Designing For The iPhone Developer


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A talk about good ways to improve the design and development workflow through better communication of ideas.

I presented this to the Brighton iPhone Creators group on the 26th August 2009.

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Designing For The iPhone Developer

  1. 1. Designing for the iPhone Developer Daniel Tull
  2. 2. Sky+ Little Spender Weather Maps Fourgy
  3. 3. Initial Designs Designs should: • include dimensions • include moving examples • probably include some basic colours • allow flexibility, both physically and in design
  4. 4. Include moving flows Allow the developer to see what motion should be happening. Can be in paper form with explanations - video recorded for prosperity. Flash animations if you have the time and resources.
  5. 5. Give some basic colours
  6. 6. Allow for physical flexibility
  7. 7. Allow for design flexibility
  8. 8. Example Design Document Courtesy of Ribot
  9. 9. Adding assets Transparent PNGs • need to be careful as many layers need to be calculated
  10. 10. Layering Information Courtesy of Ribot
  11. 11. Laying out UIImageView UIImageView Grid Cells UIImageView UIView Grid Cells UIImageView UIImageView UIImageView UIImageView
  12. 12. Laying out
  13. 13. Other Alternatives Core Graphics: Pros • faster • lower memory head • can be made to resize perfectly
  14. 14. Other Alternatives Core Graphics: Cons • can be laborious to code • can’t see it without building the code
  15. 15. DTGridView DTSwapView
  16. 16. Thank You Thanks to Ribot