline4. Author 5 6 75. Date6. Related Assets7. Related Badge 10 88. Comments 99. Related Articles10. Social Links @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  35. Goal: Understand Hierarchy and Relationships Links to Related Links to Feature Links to Business Author Bio Related Article Related Tagged by Tagged by Landmark Tagged by City Links to Related Tagged Tagged Blog Post by by Links to Related Related to Deal EventFrom Sara Wachter-Boettcher“Building Bendable Content” @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  36. Focus on Structure By focusing on parts instead of pages, data is portable and able to shift when needed or seen as a competitive advantage. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  37. Goal: Create relationships in data Chunking data appropriately allows it to be nimble and repurposed quickly. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  38. CMS and Data Modeling What you see may be what you get, but what you get isnʼt good for content portability. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  39. CMS and Data Modeling Fields are your friends. They create relationships in the data and allow for scalability and meaning. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  40. So this will be like wearinghandcuffs right? @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  41. Models are like rails for eachnew experience @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  42. We can’t managehow every bit of content looks @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  43. Content Item Content Item But we can Attributes: ⁃ Title ⁃ Date ⁃ Author ⁃ Abstract Relation -ship Attributes: ⁃ Title ⁃ Date ⁃ Location ⁃ Teaser define rules ⁃ Detailed ⁃ Detailed Content Content Content Item Relation Attributes: -ship ⁃ Title and ⁃ Date Relation ⁃ Author -ship ⁃ Abstract ⁃ Detailed Content Item Content encourage Attributes: ⁃ Title Relation Relation -ship ⁃ Address -ship ⁃ Short Description relationships Relation Content Item Attributes: ⁃ Title ⁃ Date -ship ⁃ Author ⁃ Abstract ⁃ Detailed ContentFrom Sara Wachter-Boettcher“Building Bendable Content” @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  44. Clean, purposeful content flows @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  45. And when content flows viasystems, we can scaleCOPECreate Once Publish Everywhere
  46. And we can design responsively @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  47. And we can deploy @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  48. Assured that our system is good for humans and robots @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  49. “Content and form are lovers, theirlove-child is design” - Stephen Hay @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  50. Hug it out. Get to work. @danieleizans | #WIADA2
  51. Thanks. > Me ( > Work (Team Detroit) > Passion (Contents Magazine) > Microthoughts (@danieleizans) @danieleizans | #WIADA2