The journal discover 14 top learning apps


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The journal discover 14 top learning apps

  1. 1. 1/8/13 THE Journal: Discover 14 Top Learning Apps 1/ Mobile Technology in the K-12 Classroom 12/8/2011 Contact the Editor Follow on Twitter Sponsor this Newsletter Subscribe Change email address Unsubscribe Feature Stories 8 Top Apps for Autistic Learners Mobile technology and apps enable those who have special needs to function more freely and effectively in the classroom and out into the world. More High School Class Gives New Meaning to Learning Apps In Daniel Downs' new computer science class at Winchester High School in Massachusetts, students aren't using mobile apps so much as they're creating them. More App Roundup 6 New Apps to Make Better Studiers A monthly showcase of the latest mobile apps for educators and students. This month's roundup features apps for language learners, professional development, and texting in the classroom. More Mobile Learning StudyBlue Explores its Mobile Students' Study Habits According to customer data compiled by mobile study service StudyBlue, high school and college-aged students who use the company's mobile apps to study do so more often and more efficiently. More App News App Takes Classroom Observation to Tablets GoKnow Mobile Learning, in collaboration with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), has released GoObserve, a classroom observation and walkthrough app for Android tablets and the iPad. More
  2. 2. 1/8/13 THE Journal: Discover 14 Top Learning Apps 2/ Professional Resources Join THE Journal on Facebook More THE Journal Resources Mobile Apps for Education Grab Attention at Competition Two mobile applications took the top awards in the 2011 Software & Information Industry Association's latest education technology competition. More Mobile technology is rapidly transforming society, business, popular culture--and education. T.H.E. Journal's latest electronic publication, K-12 Mobile Classroom, offers a compendium on all the news, information and insight K-12 educators will need to stay current on the best ways to serve their students and their communities. Published monthly, 2nd Thursday of each month in HTML and text formats. Are you enjoying the online newsletters, but missing the magazine? Sign up for a free subscription to T.H.E. Journal and receive news, opinions, and feature articles about technology in K-12 education. For complete details and to subscribe online, click here. Contact the Editor Follow on Twitter Sponsor this Newsletter Subscribe Change email address Unsubscribe Copyright 1105 Media Inc. 9201 Oakdale Ave Suite 101 Chatsw orth, CA 91311. For Customer Service, please contact us at See our Privacy Policy T.H.E. Journal new sletters may only be redistributed in unedited form. Written permission from the editor must be obtained to reprint the information contained w ithin this new sletter. Contact Stephen Noonoo at For single article reprints (in minimum quantities of 250-500), e-prints, plaques and posters contact: PARS International, Phone: 212-221-9595, E-mail:, http://w w w