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Web design i-assignment_1_due_wednesday


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Web design i-assignment_1_due_wednesday

  1. 1. Web Design I First Website Assignment:Due Friday September 25th Mr. Downs 1.Choose a partner 2.Together take 15-20 photos around the school or outside. 3.Together Design a banner with photoshop. 4. Design 3 separate web pages with links between eachother and main links on the home page. 5. Include tables,border,links,background color,text colors. 6. Include only the photos you took with your partner. 7.Consider “white space”,web page information organization, color choice and design elements. 8. Be sure to include your “new” photoshop knowledge. Black and white,blurs,crops,selective coloring. 9. This site will be graded based on its organization and use of your current skills from the first month of the course. 10. Be sure to have your page organized into a folder with all relevant browser files and photos.