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Mobile design

  1. 1. Mobile DesignOverviewProfessional OutlookFocusProblem/ProjectLearning ChallengesKnowledges/Skills/AttitudesIntended OutcomesAssessmentProject DescriptionsTitle Of Project 1: Intro ToContext/Content/Userls Goals off Project:Description:Final Outcomes:Length Of Lessons: 3 LessonsScenarioProject Components:Virtual Labs:Video Tutorials of IDE downloadsOverviews of App Development SpaceAvailable Download LinksWeb Based Self AssessmentsTitle Of Project 2: ProgrammaticThinking/LayoutGoals Of Project:
  2. 2. Description:Final Outcomes1 Lss 1- TextView/XML/Layout2 Lss 2- Button3 Lss 3- First Activity/Manifest4 Lss 4- ExportingLength Of Lessons;4 LessonsScenarioProject Components:Integrated XML LayoutWorking ButtonExporting Of APK FileVirtual Labs:Title Of Project 3: Understding the LifeCycle Of an App & App ComponentsGoals Of Project:Programmatic cycle of aworking activity. Asking formultitask.(Google Diagram)Description:Final Outcomes:1 Lss 5- Intent Activity2 Lss 6- Life Cycle of an App3 Lss 7- Adding Music and Picture4 Lss 7.5- Icons5 Lss 8- Menu Layout (XML/Java)Length Of Lessons:3 LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:Google DiagramInstructional VideosSample code download for follow along
  3. 3. Title Of Project 4: Create New ActivitiesWithin Java for AndroidGoals Of Project:Using the IDE and Javawith the Android Packages students will learnhow to create new activities with theapplication.Description:Using the IDE and Java withthe Android Packages students will learnhow to create new activities with theapplication.Final Outcomes:1 Lss 9- Create new Page/Activity1Length Of Lessons:2 LessonsScenarioProject Components:Java LanguagesProgram TheoryImporting BundlesOncreate listenersVirtual Labs:Title Of Project 5: Introduction toPhoneGapGoals Of Project:Description:Introduce students to thePhonegap platform. Review HTML/CSSlayouts and necessary downloads.Final Outcomes:1 Lss 10-Intro to Phonegap
  4. 4. 1 Lss 11-Adding PG to Eclipse (HTML/CSS)Length Of Lessons:2 lessonScenarioProject Components:Download PhonegapIntegration Of Phonegap and EclipseOverview of BenefitsVirtual Labs:Title Of Project 6: Working WIth APhoneGap Page & API’sGoals Of Project:1.Understanding of HTML/CSS Layout withPhonegap2.Integration of common API technologiesintegrated into page.Description:Final Outcomes:1 1 Lss 12- PG layout + API integration1Length Of Lessons:2 LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:1.Downloadable template2.API Cheatsheet3.Instructional videoTitle Of Project 7: PhoneGap Layout andProject IntegrationGoals Of Project:
  5. 5. Description:Final Outcomes:1 Work with PG template2 Students work on PG project11Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:Title Of Project 8: Introduction To JQueryGoals Of Project:Description:Final Outcomes:1 Intro to JQUERY 13- Adding JQUERY to Eclipse or freeeditor1Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:
  6. 6. Title Of Project 9: JQuery Layout &Integration of API’s With ProjectGoals Of Project:Description:Students will apply knowledgeof layout and integration of API’s toproject. (Headers,Content,Links,Buttons)Final Outcomes:1 Lss 14- JQUERYlayout + API integrationCompletion of a page within a pagelayout.Length Of Lessons:2 LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:Downloadable TemplateAPI CheatsheetInstructional VideoCodes for JQuery ElementsTitle Of Project 10:Goals Of Project:Description:Final Outcomes:1 Work with JQUERY template2 Students work on JQUERY project1Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:
  7. 7. Title Of Project 11: Capstone ProjectsBeginGoals Of Project:Description:Students will develop aconcept for an application using one ofthe platforms they have learned. They willidentify the technology,audience,contentand context of their project idea.1Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:Title Of Project 12: Capstone ProjectPlanningGoals Of Project:Description:Final Outcomes:11Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs:
  8. 8. Title Of Project 13: CapstonePresentationsGoals Of Project:Description:Final Outcomes:11Length Of LessonsScenarioProject ComponentsVirtual Labs: