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Enterprise ingles umb


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Enterprise ingles umb

  2. 2. • What is a company?It is a production unit that is generating theeconomy is that it is organized economic activityas a unit and for which the property is predicatedof resources. In other words, the economic entityis the organization dedicated to generatingrevenue through the sale of a service or product.
  3. 3. •Company PartiesAs you know a companyhas large respectivesectors or parts that are ofgreat importance alsocalled departments, eachwith a specific functionwhich gives impetus for aproposed objective andtogether with othersachieve the common goalto benefit themselves andsatisfying a customerneed.
  4. 4. • Do they work:Within all are the generators ofemployment and humanresources required for itsoperation and for theproduction process, and areoffering goods and services ofinterest diverse, are producingproducts that are necessary forus and for various projectsrelating to: social, financial, builder, food, etc..also become involved indevelopment of a region orcountry making it possible toincrease the social and businessdevelopmentgrowth• economicdevelopmentProducer• suppliesstrengthens• solidifies
  5. 5. • Management of the companyWe know that the company is abusiness unit by which science isrequired for the properadministrative handling of it so itis necessary to include theadministration as a means to finda way to "drive" this business ofthere also detach concepts suchasplanning, organization, implementation and monitoring tocomplement a productionprocess that is always the goal ofevery business
  6. 6. Business processproductionhumanresourcesquality
  7. 7. forms of enterprise