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E n e r g o Cement Plant - Projects


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E n e r g o Cement Plant - Projects

  1. 1. E N E R G O Brasov Cement Plants Projects Completed
  2. 2. The process of production for the cement1. Quarry2. Crushing3. Raw material conveyor4. Homogenization5. Raw mill6. Filter7. Preheater8. Kiln9. Cooler10. Clinker silo11. Cement mill12. Packaging and delivery
  3. 3. ENERGO on briefWho we are We are "ENERGO SA" a private company, proud to be among the companies recognized by the quality of work done. The company was founded in 1985 as a company specializing in supply of parts and components for national power plants system. Since 1995, when it became a private company was diversified range of products and services covering now different market segments. With over 25 years experience in the industrial, infrastructure and civil constructions and with over 15 years of collaboration with major companies in the world of power generation, we believe that we have the necessary strengths to add value to the projects that you develop for your clients. ​ The company operates in an area of 41.000 square meters of which 13,000 square meters are the production space, including metal construction department (cutting, assembling and welding), machining department and department blasting / painting. Capabilites includes Engineering, Fabrication, Supply and Erection of structural steel for civil and industrial buildings, energy, environment and renewable energy, public utility works (stadiums, sports arenas) and infrastructure (bridges), different metallic confections (ducts, hoppers, silos) and is able to assimilate new products easily. The companys production capacity amounts to 1000 tons / month after modernization and upgrading of production line. Employees are ENERGO characteristic: professionals, scrupulous and able to resolve any requirement. Professionalism is certified by various organizations such as: International Institute of Welding ,TÜV SÜDDEUTSCHLAND, SLV Munchen, ISCIR, Aeronautical Authority , Railway Authority AFER
  4. 4. PROJECT 1New production line and clinker storage
  5. 5. PROJECT 1New production line and clinker storage  To achieve marketing objectives, client investment consisted of expanding production by building a new line with a capacity of 4,000 tons of clinker / day, watching all processes from raw material preparation to storage clinker in silos of 45,000 tons  ENERGO was appointed to execute and deliver steel structures necessary for several objectives of Phase I:
  6. 6. PROJECT 1New production line and clinker storage 1. Raw Mill Building 2. Bucket Elevator Tower 3. Kiln De-dusting Filter Air 4. Slide Support 1Air Slide Support 2 5. Cooler Building 6. Air Slide Tower 7. Supporting Structure Transfer Tower 8. Silo Roof 1Silo Roof 2 9. Control Room 10. Duct Support 11. Kiln Dust Bin Support 12. Clinker Cooler Dedusting 13. Staircase to Penthouse on Silo 2Steel Structure-Penthouse on Silo 1 14. Kiln Gangway and Stairs between piers 15. Steel Structure-Penthouse on Silo 2 16. Cable Bridge 17. Clinker Transport to Storage Conveyor between silos 18. Gypsum Hall 19. Beam for Correctives Hall 20. Support Stair and platform at electrical room 21. Airslide support between Sup tower &Preheater 22. Steel structure - Off spec clinker transport 23. Steel structure - Preheater reinforcement 24. Gas duct support 25. Support Conveyor 26. Lift Preheater structure 27. Filler transport Total quantity executed and delivered for Phase I and II was over 6,500 tons
  7. 7. PROJECT 1 New production line and clinker storageComponents have been delivered simultaneously to several objectives following the installation order established by the client
  8. 8. PROJECT 1 New production line and clinker storageLogistics of Complete delivery was provided by ENERGO
  9. 9. PROJECT 1 New production line and clinker storageThe accuracy of execution was essential in order to achieve the best conditions of installation
  10. 10. PROJECT 1 New production line and clinker storageAfter completion of phase I,ENERGO continued at customerrequest execution and delivery forobjects belonging Phase II
  11. 11. PROJECT 2Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinker
  12. 12. PROJECT 2Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinker  Client investment purpose was to build a new deposit and transport to feed clinker silo of 130,000 tons.  ENERGO was appointed to carry out the work of design - construction - installation of conveyor and supply - assembly of the roof silo .
  13. 13. PROJECT 2 Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinker Cylindrical part of the silo was built from concrete. ​ The roof was made of: • 3449 metallic elements assembled with screws • 30 trusses placed radially, forming a truncated cone with a diameter of 80 m at the base and a height of 22 m above the 16 m of concrete cylinder. • The structure was fixed in 30 mobile supports.
  14. 14. PROJECT 2 Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinkerFor installation was designed, developed and installed in the center of the silo, a temporary tower that helped to fix the central tension ring
  15. 15. PROJECT 2 Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinkerPetals was installed, pre-assembled on the groundInstallation was done by balancing the weights on cylinder diameter andcentral ring tension
  16. 16. PROJECT 2 Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinker Final deviation resulting from installation on a circumference of about 250 m was 0.01 m
  17. 17. PROJECT 2 Transportation and storage of 130,000 To clinkerComplete assembly of silo roof was done in 5 weeks
  18. 18. PROIECTTransport si depozitare 130 000 To clinkerSimultaneously was installed conveyor to feed the silo
  19. 19. ENERGO SUCCESS KEYS forCEMENT INDUSTRY PROJECTS  Guaranteeing of technical conditions and quality requirements of projects  Execution state-of-art  Delivery Just-in-Time  The promptness in identifying, analyzing and solving various situations created  The accuracy of of documents prepared Therefore two major brands of cement: "Power Passion Performance" and "For better building"Were for ENERGO the way ahead to success and complete satisfaction of their customers
  20. 20.