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Camfed presentation at Cloudforce Cambridge

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  • Amy harbin – 3 days training in zambia
  • Cama = camfed association
  • Salesforce phone presentation 2012.03.12v4

    1. 1. May the be with you! Presented by: Daniel Probert – Head of IT Innovation Christina Haberl – Senior Impact Officer
    2. 2. Campaign for Female Education Our Approach • Every child has the right to an education • Provide long-term support • Offer business training & small grants • Empower womenCamfed’s work now spans 84 rural districts inGhana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania andMalawi.
    3. 3. Campaign for Female EducationOur Approach• Every child has the right to an education• Provide long-term support• Offer business training & small grants• Empower womenEducation programme has benefited1,299,700 children
    4. 4. Campaign for Female EducationOur Approach• Every child has the right to an education• Provide long-term support• Offer business training & small grants• Empower womenYoung women’s alumninetwork, Cama, is 15,437 membersstrong
    5. 5. A virtuous cycle of development
    6. 6. A virtuous cycle of development Tanzania Ghana Malawi • A n g o Zambia l a Zimbabwe
    7. 7. Camfed’s Requirements• Contact and Relationship Management.• Fundraising Database.• Contract Management.• Human Resources Tool.• Programme Database.• Census data storage and query tool.• EMIS and governmental data reporting.
    8. 8. Salesforce Selection Criteria• Salesforce Foundation Support• Market leading CRM• Enterprise Class• Cloud based• Strong API
    9. 9. Monitoring, Evaluation & Salesforce Monitoring and evaluation – collecting, analysing and disseminating programme specific data that informs programmequality, advocacy and governance in support of girls’ education and young women’s leadership.
    10. 10. Monitoring, Evaluation & Salesforce
    11. 11. Monitoring, Evaluation & Salesforce
    12. 12. Mobile Phones for Data Collection• Faster and more efficient.• Data stored permanently and is easily accessible.• Comprehensive audit of entitlements.• Ability to respond in real time.• Cost – $0.002 per phone record vs. $0.30 to print and post.
    13. 13. Dataflow with Salesforce & Mobile PhonesTeacher Used for:Mentors Camfed Data can be • Accountability DataDistrict Level accessed • Management * Importer • Planning Structures maps data immediately • CommunicationTrained M&E to SF Resource Persons *Data collection by phone: Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania Data collection by streamlined forms: Malawi and Zimbabwe
    14. 14. Salesforce & Mobile Phones - Results• Almost 500 volunteers trained in phone use.• Access to live school level information.• Increased volume of information available. – Mobile phone coverage Ghana: >70% schools covered!• Improved data access for quality checking and analysis.• Ability to respond to financial irregularities and drop outs immediately.• Improved accountability and transparency to Camfed’s clients.
    15. 15. What next for Camfed with Salesforce!• Continue to develop current setup.• Migrate more systems into Salesforce.• Integrate more systems into Salesforce.• 2 Way SMS Integration for CAMA.• LCMS Deployment.• Chatter / Intranet.
    16. 16. Lessons Learnt• On going training• Dedicated Salesforce administrators• Staff resources for Content Management & Data Quality• Cultural shift• Procedure change
    17. 17. Questions?