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New activities


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Activities for review and practice. English lesson for basic / beginner level

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New activities

  1. 1. INTRODUCE THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE! Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll February 2, 1977 (age 33) Barranquilla, Colombia Daniel Jacob Radcliffe 23 July 1989 (age 21) London, United Kingdom
  2. 2. Ask each other: What’s this/that? What are these/those ?
  3. 3. HOW DO YOU SPELL... Oliveira? Presley? Montenegro? Stankovic? Coelho? Ianevsky?
  4. 4. Choose a place. You’ll be asked where you are. Just answer Yes/No. Are you at... ? Are you in...?
  5. 5. Say where you are. Ask how to get somewhere else.
  6. 6. Let’s try??
  7. 7. HOW OLD ARE THEY? 68, 74, 30, 22, 13 14 15
  8. 8. X is Y’s wife/ brother, etc.
  9. 9. Mary doesn’t have a brother. ---- Mary has a brother. Manuel has a sister. ----- Manuel doesn’t have a sister. Does ----Doesn’t. Doesn’t he? Doesn’t she? Does he? Does she? Do they? Do we? Do you? Don’t you? Don’t we?
  10. 10. CREATE THE TAG QUESTIONS! John works everyday. She doesn’t practice sports. Lenny always travels to Cuba. Mia doesn’t like Michael. I don’t trust him. We love our cat. You don’t forget your Ipod. They live in Indaiatuba.
  11. 11. Tag questions: verb to be! This is your ball. This isn’t na eraser. You aren’t stupid. She isn’t strange. They are correct. You are my friend. He is Frederick. We are the world.