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real5D is a virtual, immersive tool for viewing properties that changes the way people see and interact with real estate

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  • Tell story, my friend’s family has had a tough fall in the real estate market. His shopping centers aren’t being filled, market valuation of property is falling, he is getting sick of trying to find people to show properties, exhausted.
  • This is the only tool he had to show to his clients, didn’t do justice, or show the condition property was in
  • 15b EACH AVG office and retail
  • Market...Developers, Managers, Owners
  • real5D

    1. 1. Testimonials”real5D is a technology that we have been looking for a long time on this market! Build a prototype for me, and we’ll bring this to Regus!” Mark Dixon, CEO/Owner of Regus (World’s largest prodivder of flexible workspaces)”Real5D is the best internet-based sales tool on the real estate market that I’ve seen in my life!” Cornelius Turner, director of VALTEQ GmbH (Germay’s 2nd largestreal estate valuation company)
    2. 2. Partners and Advisors• Balazs Fargo- Founder, CEO• Suraj Raiwani- Board Chairman• Daniel Fargo- Founder, COO• Daniel Canfield- VP Investor Relations• Blaine Light -VP Business Development• Port Telles (Cordish Company)- Advisor• Andrew Vasserman (CREI)- Advisor• Max Marty- (BlueSeed)- Advisor
    3. 3. ProblemBuildings that aren’t leased have a lower market value See location multiple times before a decision is made. Clients experience “real estate exhaustion“
    4. 4. Current Method Static Photos360 degree camera viewsLimited virtual renderings
    5. 5. Office Retail 29.3 Billion sq. ft. $3 Trillion Market Cap 6.5% is Marketing, Sales and Design. We charge .2%-.4% of market valueSources: CBRE MarketView, Jones Lang LaSalle Office Highlights, and SDSU research on the Size of the Commercial Real Estate Market
    6. 6. Competition Avatar Exterior 3D Multi- Lifelike /Live /Interior Rendering User Talk3D Panoramic Picture Google SketchupArchitecturalVisualization real5D
    7. 7. Meet real5D Interactive virtual platform for leasing real estate. User “walks” around on their terms Brokers interact with clients through platform
    8. 8. Breakdown Avg. Development Costs Per Sq. Ft . 1 Sq.Ft.= $200Design 3% $6Sales 2% $4Marketing 1.5% $3TOTAL $13real5D cost 0.5% $1
    9. 9. Revenue Model1. Upfront Cost: Property developers pay for virtual, immersive rendering of property.2. Recurring Revenue: Property owners pay monthly fee for hosting and maintenance. Future Revenue1. License virtual real5D engine to architecture and real estate firms.
    10. 10. Timeline Floor Plan Pictures 2Days Modeling Coding/Testing6Weeks Finished Product:
    11. 11. Projects
    12. 12. Results• Increased leasing from 65% to 95% in 3 days. (Posnan Glowny City Center)• 1st place in virtual reality competition (Funders and Founders, SF 05/31/12)• Obtained funding from Double Rock• Tested Beta version on WebGL (Chrome)
    13. 13. Ecosystem Social Furniture REAL ESTATE buying Presentation tool Sales channel CRM IIDS (Intelligent Interactive Interior Design Sys.) Advertising design VirtualCruise Sport Theme park Exhibition
    14. 14. Daniel Canfield- VP Investor Relations (402)968-1555 541 Jefferson Ave., Suite 100 Redwood City, CA 94063 Copyright © 2012 L.H. Institute. All rights reserved.