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Review Inter 1


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Review for students. Note that it was made for an english school in Brazil. Intermediary level

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Review Inter 1

  1. 1. Beforethetest, let’sreview!<br />-Makingcomparisons<br />-Planning a trip.<br />-Some, Any,No.<br />-Talkingaboutthe past.<br />-Asking for confirmation.<br />
  2. 2. Cairo is hotterthanNew York.<br />New York is saferthanRome.<br />Paris is morebeautifulthanCairo.<br />London is thesafest city.<br />Cairo is olderthanNew York.<br />New York is moredangerousthanParis.<br />London is colderthanRome.<br />
  3. 3. 1<br />2<br />3<br />1-GREECE<br />2- JAPAN<br />3- CANADA<br />WHAT CAN I DO?<br />-GO SIGHTSEEING<br />-TRY LOCAL FOOD<br />-VISIT MUSEUMS AND ART GALLERIES<br />-TRAVEL AROUND<br />-GO SHOPPING<br />-GO CLUBBING<br /><ul><li>Which country is themostcomfortable?
  4. 4. Which country is thebest for a honeymoon?
  5. 5. Which country is themostboring?
  6. 6. Whattripwouldbethemostexciting?
  7. 7. I think... I agreethat... I’msorry, but...
  8. 8. To mymind... In myopinion...</li></li></ul><li>WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL?<br />-Howmuch are youplanning to spend?<br />-Wouldyoulikesomewhere in Latin America?<br />-Is thereanywherespecific?<br />-Are yougoingwithanybody?<br />-Whatkindofvacation do youwant?<br />There’snobodyatthereceptiondesk.<br />Does anybodywant to gowith me to Hong King?<br />Tokat is somewhere in Turkey.<br />Shopping is something I want to do in Chicago.<br />Somebodywants to talk to me.<br />Where are yougoing? –NOWHERE!<br />I didn’ttalk to anyone.<br />I’mnotgoinganywhere.<br />
  9. 9. WHEN I WAS A KID...<br />I used to haveblondhair.<br />I used to watchPokemon.<br />I used to watch Teletubbies.<br />I used to watchKnightsoftheZodiac.<br />I used to watchDungeonsandDragons.<br />I used to play spinningdrop.<br />I used to flykites.<br />I used to travel to thebeachwithmyparents... <br />
  10. 10. Istambul is the capital ofTurkey, isn’t it?<br />No, it isn’t.<br />Schumacher is a Formula 1 pilot, isn’the?<br />Yes, he is.<br />TheAmazonRiverfinishesontheocean, doesn’t it?<br />Yes, it does.<br />I have a problem. Youwill help me, won’tyou?<br />Shecan drive a car, can’tshe?<br />Youcouldn’t do it, couldyou?<br />Theytraveled to Tibet, didn’tthey?<br />People are happy, aren’tthey?<br />Wedidn’tenjoytheparty, didwe?<br />