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Similar Products – The Nine Shots


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Similar Products – The Nine Shots

  1. 1. The opening shot is of the Universal video logo. With the iconic orchestral sound. Shot of the production company name. Appears on bright blue background then background fades away and reveals clouds. The shot then appears to move through he clouds revealing opening credits as it does so. The sound in the background is dialogue which is saying iconic superhero catchphrases such as “is it a bird is it a plane” with music in the background which sounds like a string orchestra. Creating a feeling that you the viewer are the superhero and drawing you into the movie more and more as this shot continues. Dialogue (narration)starts then a character is revealed see below. The character is revealed when the camera tilts down.
  2. 2. The next shot is an angled wide shot of the skyscraper that this character is supposing stood on top of. The shot makes it feel as though you are part of the crowd at the bottom of the skyscraper which instantly involves the character in the action. The orchestral background music continues and becomes almost ethereal . the dialogue continues and draws the viewer in by teasing the viewer into thinking that the narrator is the person on the skyscraper.
  3. 3. The Next shot is of someone moving their arm above their head making it obvious that they are looking up at the building. This is for fans of the superhero genre a cliché as this is so overused in superhero films. This adds the first aspect of comedy to the film. The music still continues and so does the dialogue making the viewer more convinced that the mystery character is the narrator. Mid shot. Shot of someone pointing to the top of the building. Again another cliché which gives the film a gradually more comical aspect. The dialogue and speech remain the same. Mid shot.
  4. 4. Wide shot of the people looking up and pointing up the skyscraper. This again is another cliché. The music gains pace and gains volume. More stringed instruments seem to become part of the music and the narration becomes more emphasised building up suspense for the viewer. Close up on the face of the character. This shows no emotion and the dialogue again makes it seem as if though the character seen is the narrator. The instrumentals create more suspense by building up.
  5. 5. A wide shot looking down to the ground from the top of the skyscraper. This adds more suspense to the situation as at this point you expect the character to do the superhero style jump. The music starts to dim and the dialogue comes to a close. After this shot he jumps and the comedy starts as he just plummets straight to the ground after a superhero style jump. This is the trigger that starts off the humour and introduces the topiuc for the rest of the movie.