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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. StudiorumSacrae Studiorum Est
  2. 2. Studiorum / Teacher needs What teachers need today? • New, modern ways of reaching and interacting with their students • A new and alternative way of earning money
  3. 3. Studiorum / Student needs What do students need? • They need help for school and exams • Fast and modern access to tutoring and learning resources
  4. 4. Studiorum / General presentation What is Studiorum ? • It’s the meeting place for teachers and students where both their needs meet for the common interest • It’s a way for students to have access to exceptional teachers, when they need them • It’s a way for students to access high quality resources
  5. 5. Studiorum / SessionsTutoring sessions – the center of StudiorumA. Private sessions The session roomTeachers and students can talk and organize a It consists of privatecalendar of online meetings chat room, file exchange and a shared whiteboard.B. Session on the spotWhen a student needs fast help for a specific problem The live course roomhe can find a teacher for a fast tutoring session. Live video with the course, chat room,C. Live courses file exchange.Teachers can organize live courses that students canregister to.
  6. 6. Studiorum / The communityInteractions beyond tutoringwhat else users can do on Studiorum• Teachers and students can contribute resources to the common repository• Users can be rated by other users based on their contribution• Open sessions can be joined by the users• Groups of users can be created• Users can add other users as contacts
  7. 7. Studiorum / How do we earn money credits are used Students to pay for teacher services Teachers buy credits Credits Credits we get a percentage for each credit spent on Studiorum Studiorum
  8. 8. Studiorum / Sales strategyQ: How do we sell the service?A: We sell to teachers and teachers will sell to students.(1)We will focus on selling the idea to teachers so they can get their own students in the system and (2)getting in the system exceptional teachers from the country, teachers that every student would want to work with.As a secondary activity we will focus on getting students by promoting the project using social networks.
  9. 9. Studiorum / Why me• Experience with web application development, project/product management• Determined to make Studiorum a big success in Romania and internationally• Knowledge of the market
  10. 10. Studiorum / Conclusions1. Studiorum comes as a solution to the needs of both the teachers and the students.2. The income is based on small amounts from many people.3. The market is ready and open to such a solution4. I know the project, the market and how to take it from an idea to a successful project.