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App research project

  1. 1. Project Overview: Creating an Authentic Mobile Application Design: Mr. Downs Individual Skills & Tasks: 1.Concept Development 2.App Layout 3.Buttons And Actions 4.Adding Graphics & Text 5.API Introduction/Code Snippets 6.Exporting Every Individual Student Will Need To: Keep A Google Docs/Account After Each Group Planning Session, you’ll need to write 2 Paragraphs and share with Mr. Downs Email ( Each Group Will Need To: Maintain a folder (Downs Research/Group 1 etc.)containing all project files(Flash,Photoshop,sounds,videos,planning documents and notes). Group Tasks: Addressing the Authentic Question: Plan, Design, and Develop a Mobile Application for the students of your high school community. As a group you will need to plan a mobile application in terms of content, design and technology which will address this scenario. Activities: Planning Activities(Done on one computer together): 1.Venn Diagram Brainstorm (add text over the venn diagram document in photoshop) 2.Click Stream/Information Architecture Organization / Considerations of the user 3.Layout Design(color scheme, button sizes, information architecture)(Use Photoshop over App Layout Sheet). Technology Based Activities(do not use the computer with the mic): 1.Create A Layout In Flash(multiple pages,major headers and buttons) 2.Integrate Design Components(color scheme, buttons, graphics, images) 3.Integrate API’s & Technology to improve user experience 4.Export & Test On Device Check for proper function of the app along with visual presentation Create an icon that will represent the app in the mobile app marketplace Presentation As a “group” you will organize a 5 minute screencast presentation presenting your application to the school community and describe how the application addresses the real world needs of the user and audience of the “authentic question”.
  2. 2. Content Planning With Users & Context In Mind -Considering the “Authentic Question” Work On These Assignments: Assignment 1:Venn Diagram Assignment (Planning Activity 20 minutes) Content: What types of information is included?(graphics,text,information,photos,galleries,links,sounds,effects,data,videos etc.) Context: How and where will the application be used? What circumstances and needs will this technology address? Where will users need or want the content? Users: Who will this app be targeted at? Why will they use it? What value does it provide them? User Interface: How will the user interface be influenced by the inclusion in the planning process of content,context and users? Assignment 2:Information Architecture & Click Stream Activity(30 minutes) Design Concepts:The are the visual and aesthetic considerations for the content. color schemes button sizes organization of pages and order of pages screen resolution Font & Text Styles Graphics & Images layouts of buttons organization of content Cool Things You Can Add To A Flash App Web Links(to specific web pages or other web based content) Link to email Video(embedded into page on app) Images/Graphics(right on the page Buttons(rollover,Photoshop and Flash) Sounds and sound effects(sounds added to buttons and graphics) Fade Effects(can be added to objects) Maps Link(will link to google maps pages) Swipe effects(can swipe photos or graphics to other pages or images) Pinch & Zoom(can enlarge or reduce an image or graphic) Check out the code snippets in the “Flash Actions” Window for more ideas
  3. 3. There are more than listed here so just ask if you have an idea?
  4. 4. Flash CS6 Code Snippets & API Integration Actions: Click to go to webpage Custom Mouse Cursor Drag and Drop Play/Stop a Movie Clip Click to Hide Object Show Object Click to Position Object Click to Display Object Generate a Random # Bring Object to front Simple/Countdown Timer Audio and Video: Click to Play/Stop Sound Click to stop all sound On Cue Point Event Click to Play/Stop/Pause/Rewind Video Click to Set Video Source Click to Seek to Cue Point Create a NetStream Video Timeline Navigation: Stop at this Frame Click to go to Previous/next frame and play/stop Click to go to Previous/next scene and play/stop Event Handlers: Mouse Click Event Mouse Over/Out Event Keypressed Event Enter Frame Event Animation: Move with Keyboard Arrows Move Horizontally/Vertically Rotate Once/Continously Animate Horizontally/Vertically Fade In/Out a Movie Clip Mobile Touch Events: Tap Event Touch and Drag Event Long Press Event Load and Unload: Click to Load/Unload SWF/Image Click to Load Image from Library Add/Remove Instance from Stage Load External Text Mobile Gesture Events: Two Finger Tap Event Pinch to Zoom Event Pan Event Rotate Event Swipe Event Mobile Actions: Swipe to next/previous frame and stop Swipe to go to forward/previous scene and play Move with accelerometer deactivate/activate event Menu Key Pressed Event Deactivate/Activate Event Air For Mobile: Show Geo Location Re-orient object on device/rotation AIR: Click to Close/Minimize/Maximize or Restore AIR Window Drag to Move AIR Window Click to Read from a Text File Click to Write to a text file Save/Load Preferences