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Marketing plan powerpoint

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Powerpoint Slide 1: 10 Step Marketing Plan Introduction Slide Includes Product Name Photo Of Product(photoshop poster) Your Name/Date Slide 2: 5 Steps Of The Primary Target Market & Positioning 1. Indentify Primary Target Market 2. What do theWhat do the need?(NWE) 3. What are their choices?(competition,list of 5) 4. Where is the opportunity?(how is your product different or what will make it succeed) 5. How big is the market?(total market share) Slide 3: 5 Steps For Part 2 (Marketing Mix & Strategy) 6.Product 7.Price 8.Promo 9.Place 10.Generic Winning Strategy Slide 4:Positioning to the Primary Target Market (Part 1) Slide 5:My Primary Target Market Is? 1.Demographics 2.Lifestyle(what they do) 3.Behavior Slide 6:My Primary Target Markets Needs,Wants,Expectations Using Maslow’s chart explain why people need your product. 1.What are the needs? 2. What makes someone choose your product? 3.What does your primary target expect from your product?
  2. 2. Slide 7:Direct & Indirect Products that address my Primary Target Markets Needs, Wants and Expectations 1.List your competitors products/brands(5 of them) 2.Determine the variables that affect the choice of product,brand(6 or 7) Slide 8:Competitive Position Map 1. Determine the two most critical variables(example: age vs. brand and amount of use vs. age) Slide 10 1. Now make a position map plotting the different competitors. Your products need to be differentiated by percent of market share. You can recreate the chart shown for toothpaste which uses different color and sized circles. Slide 11: Create the Matrix for your second variable here. Slide 12: Identify the gap between customers and competiton 1. Where is the marketing opportunity? 2. What NEW’s are not being addressed? 3. What can be the unique selling proposition for the new product (new or repositioned).(consider a “niche” market) Slide 13:Estimate the market size using competitor data 1.Use news resources(cite sources and links) 2. Find a comparison of other market leaders and find how you think your product can fit into the market. 5:19 minutes Slide 14. Estimate Market Size Based On custromer data
  3. 3. 1.usage per day or year 2. Usage per household Slide 14: Conlcude market size for competitor and consumer data Slide 15:Marketing Mix Strategy Steps 6-10 Slide 16:Show a product shot Your product and your competitors With and without box as it looks in the store All pack sizes and variants Major brands Slide 17:Physical Description –Describe the physical characteristics,specifications,attributes of product Slide 18 Price Get prices of your product Creatively compare vs. competitors Quantify % difference vs competitors Slide 19:Promo What do you propose to do for promotion -advertising -sales promotions -public relations -direct marketing -personal selling Slide 20 Competitor Promo -Show also how your key competitors Their commercials Their websites And why your communication stands out Slide 21: Place Where is your product available -sstores,locations -nationwide or in key areas? -method of delivery(to home,in stores,via,internet,orders)
  4. 4. Slide 22: What is your generic winning strategy? -low cost producer -supply and distribution leverage -differentiation -niche