Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013 - Citibank


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Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013 - Citibank

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Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013 - Citibank

  1. 1. 1Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 201310thLatin AmericaTreasury & Finance Conference 2013Regional Synergies to Drive Sustainable GrowthMay 6 - 8, 2013 I Miami, FloridaTransaction ServicesApproved for up to 11.1 CTP/CCMrecertification credits by theAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsIn partnership with:
  2. 2. 2 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013WelcomeWelcome to Citi Transaction Services Latin America’s 10th annual Treasury andFinance ConferenceThe prospects of Latin America stand in stark contrast to much of the rest of theworld. Economic growth in many countries in Latin America is strong, the region’spopulation is becoming wealthier and a number of governments have adopted far-sighted policies that are encouraging stability and investment. Latin America’s placein the global economy has been enhanced in recent years and its self-confidence hasincreased dramatically.In response, some of the world’s leading companies from the US and Europe – andincreasingly from Asia – are expanding in Latin America. Meanwhile, some of theregion’s largest corporates are becoming internationalized and are seeking to expandoutside their home market and become global players.Latin America is changing fast. To take advantage of the enormous opportunitiesavailable, corporates need to keep up to date with economic, financial and politicalchanges so that they can make informed business decisions. At the same time,companies need to be aware of the latest innovations and best practice in treasuryservices, solutions and structures and the freshest thinking about treasurytechniques. They must also pay attention to connectivity developments that couldimprove their visibility, control and flexibility.Citi Transaction Services Latin America’s 10th annual Treasury and FinanceConference presents five separate tracks focused on Economic, Doing Business, BestPractice, Connectivity and Trends in the region. These tracks address specific political,economic and regulatory developments in Latin America as well as the evolution oftreasury strategies in the region. Global trends such as urbanization and the growthof the middle class that have important implications for corporates that operate inLatin America are also be analyzed. We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity tohear insights from speakers from governments, regulators, global bodies and Citi onthe issues that matter to companies seeking to build a better future in Latin America.Fernando IraolaLatin America and MexicoRegion HeadCiti Transaction ServicesTreasury and Trade SolutionsSales Latin America RegionHeadCiti Transaction Services
  3. 3. 3Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013ConnectivityBest PracticesTrendsEconomyDoingBusiness312325.78 25.7825.7815.1315.1315.1315.1325.7834.2512.1512.1512.15MIAMITreasury & Finance Conference 20133 Days, 5 TracksYou choose the topic, we provide the expertsSimultaneous translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese will be available for the plenary sessions. Please note thatsome expert tracks will be hosted in EnglishEconomy TrackDoing Business TrackBest Practices TrackConnectivity TrackTrends TrackTFC
  4. 4. 4 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Latin America is becoming more economically integratedas a region and is also rapidly increasing its trade flowswith other emerging market regions. At the same time,its importance to the global economy is increasing givenrelatively strong economic growth compared with muchof the developed world. The backdrop to this growthis a wave of regulatory reform across many countriesin the region. Meanwhile, the pace of technologicaladvancement for both companies and consumersis accelerating, It is essential for companies that dobusiness in Latin America to understand how these forcesaffect their business. Corporates must have the rightfinancial and treasury structures in place if they are tooperate effectively and achieve their business objectives.They must deploy new technology, harness financialinnovations and exploit regulatory changes if they are tolower costs, reduce risk, improve efficiency and enhancevisibility and control.Huge opportunities exist to achieve efficiencies usingcommercial and prepaid cards while supply chainfinance offers a way to strengthen relationships with keysuppliers, safeguard your supply chain and potentiallylower costs. Companies are also increasingly seeking toregionalize their treasury operations in Latin Americaand are setting up shared service centers and paymentfactories. More generally, the experience of the financialcrisis has reinforced how important it is to know howmuch cash your company has, and where it is.Our Best Practice Track brings you up to speed on thelatest innovations and new thinking about treasurypractices in Latin America. The emphasis throughout ison practical solutions that are proven to deliver benefitsin Latin America. Our expert speakers explain therelevance of regulatory changes at national, regional andglobal level. They also analyze the priorities and goalsof leading companies globally and in Latin America anddemonstrate clearly how their experiences can help youachieve better control and security and higher levels ofautomation, efficiency and compliance.Best Practices TrackConnectivity trackTreasurers across Latin America want to findmore effective ways to connect with their bankingproviders. Improvements in straight throughprocessing in the treasury over the past decade haveincreased automation and enhanced connectivity withbanks. There have been major advances in connectingenterprise resource planning systems into corporates’infrastructure for payment processing and greaterefficiency in areas such as reconciliation.Banks have also worked to broaden the functionalityof electronic banking and make it more intuitive andeasier to use. New technology is making it possibleto shift many functions currently conducted withinthe bank environment, such as account managementand even account opening, into the client area. Thisgives corporates the ability to manage a wide rangeof functions themselves, such as investigationsand exceptions. Crucially, this new capabilityallows companies to view the status of requests,investigations or other procedures – visibility andcontrol of accounts and account actions will besignificantly enhanced.Meanwhile, bank connectivity is evolving rapidlywith increasing use of SWIFT and the adoption ofstandardized formats such as ISO XML 20022 – partlyto facilitate this migration and also to cut costs. SWIFToffers corporates a standard channel and infrastructureto streamline their connectivity to multiple banks.SWIFT’s flexibility can improve resilience and reliabilityand, as a closed network, it is more secure than usingthe internet. Most importantly, SWIFT can offer truestandardization and simplification of connectivity.Our Connectivity Track addresses the latestdevelopments around SWIFT as well as other innovationsthat affect how corporates communicate and work withtheir banks. Our expert speakers explain how advancesin connectivity and the convergence of global bankingindustry standards can significantly improve yourcompany’s efficiency and visibility. Presentations willfocus on the practical steps that corporates need to taketo seize these benefits and the particular challengesfaced by companies wanting to apply these lessons inLatin America.Tracks at a Glance
  5. 5. 5Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Latin America has become one of the most dynamicregions in the world. With vast untapped naturalresources and accelerating industrialization andurbanization, prosperity is spreading throughout theregion. Many countries have a growing middle classand attractive demographics. Homegrown nationalchampions are expanding to become regional players– and have global ambitions – while internationalcorporates are eager to harness the opportunities thatLatin America offers.Latin America’s success in recent decades has comeabout because of strong commodity prices, growingtrade links with other emerging markets and increasinginfrastructure investment. Most important however, hasbeen economic and financial reform in many countriesacross the region. According to the International FinanceCorporation and the World Bank, of the 50 economiesimproving business regulation for local firms the mostsince 2005, six are in Latin America and the Caribbean.Many countries in Latin America now have impressivetrack records of implementing regulatory reformdesigned to make it easier for entrepreneurs to dobusiness. Indeed, some countries in the region havemaintained the momentum of reform despite changesin political leadership. Nevertheless, there is still workto do to make it easier for business to flourish in LatinAmerica and to unlock further economic growth: itcan be difficult to navigate the regulatory and legalenvironment in some countries.In our Doing Business Track, we look at some of the mostimportant economic, financial and political events of thepast year and consider their implications for business.Our expert speakers from government, regulatorybodies, the corporate world, finance – and Citi –sharetheir knowledge about the issues and challenges thatyou face in the region. They also deliver insights onpossible outcomes and developments so that you canensure your company is prepared for the future.Doing Business TrackTrends TrackThe pace of change in the business, regulatory, economic,financial and technological worlds is accelerating. Inbusiness, it is more important than ever for companies toremain flexible so that they can respond to market changes– and competition – swiftly and effectively. Regulatorychanges, both globally and locally, are increasing the costof compliance and changing how the banking industryserves its corporate clients. Meanwhile, low growth in muchof the developed world is shining the spotlight on growthopportunities in emerging markets, including Latin America.Finally, technology is changing how companies communicateand operate.Keeping up to date with the latest industry developmentsand changing treasury, macro-economic, business andtechnological trends can be challenging.Understanding how change impacts your company is harderstill. In our Trends track, our expert speakers addressa wide range of issues and offer practical insights thatcompanies can apply. In an increasingly complex world, ourpresentations help you make sense of change so that youcan focus on information that will deliver results.Presentations in this track cover a wide range of topics thatrelate to the challenges facing businesses in the today’suncertain global environment and the opportunities thatuncertain times create. These include the latest thinkingon globalization and development issues as well as insightsfor specific sectors. Other topics for discussion includedevelopments in treasury practices within Latin America andnew trends in finance, such as the role of multilateral andExport Agency Financing.
  6. 6. 6 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Program HighlightsLatin America Regional Resilience Ahead of Challenging EnvironmentDespite the formidable obstacles to growth in the global landscape, Latin Americahas maintained economic growth. Brazil, the largest Latin American economy mayhave its worst annual performance since 2009, but it is still growing. Mexico israpidly becoming an economic powerhouse to challenge Brazil. In Colombia, growthhas slowed down, partly on the back of rate rises designed to rein in borrowing, butforecasts still range from 2% upwards. In Peru, once a source of only bad news, theeconomy is growing well. The country has quintupled its external investments andboosted its exports six fold. This regional resilience provides significant opportunitiesfor those ready to invest and take them.Multilatinas Expanding in the Global MarketAs Multilatinas expand, efficiency, control, and optimization become more and moreimportant. In this session, we review key treasury and finance best practices thatfast-growing companies have deployed. We also hear from a corporate panel on theirexperiences, and learnings, as they have grown regionally and globally.Urbanization and Infrastructure: The New Role of CitiesAccelerating urbanization and digitization are revolutionizing how people live,work and communicate, and bringing new challenges, expectations and aspirationsin cities. Rapid urbanization will require significant infrastructure investmentand modernization. As the same time, the digitization of services to the public isproviding inclusive access by providing services to the unbanked citizens in newways. Through the “Citi for Cities” initiative, Citi is helping to transform the ways inwhich cities operate and develop by helping to enhance public services, facilitatecommerce, expand financial inclusion and harness advances in digital, mobile andcard technologies.Getting Working Capital Excellence through Supply Chain FinanceOver the past 2-3 years supply chain finance has become an essential tool forimprovement of working capital on big buyers and small and medium supplierslinked to the supply chain. Learn from important corporate names in Latin Americaabout their experience on these programs and the results obtained so far. A panelof corporate treasurers will share their views with the audience about main topics toconsider when implementing a supply chain finance program and how to overcomeobstacles that usually arise in order to implement a successful program.Top Priorities for SeniorTreasury and FinanceProfessionals in 2013In today’s complex andevolving market environment,what is top of mind fortreasury and financeprofessionals across theglobe? We review keyfindings from Citi’s TreasuryDiagnostics global researchand get viewpoints from apanel of senior corporatepractitioners.
  7. 7. 7Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Banking in AsiaWith the increase in Latin America / Asia trade flows companies have set theirstrategy on the Asian markets. We will discuss the potential effects of these flows andlearn about the trade solutions that will help your business to take advantage of themost active trade corridor by increasing efficiencies, leveraging opportunities, andstreamlining cross-currency benefits.Supporting the Global Needs of Latam Treasurers as both Investors and IssuersIn addition to managing debt issuance activities, many corporate treasuries alsooversee their firms´ investment management functions. In this session we will reviewsome of the newer tools available to treasurers to help them execute their roles asissuers and investors and will discuss how these have been successfully been utilizedby different companies throughout the region.Women in FinanceThis expert track is geared towards empowering women and promoting theirprofessional growth in the finance world. It will comprise a one and a half-hourlecture on organizational savvy skills by a specialized consultant that will be followedby presentations on Citi and Citi’s clients’ diversity strategies. The objective of thissession is to discuss promoting diversity and drive women’s success as a way toenhance organizational results.Building a Simplified Regional Treasury to Drive Growth in Latin America: A ClientPerspective with SyngentaThe most important challenges facing Regional Treasurers in LATAM today are howto successfully deliver operational efficiencies, centralize risk management andhelp drive growth. Syngenta is one such company that has succeeded in this regard.  Hear first handfrom Wagner Birochi, Regional Treasurer of Syngenta, as he shares his challenges andachievements in successfully building a simplified regional treasury model for LATAM.In addition, Citi will share some common themes facing Treasurers in LATAM, and willdiscuss the tools used by Treasurers to achieve synergies across the region.Integrated Treasury and Finance: Connectivity and CollaborationA wave of innovation in integrated information technology solutions will driveefficiency and productivity gains. This session will explore how treasury and financewill benefit from advanced connectivity, cloud solutions, and collaborative workflowswith banks and other business partners.
  8. 8. 8 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Trends9:40 - 10:40 am Top Priorities for Senior Treasury andFinance Professionals in 2013 (Panel)Day 1, Monday - May 6th7:00 - 8:15 am Registration and Breakfast8:30 - 8:50 am Opening RemarksEconomySpeakersSpeakersSpeakers8:50 - 9:40 amGlobal Economic Outlook: Opportunities in aChanging WorldFernando IraolaCiti Transaction Services Latin America and Mexico Region HeadRenato GrandmontChief Investment Officer, Citi Wealth Management LatinAmericaMichael GuralnickGlobal Sales Head Treasury & Trade Solutions CitiRon ChakravartiGlobal Solutions Head, Citi Liquidity Management ServicesCiti Transaction ServicesSusana QuirozAmericas Treasury Banking ManagerProcter & GambleKevin FaheyManaging Director - Cash Operations - Corporate TreasuryGeneral ElectricRicardo MerrighiFinancial Director, TreasurerPhillipsDaniel Brandao de CastroTreasury DirectorPublicis Group
  9. 9. 9Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 20132:00 - 2:45 pmTrends Doing Business TrendsMultilatinas Expanding in theGlobal MarketDigital Technologies Enabling theTreasury*Argentina and Venezuela: theEnvironment and ChallengesAhead12:30 - 2:00 pm Networking LunchDay 1, Monday - May 6thElyse WeinerGlobal Product Head, Liquidity& Investments Treasury & TradeSolutions Citi TransactionServicesGisele RemyTreasury and Financial StrategyDirectorBELCORPRicardo DessyIndustry Sales Head for theNon-Bank Financial InstitutionsSector in Latin America, TTS,CitiAntonieta PerezCiti Transaction Services head,Citibank VenezuelaHubert J.P. JollyManaging DirectorChannel & Enterprise ServicesTransaction Services, Globalhead, CitiJuan Carlos LozanoLatin America Region HeadPayments and ChannelsServices, TTS, CitiSpeakers SpeakersSpeakers10:40 - 10:55 am Coffee Break10:55 - 12:30 pm Corporations Internal Security: Biggest MistakesBest Practices SpeakersFrank AbagnaleOne of the most famous and colorfulreformed con-men of our times andadvisor to the FBI for over 30 years.Rene CastilloInvestigations Director for Citibank -Banamex for Mexico & Latin America* English Session
  10. 10. 10 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Day 1, Monday - May 6th3:00 - 3:45 pmBest PracticesBest PracticesBanking in Asia* Dealing the Best Cards: SmarterPayment Solutions*Getting Working CapitalExcellence through SupplyChain Finance (Panel)Doing BusinessFernando Granziera (Moderator)Chief Operating OfficerCiti Transaction Services, LatinAmerica & MexicoNoemi CastroCorporate Treasury HeadNovartisMariano TannenbaumCorporate Treasury DirectorArcos DoradosAlejandro FurqueHead of the Treasury &Insurance Department forCentral America & AndeanRegionUnileverOthman GameroTrade Services Head LatinAmericaCiti Transaction ServicesInes BustilloDirector, United NationsEconomic Commission forLatin America and theCaribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL)Paulo FernandezHead of Commercial ProductDevelopment and ManagementLatin America and theCaribbeanMasterCard WorldwideMartin CanningsCommercial Cards head LatinAmericaCiti Transaction ServicesMario PazosProduct Head of Prepaid Cardsfor Latin AmericaCiti Transaction ServicesSolana CozzoHead Prepaid Development andManagementLatin America and theCaribbeanMasterCard WorldwideSpeakers SpeakersSpeakers* English Session
  11. 11. 11Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Best PracticesTrends4:00 - 4:45 pmAndre GomesDeputy Director of theBroadband Departmentin Brazil’s Ministry ofCommunicationsEbru PackanManaging DirectorGlobal Payments HeadCiti Transaction ServicesJuan Carlos LozanoLatin America Region Headof Payments and ChannelsServicesSpeakers SpeakersDay 1, Monday - May 6th4:45 - 5:30 pmDoing BusinessUrbanization and Infrastructure: The New Roleof Cities (Panel)Leveraging Shared ServiceCenters in Procurement andSupplier Management*Enabling Development throughTelecommunication: TheBrazil’s Case*3:45 - 4:00 pm Coffee BreakTrendsOscar Mazza (Moderator)Latin America BrandedConsumer & HealthcareSegment Head & Andean RegionCiti Transaction Services HeadVanessa GibsonAftercare Director for the CostaRican Investment PromotionAgency, CINDEOscar RodriguezPresident and Managing DirectorBrigdestoneFrancisco CamargoCiti Services Center Costa RicaHeadSpeakersBest in Class Costa Rica:Continued Growth in theShared Service CentersRegional Scene (Panel)SpeakersJorg Paasche (Moderator)Public Sector Latin America HeadCiti Transaction ServicesHederverton Andrade SantosDirector EPL – Company Planning and Logistic ( Ministry ofTransportation)David Rodriguez RestrepoMinistry of Finance City of MedellínJuan Fernando Vasquez VelásquezChief Financial OfficerISAGEN* English Session
  12. 12. 12 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013SpeakersStephen LeachEmerging Markets Economist Corporate andInvestment Banking, CitiDoing Business10:30 - 11:30 am Doing Business: Why Choosing Costa Rica?7:00 - 8:30 am Registration and Breakfast12:15 - 1:30 pm Networking Lunch10:15 - 10:30 am Coffee BreakBest Practices8:30 - 9:15 am Latin America Regional Resilience Ahead ofChallenging EnvironmentBest Practices11:30 - 12:15 pm Global Financial Regulation: Impacts forCorporate TreasurersDoing BusinessSpeakersSpeakersSpeakers9:15 - 10:15 am Doing Business in PanamaDay 2, Tuesday - May 7thJose Pacheco TejeiraDeputy Minister of Foreign Trade at the Ministry ofTrade and Industry of the Republic of PanamaRicardo FernandezPanama Citi Transaction Services HeadAnabel GonzalezMinister of Foreign Trade of Costa RicaMarcelo GorriniCiti Country OfficerCosta RicaElyse WeinerGlobal Product Head, Liquidity & InvestmentsTreasury & Trade Solutions Citi TransactionServices
  13. 13. 13Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Day 2, Tuesday - May 7thConnectivity TrackConnectivity1:30 - 2:15 pm The Path of Evolving IntegrationConnectivity2:15 - 3:00 pm Converging Liquidity and ConnectivitySpeakersSpeakersAlejandro ChazarretaLatin America Implementations HeadCiti Transaction ServicesJuan Carlos LozanoLatin America Region Head of Payments andChannels ServicesRene SchuurmanDirectorGlobal Product Manager Connectivity ServicesCiti Transaction ServicesOddete IzquierdoLiquidity & Investment Head LatamCitiFrederico TinocoLatin america epc treasury and trade salesDoing BusinessDoing Business in Brazil:Strategic Project of the Brazilian StateDoing BusinessDoing Business in Panama IISpeakers SpeakersHederverton Andrade SantosDirector EPL – Company Planning and Logistic( Ministry of Transportation)Jose Pacheco TejeiraDeputy Minister of Foreign Trade at theMinistry of Trade and Industry of the Republicof Panama1:30 - 2:15 pmBest Practices2:15 - 3:00 pmSupporting the Global Needs of LatamTreasurers as both Investors and IssuersBest PracticesReceivables Solutions and StructuresTrends in Latin AmericaSpeakers SpeakersMarcia RothschildLatin America Client and Sales ManagementHead, Securities and Fund ServicesMichael MorcomDirector, Head of Latin American Agency &Trust SalesCiti Agency & TrustGustavo CasanovasLatin America & Mexico Inflows Region HeadCiti Transaction Services
  14. 14. 14 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Connectivity TrackConnectivity4:00 - 4:45 pmSWIFT as an Ingredient to a SuccessfulBusiness ModelSpeakersJohn TaboadaSWIFT Latin America - North Regional DirectorRene SchuurmanDirectorGlobal Product Manager Connectivity ServicesCiti Transaction Services, CitiDay 2, Tuesday - May 7thConnectivity3:00 - 3:45 pm A Practical Co-innovation Between Citi and SAP3:45 - 4:00 pm Coffee BreakSpeakersBill FaulknerDirector of Treasury Solutions, SAPRene SchuurmanDirectorGlobal Product Manager Connectivity ServicesCiti Transaction Services, Citi3:00 - 3:45 pmBest Practices Best PracticesBuilding an RFP: Demystifying the Concept Building a Simplified Regional Treasury toDrive Growth in LATAM: A Client Perspectivewith SyngentaSpeakers SpeakersAndres ElizaldeDirectorLatin america industrials Treasury and TradeSalesPeter LangshawGlobal Industry Head, Treasury and TradeSolutionsWagner Birochi,Latam Regional Treasurer, Syngenta4:00 - 4:45 pm Infrastructure RoundtableClosed by invitation OnlyTrends SpeakersClemente Del Valle BorraezPresident of Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional,Colombia
  15. 15. 15Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 20137:00 - 10:00 pm Beach Dinner CocktailTechBar presented by MicrosoftPlease be sure to stop by the Microsoft booth to check your email using newtablets and PCs featuring Windows 8, see some exciting new Citi applicationsand enter to win an XBOX with Kinect.Day 2, Tuesday - May 7thDoing Business4:45 - 5:30 pmThe Rise of Mexico: The Increasingly ImportantNeighbourSpeakersAdolfo HerreraCEO Citi Transaction Services MexicoNydia IglesiasSub-director of Political Analysis of the National Bankof Mexico
  16. 16. 16 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 20137:00 - 8:00 am Registration and BreakfastDay 3, Wednesday - May 8th8:00 - 08:25 amBest PracticesDiversity Strategy at CitiSpeakersAna Duarte McCarthyManaging Director and Chief Diversity Officer, Citi08:25 - 08:50 amBest PracticesGeneral Electric’s Approach to Women’s NetworkSpeakersRocio PalafoxChief Financial Officer GE México, Central Americaand the Caribbean08:50 - 09:00 amBest PracticesCiti Latin America’s commitment to Diversityas a way to drive resultsSpeakersCarolina JuanTreasury and Trade Solutions Sales Latin AmericaRegion HeadCiti Transaction Services09:00 - 10:30 amBest PracticesExpanding your Organizational SavvySpeakersPriscilla DouglasFounder and principal, PH Douglas and Associate9:45 - 10:30 amBest PracticesEAF: Alternative Financing Techniques forImporters and Exporters*SpeakersGeorges RomanoGerman HeberlingDirectorCiti Transaction ServicesWomen in Finance Track* English Session
  17. 17. 17Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 201310:30 - 10:45 am Coffee Break9:45 - 10:30 amTrendsIntegrated Treasury and Finance: Connectivity andCollaborationSpeakersGuillermo KoppFinancial Service Industry Lead, Canada and LatinAmerica Microsoft*10:45 - 11:45 amDoing BusinessDoing Business in Colombia: OvercomingChallenges and Identified Opportunities inInfrastructure (Panel)11:45 - 1:00 pm Closing and LunchDay 3, Wednesday - May 8thSpeakersEdmundo Fajardo (Moderator)Treasury and Trade Services Sales Head, AndeanRegionCiti Alberto BernalBulltick - Head of ResearchClemente del VallePresident of Financiera de Desarrollo NacionalDavid Rodriguez RestrepoMinistry of Finance City of MedellínWomen in Finance Track
  19. 19. 19Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Frank AbagnaleFrank W. Abagnale is one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement,and secure documents. For over 30 years he has worked with, advised, and consulted withhundreds of financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies around the world.Mr. Abagnale’s rare blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 40 years ago when hewas known as one of the world’s most famous con men. This was depicted most graphically inhis best-selling book, Catch Me If You Can, which inspired the film, directed by Steven Spielbergwith Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The Tony-Award winning musical, Catch Me if You Can,directed by multiple award winner Jack O’ Brien, opened on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatrein April 2011.Between the ages of 16 and 21, he successfully posed as an airline pilot, an attorney, a collegeprofessor, and a pediatrician, in addition to cashing $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in everystate and 26 foreign countries. Apprehended by the French police when he was 21 years old, heserved time in the French, Swedish, and US prison systems. After five years he was released onthe condition that he would help the federal government, without remuneration, by teaching andassisting federal law enforcement agencies.Mr. Abagnale has now been associated with the FBI for over 30 years. More than 14,000 financialinstitutions, corporations, and law enforcement agencies use his fraud prevention programs. In1998 he was selected as a distinguished member of “Pinnacle 400” by CNN Financial News – aselect group of 400 people chosen on the basis of great accomplishment and success in theirfields.In 2004 Mr. Abagnale was selected as the spokesperson for the National Association ofInsurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). He has alsowritten numerous articles and books including The Art of the Steal, The Real U Guide to IdentityTheft, and Stealing Your Life.Hederverton Andrade SantosDirectorEPL – Company Planning and Logistic ( Ministry of Transportation)Hedeverton is lawyer graduate from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP). Heobtained his MBA in Criminal Law from ESPM and Administrative law from COGEAE/PUC-SP.Prior to his current assignment, Hederverton was appointed Director for ANTT (National AgencyTerrestrial Transportation). He also served as Legal Advisor to the Government of Brazil and asLegal Manager in Ecovias dos Imigrantes S.A.Biographies
  20. 20. 20 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Alberto Bernal-LeonHead of ResearchBulltick, LLCAlberto J. Bernal-León is Head of Research at Bulltick, LLC. Previously, he was MD of EmergingFixed Income Research at Bear Stearns Inc. in New York City. He was responsible for coveringthe Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentinean, Ecuadorian, and Mexican economies. Previously,he was Head of Latin America Economic Research at IDEAglobal Inc. in New York City, wherehe conducted in-depth economic analysis on the Latin America region. Bernal is a frequentcontributor to major newswires, local press in Latin America, prominent world newspapers, andtop financial television networks. He has also been invited to participate as a panelist on a seriesof official, economic, academic events around the world.Among other recognitions, Bernal was named the most accurate economist of Colombia in2006 by Revista Dinero, one of the top five future economist of Colombia by the newspaperRepública, one of the future top 40 executives under 40 years by the Latin American publicationRevista Poder in 2010, and one of 100 Latin America leaders under 40 by the Revista Gerente.He is a research scholar for Columbia University’s Chazen Institute and holds a Master’s Degreein Macroeconomics from Germany’s Kiel Institute of World Economics. He received his HonorsBachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of New Orleans.Wagner BirochiRegional Treasury Manager LATAMSyngentaWagner Birochi is the Regional Treasury Manager LATAM at Syngenta. Wagner graduated inBusiness Administration from Mackenzie-SP and also holds a MBA, with emphasis in Financefrom IBMEC. Wagner started his career at WestLB (Westdeutsche Landesbank) and also helddifferent Finance positions at Monsanto and BASF. Wagner has also held positions in InternalControls and Credit Management.Daniel Brandão de CastroTreasury Director at Publicis Groupe for Latin AmericaDaniel Brandão de Castro is Treasury Director at Publicis Groupe for Latin America. He joinedthe French multinational, 3rd largest communications group worldwide, leader in digital andinteractive communication in 2010. Previously, he was the Regional Treasurer at Husqvarnawhere he worked for 5 years. Daniel has a broad international experience in Latin America asFinance Director and also in France as student where he lived for almost 10 years.He is a frequent speaker at treasury management, corporate finance and shared services centerconferences, speaks 5 languages and holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Escola Politécnica- University of São Paulo, a post graduation in finance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – SP and amaster degree in Finance and Quantitative Methods from FEA/USP also obtained at University ofSão Paulo. He is actually based in São Paulo and has recently been invited to join the committeeof young executives of the Brazilian French Chamber of Commerce.
  21. 21. 21Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Ines BustilloDirector, United Nations Economic Commission forLatin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL)Inés Bustillo is the Director of the Washington Office of the United Nations Economic Commissionfor Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). She joined ECLAC in 1989 as Economic AffairsOfficer working on a variety of topics, including macroeconomic analysis, international trade andfinance.Previously, Ms. Bustillo was Professor of Economics at Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico Cityand Visiting Faculty at American University in Washington D.C. Other positions held includeconsultant to the World Bank, the Center for Latin American and Monetary Studies (CEMLA), andOperadora de Bolsa in Mexico City. She is the author of several articles and a frequent lecturer atuniversities, think tanks, and other fora.Ms. Bustillo, a national of Uruguay, earned her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in economics fromAmerican University.Francisco (Chico) CamargoManaging DirectorCSC Costa Rica HeadO&T Citi Shared Services, FROFrancisco (Chico) Camargo is currently the site leader for the Citi Services Center(CSS) in CostaRica.Chico has over 30 years of diverse experience in the finance, external audit and shared servicesfunction. He has assumed different roles within Citi, ranging from Regulatory Reporting, FP&A,Systems implementation and Shared Services in different locations in Latin America and in theUS. Before joining Citi, Chico worked for the Audit Division at PWC.Chico Camargo has joined Citibank Brazil as a finance intern in 1985. He went on to holdvariousFinance related positions in Brazil and the Latin America regional office before joining CSS NorthAmerica in 1999, where he was instrumental in rolling out systems across Latin America andcentralizing country processes in the CSS Tampa center.In 2008, Chico Camargo was appointed site leader for Costa Rica and he was responsibleto lead the establishment of the Center in Costa Rica. The site has grown to more than 800professionals in 5 years. CSS Costa Rica has built an excellent reputation within Citi and theoverall Costa Rican market as a leader in the shared services industry.Chico Camargo is a member of the Junior Achievement Costa Rica Board of Directors since2011. From 2006 to 2007, Chico Camargo has served as the vice president of the board ofdirectors for the Hispanic Services Council in Tampa, Florida. Hispanic Services Council assistedHispanic families and individuals in their successful integration into the community throughbilingual and bicultural support services, education and advocacy. He holds an Economics degreefrom Universidade Mackenzie in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  22. 22. 22 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Martin CanningsHead of Commercial Cards Latin AmericaSince January of 2013 Martin Cannings has led the management of the Commercial Cardsbusiness in the Latin America region, with responsibility for a broad suite of card based solutionsacross 12 countries in the region. Prior to this, Martin lead the Commercial Card ProductManagement team in Europe Middle East and Africa and was responsible for the strategicbuild-out of the business in the region. Martin joined Citi in 2002 and has undertaken a varietyof senior roles within the business, from sales and marketing to Product Management. Hehas managed the migration of the cards business to chip and PIN, and launched a varietyof innovative new solutions in his time with the business. More recently Martin has led thedevelopment of the Virtual Card Account (VCA) and Meeting Card products. Martin has a BA(Hons) in Classics from the University of Newcastle in the UK.Gustavo CasanovasLatin America & Mexico Inflows Region HeadCiti Transaction ServicesGustavo Casanova is Managing Director and the Latin America & Mexico Inflows Region Head.He joined Citibank in 1991 as Trade Product Manager. From 1991 until 2001 he had different rolesand responsibilities as Product Specialist, Transactor and Sales. In 2001 he was promoted toInternational Trade Head for Argentina and from 2004 to June 2007 he was the Trade BusinessHead for Latin America South Cluster.On June 2007 he was appointed Citi Transaction Services(CTS) South Cluster Head responsiblefor the Treasury, Trade Services and Securities Fund Services businesses for Argentina, Uruguayand Paraguay.He was also Director and member of the Senior Management of the Branch at Citibank N.A. inthe Republic of Argentina, Director at GIRE S.A. (Company specialized in Electronic informationand solutions for Collections), Director and Vice Chairman of the Board at Interbanking S.A.(Electronic Clearing House). In both companies Citibank is shareholder. On May 2011 he wasappointed Latin America & Mexico Inflows Region Head and he is a member of the CTS LatinAmerica Management Committee.Gustavo has a degree in International Trade from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa withinternational trainings in Spain (Foreign Chamber of Commerce) and Italy (Istituto Nazionale peril Commercio Estero – UNCTAD / GATT).Rene CastilloInvestigations Director for Citibank - Banamex for Mexico & Latin AmericaColombian national with more than 30 years of experience in Corporate Security & Investigationsin the Americas and Middle East Expert in domestic & international terrorism, Crisis Management(Kidnappings and Negotiations), extortions, Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence.Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, Military sciences and Military Resources AdministrationPrevious Jobs: Security Director for Central and South America for companies in the Oil,telecommunications and Pharmaceutical sector.Currently is the Investigations Director for Citibank / Banamex for Mexico & Latin America since2005.    
  23. 23. 23Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013  Noemi CastroCorporate Treasury HeadNovartis, MexicoNoemi Castro has worked in the Novartis Mexico Group for 24 years. Since 2008, Noemi hasbeen the Novartis Corporate Treasury Head. During this time she successfully led the Groupthrough the international financial crisis of 2009 and merged all the treasury operations of theMexican business units in one centralized service center.Before this position, Noemi was the Internal Control Head for 7 years, reinforcing complianceculture within the company, after implementing Sarbanes Oxley standards in 2004. Prior to that,Noemi had several responsibilities in Business Planning and Analysis for 7 years, performing askey player in Novartis blockbusters financials.Noemi studied Business Administration in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma Metropolitana ofMexico.Solana CozzoHead of Prepaid Development and ManagementLatin America and the CaribbeanMasterCard WorldwideSolana Cozzo is currently Vice President of Prepaid Development and Management forMasterCard’s Latin America and Caribbean region. In this role, she is responsible for devisingstrategies related to the development of MasterCard’s suite of prepaid products - across allverticals - and for enhancing MasterCard’s value proposition in this space, throughout the region.Prior to joining MasterCard, Solana was Head of Citi’s Prepaid Cards Business in Latin America.As part of this role, she was responsible for the expansion and success of Citi’s Prepaid Cardsbusiness across the region, driving the adoption and growth of the product in each new market.Sol spent 10 years at Citi, where she worked in a variety of roles and businesses including RetailBank, Citi Cards and Global Transaction Services, spanning Argentina, Brazil and North America.Sol is the Council President of ACCION International, a global non-profit dedicated to creatingeconomic opportunity by connecting people to the financial tools they need to improve theirlives. Born in Argentina, she completed her Industrial Engineering degree from the CatholicUniversity of Argentina and her Executive MBA from Columbia Business School. She currentlyresides in Miami.
  24. 24. 24 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Clemente del VallePresident of Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, ColombiaClemente del Valle, is currently the President of Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional a governmentowned Infrastructure Development Financial Institution. He is responsible for transforming theinstitution into a catalyst for infrastructure financing in Colombia.Mr. del Valle joined the World Bank in 1997 as Lead expert of Debt Management and publicmarkets development. He also worked as Global Manager of ESMID, a technical assistanceprogram for capital markets development, and as a Lead expert on capital markets; bothpositions as part of the World Bank in Washington D.C. between 2006 and 2012.Before joining the World Bank Mr. del Valle worked as Chairman of the Colombian SecuritiesRegulator in 2002. Between 1989 and 1994 he held prominent positions in Colombia such as:General Director of Public Credit of the Ministry of Finance; Managing Director of capital marketsof Corporación Financiera del Valle, a local leading Investment Bank; and General Director ofForeign Trade and Deputy Vice minister at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.Mr. del Valle has also worked as a member of the Board of Director for numerous public andprivate sector companies. He also worked for the Ministry of Economic Development and theNational Planning Department.Mr. del Valle earned a M.Sc. in Economics with emphasis in Monetary Economics from the LondonSchool of Economics and from Los Andes University in 1989 and 1984, respectively. He receivedhis B.Sc. Degree in Economics from Los Andes University in 1982.Ricardo DessyNon-bank Financial Institutions Industry Head, Latin AmericaCiti Transaction ServicesRicardo Dessy is the Industry Sales Head for the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Sector in LatinAmerica. He joined Citi Argentina to work on strategic projects in1996. Ricardo has built adiversified background as he has worked for several distinct areas in Citi. He is based in BuenosAires, and has lived in London and NY where he engaged in a variety of short-term assignments.Before joining Citi, Ricardo worked as an economist and financial analyst for IBM and BBVA. Heis an academic economist with a Masters Degree in Economics, and holds graduate studies inFinance and Strategy from CEMA and Wharton School. Currently he teaches Finance and CapitalMarkets at Universidad Nacional de la Plata, in Argentina and acts as an instructor in several Citicourses related to Economics, Risk, and Finance. He has authored several economic articles andis a frequent speaker in financial events.
  25. 25. 25Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Ana Duarte MccarthyManaging Director and Chief Diversity Officer, CitiAna Duarte McCarthy is Managing Director and Chief Diversity Officer, Citi. Appointed to therole in 2002, Ana is responsible for the development and integration of Citi’s global workforcediversity strategy for hiring and developing diverse talent, fostering an inclusive workenvironment and ensuring management accountability.Since assuming the role, Ana has established a framework of policy and practices that haveadvanced Citi’s recognition as a top company for diversity. Among her accomplishments, Ana leda global team that designed and launched Citi’s flexible work strategies, was instrumental in theadoption of leadership development initiatives for women and fostered Citi’s employee networkprogram, now spanning more than seventy networks. Ana joined Citi in 1995. Her previousroles at Citi have been within global diversity, including Vice President, Diversity Management,Citibank, Director of Diversity, Global Consumer Group.Before coming to Citi, Ana held leadership position within educational opportunity and highereducation at Passaic County College and the new School for Social Research. Ana left the NewSchool in 1994 when she joined Kidder, Peabody, Inc. as Assistant Vice President of Complianceand Diversity Programs.Ana received her bachelor of arts degree in biology from Lafayette College and a master ofeducation degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University.Ana serves on the member of the board of directors of the Families and Work Institute, the PhDProject, and the Corporate Advisory Board of the National Council on Research for Women. Sheis a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Women’s Empowerment.Ana also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia University’s School of Internationaland Public Affairs.Among other recognitions, Ana has been named to Hispanic Business Magazine’s 25 Elite Womenand received Out & Equal Workplace Advocates’ Champion Award for her support and advocacyof workplace equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Ana currentlyresides in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, with her husband and 17-year-old daughter.Ron ChakravartiGlobal Solutions Head, Citi Liquidity Management ServicesCiti Transaction ServicesRon leads a global team responsible for treasury advisory services and integrated global liquidityand working capital management solutions for Citi’s corporate and financial institutional clients.He joined Citi in 2006 and is based in New York City.His experience prior to Citi includes consultancy at Treasury Strategies, as principal for treasuryand risk advisory in the Global Corporate Consulting practice. He was previously senior vicepresident at ABN AMRO, heading its North and Latin America Liquidity Management transactionbanking business; and, at Standard Chartered, in leadership roles in transaction banking andcorporate banking.Ron’s career spans Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. He is a frequent speakerat treasury conferences around the world and has authored numerous research papers andpublished articles on treasury, risk, and working capital management topics.Ron holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a BA (Hons) from theUniversity of East Anglia.  
  26. 26. 26 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Alejandro ChazarretaLatin America Implementations HeadCiti Transaction ServicesAs the Head of Citi Transaction Services Latin America Implementations, Alejandro is responsiblefor the local and regional units that transform cash management and trade proposals intooperative solutions, fully integrating clients and Citi systems and processes.The Implementation organization is made of Country Implementation Units on all major LatinAmerica countries and the Regional Implementations Office, with more than 100 professionalsspecialized in Project Management and the delivery of Cash Management and Electronic Bankingsolutions. Alejandro has more than 10 years of banking experience, having acquired increasedresponsibilities since he started in Citi.Prior to joining Citi, Alejandro was Business Development Manager and Private SectorCommercial Manager with a major Siemens subsidiary in the IT Services sector.Prior to that, he was Business Management Senior Consultant with PriceWaterhouse Coopers,where he led multiple projects on Business Process Reengineering, Performance Improvementand ERP implementations with companies mostly on the Industrial and Consumer Packagedindustries.Alejandro has a Industrial Engineer degree and a MBA (MBA Dean’s Award). He is also a CTP(Certified Treasury Professional) with the US Association of Financial Professionals.Andres F. ElizaldeDirectorLatin America industrials treasury and trade salesAndres F. Elizalde has a Bachelor on Business and is Public Accounting from the UniversidadCatolica Andres Bello (UCAB) in Caracas, Venezuela. He has also a Master Degree in Tax from theEscuela Nacional de Hacienda in Caracas, Venezuela.Since February, 2004, he was appointed Regional Sales Officer, and is a self-motivatedbusiness professional with more than 22 years of experience at Citi, working in Sales, ProductDevelopment and Client Relationship roles. The main scope of his experience focuses onassisting high-level clients in Industrial and EPC regional and global sales and business support,where his knowledge and financial success generates a real value added for them.Edmundo FajardoTreasury and Trade Services Sales Head, Andean RegionCitiEdmundo Fajardo is the Treasury and Trade Services Sales Head, responsible for the AndeanRegion.He worked in the Colombian Capital Markets for 15 years, joining Citi in 2000.Previous to his current role, he was the Regional Product Development Manager for DirectCustody and Clearing in Latin America. He also worked as the Securities and Funds ServicesHead and CEO of Cititrust Colombia and as Product Manager for Citi Trade Finance Services.Before joining Citi, he was Head of Capital Markets with Santander Investment Colombia S.A. andfor the duration of five years he performed the role of a fixed income broker in one of the largestbrokerage houses in Colombia. Mr. Fajardo has a Master´s Degree in International Securities,Investment and Banking from the ICMA Center at Reading University, UK.  
  27. 27. 27Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Bill FaulknerDirector of Treasury SolutionsSAPBill Faulkner has been a finance professional for over twenty years, with over ten yearsspecifically in Treasury. He has served various roles at IBM, GE and PepsiCo. Bill is an AlexanderHamilton Award Winner and the founder of the International Bank Compensation Group. Hehas been published in Treasury & Risk, AFP Exchange, Finance Tech, Treasury ManagementInternational, Treasury Today and GT News, and spoken at numerous industry events. Bill ispassionate about partnering with Corporate Treasuries and teaching them how to save timeand money by leveraging automation and straight-through processing. He holds a BachelorsDegree in Finance from Purdue University, an M.B.A. in Finance from Fordham University, andAchievement Certificates from Harvard.Alejandro Furque QuinteroHead of Treasury & Insurance Department, Central America & Andean RegionUnileverAlejandro is currently the Head of the Treasury & Insurance Department for Central America &Andean Region (Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela) where one of the most important projects &achievements has been the implementation of the Supply Chain Finance tool.He is originally from Colombia and he graduated with a degree in Public Accounting, andobtained a specialization in Finance from EAFIT University in Colombia.Othman GameroTrade Services Head for Latin AmericaTreasury and Trade Solutions CitiOthman Gamero, is a Director and currently the Trade Services Head for the Latin Americanregion. He joined Citi in September of 2004 as a Trade Head in Venezuela with 16 years ofexperience in International Business.He has led and developed Trade Solutions for Emerging Markets over the last 5 years includingTrade Services, Finance and Corresponding Banking Financial Institutions.He is a member of the International Trade Committee of the Venezuelan-American & MexicanIndustry Chamber. He has been guest lecturer at the International Business Forums lead byUniversidad Catolica, Universidad Metropolitana and Universidad Yacambu.Previously Mr. Gamero worked as an Export Manager and Emerging Markets BusinessDevelopment for Consumer and Telecom industries in Venezuela, Colombia and USA. He Holdsa BA from Yacambu University and a MBA in International Business with major in Cross CulturalNegotiations from Kyoto University Japan.
  28. 28. 28 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Paulo FernandesHead of Commercial Product Development and ManagementLatin America and the CaribbeanMasterCard WorldwidePaulo Fernandes, a seasoned professional with over 20years of international experience inthe payments industry, joined MasterCard in 2006. He is currently responsible for corporatepayment product management in Latin America for MasterCard. His responsibilities includethe development of products for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as governmententities. Lately emphasis has been on expanding the usage of the MasterCard network to includeB2B payments not captured by card type payments, by providing financial inclusion to micro-enterprisesPrior to assuming his current role, Paulo developed commercial payment solutions for globalfinancial entities and governments, leading the B2B commercial product development atVisa International until 2003.Upon leaving Visa he joined RedRock Consultants in developingcommercial payment products for corporate entities in Asia and Latin America.Before coming to the US in 1997, Fernandes held the role of assistant general manager ofthe Credit Card Division of Mercantile Bank in South Africa, where he was responsible for theimplementation and management of commercial and consumer payments programs. Fernandesjoined Mercantile Bank in 1992 as Assistant Economist.Fernandes has an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland and an Economicsdegree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. Additionally, he is an associatemember of South Africa’s Bankers Institute. Fernandes speaks English, Portuguese andAfrikaans-Dutch. He is based in Miami, Florida.Vanessa Gibson ForbesAftercare DirectorCosta Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE)Vanessa has worked at CINDE for 14 years already; she started out as economic researcher, threeyears later, she assumed the position of manager for the Service Sector, and in 2009 promotedto Aftercare Director. Previous to that, she worked at the Central Bank of Costa Rica as aneconomic assistant to the Agricultural Economics Department.During her years as Service SectorManager, Ms. Gibson promoted a series of initiatives not only to attract but to consolidate theService Sector Cluster. Along these initiatives was an aggressive company attraction strategy,as well as the development of public-private partnership programs to invite the already installedfirms to expand and diversify their operations in the country.In her current position as the Director of Aftercare she is in charge of providing guidance tothe companies throughout the installation process, smoothing this process. As the Head ofDepartment she oversees the coordination of several public-private partnership projects andprograms, which aim to improve the investment and business environment of Costa Rica.Vanessa is an Economist and holds her licentiate degree in Economics from the Universityof Costa Rica. She is also Master in Development Program and Project Evaluation from theUniversity of Costa Rica as well, graduated in 2006. She was born on June 2nd, 1970 and lives inCosta Rica.  
  29. 29. 29Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Andre GomesDeputy Director of the Broadband Department in Brazil’s Ministry of CommunicationsAndre Gomes is the Deputy Director of the Broadband Department in Brazil’s Ministry ofCommunications and has under his responsibility the coordination of national broadband plan(Programa Nacional de Banda Larga). His focus is aimed to the creation of public policies relatedto broadband access with special emphasis on projects enabling the creation of favorableenvironment to implement high capacity infrastructure and the extension of coverage to remotegeographical areas.Andre holds a degree in Law from Universidade de Brasilia and specialization inTelecommunication Law.Anabel GonzalezMinister of Foreign Trade, Costa RicaAnabel Gonzalez (born 1963) was appointed Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica in2010. In this capacity, she serves as the President’s principal advisor, negotiator andspokesperson on trade and investment policy issues. She currently acts as Chair of theWorld Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Trade.With experience in both the public service and private sector, Minister Gonzalez has beeninvolved in trade and investment policy matters internationally and domestically for the pasttwenty years. Prior to her current position, she worked as senior advisor on trade and integrationat the Inter-American Development Bank (2009-2010); Director of the WTO Agriculture Division(2006-2009); international consultant (2004-2006); Chief Negotiator of the Central America-United States-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA (2002-2004); Director Generalof the Costa Rican Investment Board (2001-2002); Vice Minister of Foreign Trade (1998-2001);international consultant (1997-1998); Director of Trade Negotiations and Chief of Staff at theMinistry of Foreign Trade (1991-1997 and1989 -1990, respectively). Founder and professor ofinternational trade law studies at the University of Costa Rica, she has lectured in over 20countries and published extensively on trade policy, trade negotiations and investment. MinisterGonzalez has a law degree from the University of Costa Rica and a master of laws degree fromGeorgetown University.
  30. 30. 30 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Renato GrandmontChief Investment OfficerCiti Wealth Management Latin AmericaRenato is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for Citi Wealth Management LatinAmerica and for Citi Private Bank Latin America. He served as Head of Citi Private Bank’s NewYork Investment Center, covering the regions of Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East andAfrica and as Interim Global Chief Investment Officer for the Citi Private Bank. He is a memberof Citi Private Bank’s Global Investment Committee and chairs Citi’s Wealth Management LatinAmerica Investment Policy Committee and the Brazil Investment Policy Committee. Renato hasbeen with Citi since 2006 and in the financial industry since 1994.Previous to joining Citi, he was Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for Equities at GreenAmAdvisors(check the name here please); a Greenwich based multi-strategy hedge fund part ofPaloma Partners. Before moving to the buy-side, Renato founded and headed Deutsche Bank’sGlobal Corporate Governance Research group. Renato pioneered corporate governance researchby combining governance and financial analysis to identify additional company risk sources andformulate investment recommendations.Prior to that assignment, Renato was Director of Latin America Investment Strategy forDeutsche Bank in New York. Before that he was Latin America Strategist with Merrill Lynchin New York. Previous to joining Merrill Lynch, Renato worked as Economist with WhartonEconometrics Forecasting Associates WEFA Group in Philadelphia.Renato has actively participated in the reform of capital markets’ laws, regulations and listingstandards in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Due to his research on this subject,Deutsche Bank was the only foreign financial institution invited to give testimony before theBrazilian Congress on the importance of the corporate law reform. He is a member of the PrivateSector Advisory Group and the Investor Responsibility Task Force, established by the WorldBank/IFC/OECD Global Corporate Governance Forum. He has been a speaker at many domesticand international forums on issues ranging from corporate governance to financial markets toinvestment strategy and economics.Renato is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program, receiveda Master of Science in Economics with specialization in International Financial Economics andEconometrics from the University of Montreal. He graduated from Concordia University inMontreal, Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a double major in InternationalBusiness and Economics. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. He was born inBrazil and lives in Greenwich, CT, with his wife and two children.
  31. 31. 31Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Fernando GranzieraManaging DirectorChief Operating Officer - Citi Transaction Services Latin AmericaFernando Granziera is a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer for Citi TransactionServices in Latin America and Mexico.Fernando is based in Miami, and his career spans more than 25 years in Banking. Fernandohas held senior positions in Product Management, Sales, Customer Services, Planning andTechnology in five countries (Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and the United States).Prior to his current responsibilities, Fernando was the Head of Client Delivery in Latin America,managing Services, Sales and Implementation for the region, based in Miami and Mexico andHead of Transaction Services in Colombia and Ecuador.Fernando started his career in Brazil, where he joined Citi, and occupied different executivepositions in the Brazilian organization, including Product Management, Sales, Planning andTechnology, based in Sao Paulo and Salvador-Bahia.Fernando is an Engineer and holds a Master’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.Michael B. GuralnickGlobal Sales HeadTreasury & Trade SolutionsCitiMr. Guralnick has been with Citi for 28 years, and has global responsibility for the Treasury& Trade Solutions (TTS) sales team. His principle focus is to lead and direct the global clientstrategies for sales origination and cross-sell for Corporate clients.The TTS Global Sales team’s mission is to ensure our clients are provided innovative solutionsto assist them in meeting their global, regional and local treasury management, working capitaland supply chain financing objectives. Previously, Mr. Guralnick held senior global and regionalmanagement positions in Citi Transaction Services..Those roles included European Cash Management Sales Head for multinational clients; AsiaPacific Cash & Trade Sales, Marketing and Implementation Head; Singapore Cash & Trade Head;and the Global Cash and Trade Head for CEEMEA.Prior to joining Citi in 1985, Mr. Guralnick worked in the Republic of Korea, from 1978-1982, firstwith the U.S. Peace Corps, as a Program Director, and then with LG Advertising Inc., where hewas in charge of client relationship development with Korean subsidiaries of foreign parentcompanies.Mr. Guralnick earned a Master’s of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) degree, from GeorgetownUniversity in Washington D.C., where he graduated with Academic Honors, and received theDean’s Service Citation. While at Georgetown, Mr. Guralnick specialized in Asian Studies. Mr.Guralnick received his BA from Allegheny College, in Pennsylvania.
  32. 32. 32 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Dr. Priscilla H. DouglasFounder and principal of PHDouglas & AssociatesPriscilla Douglas is the founder and principal of PHDouglas & Associates a consulting firm thathelps leaders achieve breakthrough results. Priscilla coach’s individuals enrooted to the C-suiteand executive in the C-suite to be more skillful working collaboratively and strategically. TheBoston Women’s Business Journal has recognized Priscilla as one of the top ten executivecoaches.Priscilla has worked with over one thousand individuals and teams in healthcare, financialservices, technology, manufacturing and government. She brings over 30 years of real worldexperience and thought leadership from the public and private sectors to client engagements.She knows how to walk the talk and readily shares her insights in a practical way to help herclientsHer client list includes: Citigroup, Raytheon, Novo Nordisk, Lehman, Vertex Pharmaceuticals,BAE, Repligen Pharmaceuticals, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Babson College and KetchumPublic Relations.Her professional career includes key executive positions in government, academics andbusiness where she was often the first woman and the first African American. As a White HouseFellow, she served as a Special Assistant to the William H. Webster, Director of the FBI. For theCommonwealth of Massachusetts she held two key positions: Assistant Secretary for PublicSafety in that role she launched the Governors Task Force on Domestic Violence and institutedHate Crimes Tracking. As Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations she ledconsumer protection and regulatory reforms. In addition, she successfully introduced thetechniques of total quality management across the Commonwealth, which led to an invitation bythe Australian Parliament to keynote their launch of quality.Priscilla was an instructor in the masters program for Harvard University Radcliffe Seminars, andtaught courses in management, leadership and organizational behavior. She introduced seminarsto bring the voice of women in business and in politics to her students. While at General Motors,she worked closely with the originator of the quality movement --Dr. W. Edwards Deming. AtXerox she designed a knowledge sharing engagement process and curriculum that was deployedglobally.Priscilla is currently a member of the Board of Leader Bank, the John Adams Institute,Landmarks Orchestra, Northeastern University and the Museum of Science. She has beenelected by her peers to serve on the White House Fellows Alumni Association. A former andactive member of the Board of Visitors for the Defense Acquisition University and St. JudeChildren’s Research Hospital she has presented at the Aspen Institute, Club of Rome and beena keynote speaker in forums in Singapore, Australia, South Africa and Japan. Priscilla is on thefaculty of the International Women’s Forum (IWF) offering executive development seminars to itsglobal business partners.
  33. 33. 33Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Adolfo HerreraCEO Citi Transaction Services MexicoAdolfo Herrera is the CEO of Citi Transaction Services in Mexico.He has worked for 22 years at Grupo Financiero Banamex, where he has held different positions.Adolfo participated for 7 years in the Investment Banking before he entered Acciones y ValoresBanamex when the integration with Citi took place.From 2005 to 2010 he was the CEO of Acciones y Valores Banamex, the most importantBrokerage Business in Mexico. At the same time he was head of M&A, Private Banking, E Trading,Global Securities Services and Local Debt Capital Markets.In 2010, he was part of the Commercial Banking in Banamex, where he was Director Divisionaland responsible for 200 retail branches, 10 Banca Patrimonial offices and 5 BancaEmpresarial offices. He also participates in the Citi Global Innovation Council.Adolfo holds an accountant degree from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and anMBA from IPADE.German HeberlingExport Agency Finance ECCA(Ecuador, Colombia, Caribbean and Central America) HeadCiti Transaction ServicesGerman Heberling is responsible for origination and execution of structured finance transactionsusing Official Agency support, primarily in Colombia, Ecuador, the Caribbean and CentralAmerica region. Mr. Heberling has executed over the past years structure finance transactionsfor both sovereign and private sector clients with a focus on infrastructure, as well as capitalmarket solutions with a focus on sovereign clients.Since joining Citi in 1996, Mr. Heberling has over 12 years of corporate bank experience withdiverse roles including Market Risk Manager, as well as Public Sector, Financial Institutions andStructured Finance Head of Citi Uruguay, as well as international assignments both in New Yorkand London in the Corporate and Investment BankMr. Heberling holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Universidad de la Republica (Uruguay),as well as an MBA from Columbia University, a degree obtained with honors as a FulbrightScholar.Nydia IglesiasSubdirector of Political Analysis of the National Bank of Mexico.Nydia Iglesias is Subdirector of Political Analysis of the National Bank of Mexico. She graduatedwith a BA in International Relations from the College of Mexico and then obtained a Masterdegree in Comparative Political Science at the University of York, in England.During the past eighteen years Nydia has been devoted to the analysis of political developmentsin Mexico, first in the Research Center for Development, where she published numerous articlesand editorial collaborations in newspapers about democratization, legislative politics, municipaldevelopment and informal economy. Since 2000 Nydia is part of the Department of Economicand Sociopolitical Studies of Banamex.  
  34. 34. 34 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Fernando IraolaCiti Transaction Services Region Head for Latin America and MexicoFernando Iraola is a Managing Director and Citi Transaction Services Region Head for LatinAmerica and Mexico. He is a member of Citi Transaction Services Executive Committee andCiti’s Senior Leadership Team for the Latin America and Mexico region based in Miami. Beforehis current role, Fernando managed the Global Subsidiaries Group (GSG) in Europe covering 24countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe including the Commonwealth of IndependentStates (CIS) based in London. In that capacity, he was responsible for the Corporate Bankingbusiness dealing with subsidiaries of multinational clients of Citi. Previous to this, Mr. Iraola spentthree years in Moscow where he was responsible for managing the GSG business for Centraland Eastern Europe and CIS, a role expanded from managing initially only the GSG for CIS.Under his leadership, the GSG in CIS became one of the largest franchises for Citi worldwide.He was a member of the GSG Global Executive Committee, and a member of the Board ofDirectors of Citibank ZAO in Russia. Prior to this assignment, he was Citi Transaction ServicesHead for Hungary and the CEE Non Presence Countries and responsible for managing Salesand Coverage, Product Management and Client Delivery. Before this, Mr. Iraola held a number ofsenior positions including Citi Transaction Services Relationship Manager for the Consumer andHealthcare industries and Regional Business Head for Corporate & Investment Banking in SouthAfrica covering the Insurance, Energy, Retail and Branded Consumer Industries.Mr. Iraola joined Citibank N.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1994, as a Management Associatein the Credit Risk Analysis Unit of the Corporate & Investment Bank. In December 1995, hewas promoted to Relationship Manager and Credit Officer for the Branded Consumer, Foodand Beverage Industries managing Top Tier Local Companies (TTLC) as well as multinationalclients. In his following assignment, he was given the responsibility to cover and furtherdevelop relationships in the Automotive industry. His last assignment in Argentina was as aSenior Banker to the Media and Telecommunications Industries managing a portfolio of keyMultinational and TTLC names in these industries.Odette IzquierdoLiquidity & Investment Head Latin AmericaTreasury and Trade Solutions CitiOdette leads Latin America team and is responsible for designing and delivering Liquidity &Investment management solutions for Citi’s corporate and financial institutional clients. Shejoined Citi Transaction Services through Banamex in 2011 and is based in Mexico.Before joining Banamex, Odette worked for 15 years within Citi Venezuela Treasury. During her15 years, she went through different areas within the treasury: Fx Trader Head, Money MarketHead and Sales & Structuring Head during the last 4 years, where main objective was to providetreasury solutions to our top clients.
  35. 35. 35Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Hubert JollyManaging DirectorGlobal Head of Channel & Enterprise Services Transaction Services,CitiHubert Jean-Pierre Jolly is the Global Head of Channel & Enterprise Services for Citi’sTransactions Services. In this role, J.P. is responsible for Citi’s core Channel Services, includingMobile, CitiConnect® (Swift, File, Messaging) and CitiDirect® Banking Evolution, the onlyonline banking plat- form with capabilities that span 24 languages, 90 countries and over100 currencies (and the #1 Online Corporate and Commercial E-Banking Platform, as rated byGreenwich Associates for 5 years and #1 in Mobile Corporate Banking, as rated by Global FinanceMagazine in 2011), J.P. is also responsible for global Enterprise Services including AccountServices, Billing, Analytics and Data Management. Prior to assuming this role, J.P. was theGlobal Head of Cards and Procure to Pay for Citi’s Global Transactions Services with 3.5 millionCommercial Cards issued globally. Under his leadership, Citi doubled the number of cardholdersit serves, extended its global footprint to over 50 countries, expanded its capabilities to includesolutions spanning 90 markets, 40 currencies and 26 local languages, launched the industry’sfirst global multi-currency virtual card platform, was mandated the largest commercial cardprogram by volume in industry history, and became the #1 issuer of Corporate Cards in theUnited States (as recognized by The Nilson Report). In addition, J.P. led the launch of Citi’sProcure-to-Pay (P2P) solution that combines services across Supplier Finance, Cards andPayments with e-Invoicing and supplier enablement. Since joining Citi as a summer Analyst inBrussels, Bel- gium, J.P. has served the organization in a variety of capacities – with leadershiproles in payments, cards, cash management, trade and project finance in the United States, SaudiArabia, Argentina, New Zealand, Poland, and Singapore. J.P. has extensively represented Citiand spoken at industry conferences and is currently serving on the Advisory Board of SWIFT,Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. He has served on the Board ofNACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, and Advisory Boards of Mastercard and AFP, theAssociation for Financial Professionals.J.P. is a Belgian citizen. He graduated from Georgetown University and the London Schoolof Economics with a Bachelor of Science in Operational Research and Finance. J.P. resides inPurchase, NY with his wife and three children. He is an avid alpine skier and single digit handicapgolfer.Peter LangshawManaging Director Global Head for Energy, Power & Chemicals and Metals and MiningCiti Transaction ServicesPeter Langshaw has been with Citi for 19 years, and is the Global Head for Energy, Power,Chemicals and Mining within Citi’s Transaction Services Group, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He hasworked and lived in the following emerging markets: UAE, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia,Saudi Arabia, South Africa.Peter has held various senior management positions in these international assignments, bothat country and regional levels. In addition, he has extensive experience of the energy industry,working a number of years in the oilfield sector. Following his MBA, Peter joined Citi and becamethe Global Relationship Banking Head of Singapore. After which he worked as the CorporateBank and GTS Head in Vietnam. Later, he was promoted as Corporate Bank Head and MarketManager for the Southern Region in Australia. In 2002, he was appointed as Corporate andInvestment Bank Head for the Central Region of Saudi Arabia.In 2004, Peter accepted the position as Head of Multinationals and Money Transmission forAfrica and the Middle East region at Barclays. In 2006 Peter returned to Citi in his current role.Peter holds an MBA from Manchester Business School with Finance and Strategy concentration.He has also attended an Executive Program at Harvard Business School. Peter currently residesin Sao Paulo, Brazil with his wife and three children.
  36. 36. 36 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Carolina JuanTreasury and Trade Solutions Sales Region Head for Latin AmericaCiti Transaction ServicesCarolina Juan is Managing Director and Latin America Regional Treasury and Trade SolutionsSales Head.Previous to her current position, Carolina was Citi Transaction Services (CTS) Head for CitibankColombia. Carolina also worked as an associate in Argentina’s Central Bank and in PriceWaterhouse Coopers as a Senior Consultant.She joined Citi Argentina’s Treasury in 1992, and moved to Colombia in 1996, where she wasappointed Relationship Manager, Banker and finally Segment Head of the Financial Institutions’cluster. Carolina holds a CPA (Buenos Aires University-UBA) and a master in Corporate Financefrom the Centro de Estudios Macroeconomicos de Argentina (CEMA).Guillermo KoppFinancial Service Industry Lead, Canada and Latin AmericaGuillermo drives Microsoft’s business growth with Financial Services firms across Canadaand Latin America. His career spans over 27 years advising C-suite executives and drivingfundamental change at top-tier firms in the financial services industry. Before joining Microsoftin 2012, Guillermo was with a boutique consulting firm and had served as Executive Director atthe advisory research and consulting firm TowerGroup. His expertise spans multiple disciplinesto include bank cards, cash management, credit, funds transfers, risk management, regulatorycompliance, and technology innovation.Prior to TowerGroup, Guillermo had served at Citigroup for 16 years leading corporate businessimprovement initiatives and diverse banking technology services globally across consumer,corporate, and private banking lines of business, and also at Boards of subsidiaries. Earlier inhis career, Guillermo had served as the corporate CIO of Aerolineas Argentinas, and also in theInternational Air Transport Association in Switzerland.Guillermo earned a Master’s of Science in project management from the George WashingtonUniversity and a computer science degree from the University of Buenos Aires. Guillermo andhis wife Gabriela have raised 4 children and live in Darien, Connecticut, where he also enjoyskayaking.Stephen LeachStephen Leach Emerging Markets Economist Corporate and Investment Banking,CitiStephen Leach is Managing Director and Emerging Market Economist in Citi’s Foreign ExchangeDepartment based in New York. In this position, he advises a broad range of corporate andinstitutional customers in both North America and around the world on global exchange rateand economic developments. He joined Citi’s Emerging Market FX desk in New York in 1989, butthe need for customer service in that area increased dramatically with the onset of the Mexicancrisis in December 1997. Since then his focus has been driven by customer interest which hasled him to concentrate on the Latin America and Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Citibank,Stephen spent ten years with Chemical Bank’s Foreign Exchange Advisory Services, first inLondon and then in New York. Following graduate school, his first position was as an economistin the Treasurer’s Office of Ford Europe Inc. in the UK. He has degrees in Economics from theUniversity of Warwick (in England) and the University of Pennsylvania.
  37. 37. 37Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013  Juan Carlos LozanoLatin America Region Head of Payments and Channels ServicesTreasury and Trade Solution CitiJuan Carlos has been with Citi since 1985, with broad experience in different positions such asOperations, Finance, Trade and Cash Management in Colombia, Poland, Trinidad, CentralAmerica and the Caribbean. Through his career he has been involved in many regional and globalproduct initiatives, including the merger between Citibank and Bank Handlowy in Poland.Before his current assignment he was responsible for the Cash Management business in theCaribbean (including Trinidad, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana,Surinam and other 10 Countries/Islands in the Caribbean), as well as the Global RemittancesInitiative in Latin America and the Caribbean.He has played a key role in the development of the local electronic payment systems and ACHinitiatives in Colombia (ACH Colombia) and in the Caribbean and Central America region.Juan Carlos has a B.S. in Business Administration from Colegio de Estudios Superiores deAdministracion– CESA and a Master in Marketing from CESA-EAFIT University in Colombia,among other continued education programs sponsored by Citigroup in Corporate Strategy,Finance, Risk Management and e-Commerce.Oscar MazzaManaging Director Latin America Branded Consumer & Healthcare Segment Head & AndeanRegion, Citi Transaction Services HeadGraduated with a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and master in Corporate Finance,Oscar Mazza has 19 years of experience within Citibank. He began his career in CitibankArgentina where he gained experience in Trade Services, Trade Finance and Structured TradeFinancing. After 7 years within the product area, Oscar joined the Corporate Bank team inArgentina where he held several positions in Risk Management and Relationship Management forLarge Corporate names. He was responsible for Citi’s Relationship Management for MultinationalCompanies in Argentina.In 2005 he was transferred to Miami and expanded his role as Team Leader for Latin AmericaRegional Client Management where he has been since developing Citi’s partnerships with themost important clients in the region. Since 2010 he was appointed the Branded Consumer& Healthcare Segment Head for Citi Transaction Services (CTS), leading industry drivendevelopments and product strategy for this segment.In August 2011 on top of previous responsibilities he was appointed CTS Head for the AndeanRegion (Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile & Peru).Michael C. Morcom, CfaDirector, Head of Latin American Agency & Trust SalesCiti Agency & TrustMichael Morcom, CFA manages Citi’s Latin American Agency and Trust sales team, whichprovides domestic and cross border corporate trust services throughout the Latin Americanregion. Before joining Citibank, Michael worked in the emerging markets, secondary markets andportfolio risk management groups at Ambac Assurance Corp. While at Ambac, Michael playeda leading role in the expansion of Ambac’s cross border and local capital markets securitizationbusiness. Michael’s prior experience also includes positions at Barclays Capital, Duff & PhelpsCredit Rating Company and the Chase Manhattan Bank. Michael holds a M.S. in InvestmentManagement from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and a B.A. in InternationalBusiness from the University of Scranton. In addition, he is a CFA charterholder.  
  38. 38. 38 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Jörg PaascheLatin America Public Sector HeadCiti Transaction ServicesJörg Paasche has been the Latin American Public Sector Head for Citi Transaction Services forthe last four years. He is in charge of the development and implementation of strategies in 24countries in Latin America, seeking to increase the transactional banking businesses leveragingon his product expertise. Jörg has been fundamental in developing customized solutions forpublic entities including, among others innovative payments & collections (e-Governance),liquidity management solutions, structured trade financing & securities services. During thistime, he has also lead important initiatives including “Financial Inclusion” & “Citi for Cities”. Jörgis a member of the LatAm & Mexico Financial Inclusion Working Groups that were establishedto develop innovative business models to deliver affordable financial products to underbankedsectors. For the “Citi for Cities” franchise-wide initiative, he developed and instrumentedsolutions especially in the areas of infrastructure modernization, efficiency transformation &digitalization.Jörg was previously the Latin American Correspondent Banking Head and consolidated as a leadbanking provider (International Cash Management & Trade) for commercial banks and non-banksleveraging on Citibank’s global presence and product superiority.Jörg Paasche has seventeen years of experience at Citigroup. Previous to these two assignmentsin Citi Transactional Services (CTS), he was the Financial Institutions Head in Mexico for GlobalBanking, where Citigroup-Banamex was a leading provider for banks and Non-Bank FinancialInstitutions. Jörg had a key role in important Capital Markets and Corporate Finance transactionsin Mexico including the development of a mortgage backed securities market, the privatization oftoll roads and airports, the implementation of M&A mandates, and the negotiation of long-termstructured derivatives for development banks. He was also successful in developing the Mexicantransactional banking business consolidating as the lead custodian for institutional investors andthe main cash management provider for insurance companies.Jörg holds an MBA degree from Purdue University in the US and a BS in Chemical Engineeringfrom the Iberoamericana University in Mexico. Jörg was also Professor of Finance for threeyears.Jose Pacheco TejeriaDeputy Minister of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of PanamaEngineer Jose Pacheco Tejeira, was born January 21, 1970 in Panama City Panama. He studiedin the College of Agriculture from Iowa State University. He obtained a Master’s Degree fromCornell University in International Agriculture and attended several leadership and negotiationprograms from the graduate School of the United States Department of Agriculture.In addition, he attended the agricultural management Program from Oklahoma State Universityand the International Business Program from Harvard University as well as the Lean SupplyChain Professional Series from Georgia Tech Logistics Innovation & Research Center. He assumedseveral leadership positions in the Public Sector as Chief of International Technical Cooperationin the Agricultural research Institute of Panama.Currently, Engineer Pacheco is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade andIndustry of the Republic of Panama.
  39. 39. 39Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Rocio PalafoxChief Financial OfficerGeneral Electric Mexico, Central America and the CaribbeanRocio Palafox joined GE Capital in 1994, serving first as Tax Leader for GE Capital Méxicoand subsequently pricing leader for Commercial Finance, participating in the due diligence,acquisition & integration of a local Bank and Insurance company.In 1998 she joined the GE Capital Real Estate team serving in several leadership roles including:Chief Financial Officer, Finance Manager for Mexico & South America and Controller whereshe actively participated in assessing investment opportunities, handled FP&A duties and theestablished controllership processes for the rapidly growing platform in Mexico.Rocio played a key role in the acquisition and integration of several portfolios as well as theconsolidation of the lending business.She was promoted to her current leadership role as Chief Financial Officer of GE México & CAC inSeptember 2011.Prior to joining GE Capital, Rocio worked at Tax Advisory firm in Mexico City and was a UniversityTeacher at the Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM).She earned a BA in Public Accounting (CPA) from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México(ITAM) in 1992.Mario F. PazosProduct Head of Prepaid Cards for Latin AmericaTreasury and Trade Solutions CitiMario Pazos is Senior Vice President and Latin America Prepaid Cards Head within CitiTransaction Services area based in Miami, Florida. Mario joined Citi in 2012 and, in his currentrole, he is responsible for new product development, product rollout and business profitabilitythroughout the Latin America Region.Mario brings 9 years of experience in Sales & Marketing for Information Technology andConsumer Electronics segment. Prior to joining Citi Latin America in 2012, Mario worked atSony for 8 years. While at Sony, Mario held the position of Regional Senior Marketing Managerfor Latin America and was responsible for managing the Digital Imaging Business group. Mariotransferred to Sony Latin America, Inc. from Sony Peru where he was responsible for the HomeAudio & Video Business group.Before joining Sony, Mario began his career with Microsoft Peru in 2004 as a Sales Analyst forthe Enterprise & Partners group. Mario received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administrationfrom Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru, where he was born and raised.
  40. 40. 40 Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Antonieta Pérez SerranoCiti Transaction Services HeadVenezuelaAntonieta Perez is the Citi Transaction Service (CTS) head of Citibank Venezuela since December2010. CTS in Venezuela provides local and international cash management, trade services andsupply chain finance solutions to corporations, financial institutions and government entities,and securities and fund services (DCC, investors and issuers) to capital market participants. In2012, the business delivered revenues of USD 59 million and operating margin of USD 36 million.During 2012, the business had USD 1.9 billion of average liabilities and USD 700 million of assetsunder custody. Antonieta is also responsible for the client delivery area of the global corporatebank of Citi Venezuela. Antonieta manages a team of 22 people.During her time in CTS, Antonieta has been able to maintain a controlled environment in terms ofcredit, compliance and operational risks in spite of a challenging political and economic scenario.She has lead her team to obtain historical high levels of international cash management liabilitiesand revenues of trade. These accomplishments were performed by creating and deepeningrelationships with key customers and by restructuring the CTS team, hiring new players on keypositions.Antonieta began her career in Citi in 2001 as a cluster associate of the corporate bank.From 2002 to 2008 she became a relationship manager and later a cluster head of thepharmaceutical, beer & beverage, metals & mining, technology and branded consumer industries.From 2008 to 2010, Antonieta was the Public Sector and FI head of Citi in Venezuela. She wasresponsible to manage more than USD 900 million of credit facilities with no losses. She alsogenerated more than USD 20 million on onetime fees with capital markets transactions with keycustomers such as PDVSA, CAF and the Venezuelan Government.Since 2005, Antonieta has been part of the women’s council of Citibank Venezuela and in 2012she became part of the women’s council of CTS Latin America. During this time she has beenworking on several initiatives to help women grow.Antonieta is a graduate of the University of Miami where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree inEconomics and an MBA in Finance.Oscar J. RodriguezPresident and Managing DirectorBridgestone de Costa Rica, S.A.He currently holds the position of President and Managing Director for Bridgestone Costa Rica.Previous to this role he was the President for Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela. In 2003 he wasappointed Vice President for Manufacturing Operations, while the previous year he served asVice President Sales & Marketing for Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela. During the 90’s he hasassumed different roles: Sales & Marketing Director, Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela, DomesticSales Manager, Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela, Sales Engineering & Dealer DevelopmentManager, Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela, Logistics Manager, Grace de Venezuela and DivisionManager, Tire Building & Curing, Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela.He joined Bridgestone Firestone Venezuela in 1986 as Quality Inspector (Daily Payroll). In 1987he assumes the role of Radial Tire Building & Curing Production Supervisor, followed by FieldEngineer and Process Engineer for the Technical Department Radial Tire Building & CuringProcess in 1988. In 1989 he transition to the Cell Manager Radial Tire Building & Steelasticposition.He has a bachelor degree in Systems Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Edo.Merida, Venezuela and a MBA in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Carabobo Valencia,Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela among other studies such as: Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School ofManagement; Leadership Development Program ADEN Business School International ExecutiveMBA.  
  41. 41. 41Latin America Treasury & Finance Conference 2013Ms. Marcia RothschildLatin America Client and Sales Management Head, Securities and Fund Services, CitiCo-Director, Brazilian Chapter, The Hedge Fund AssociationMarcia brings over 18 years of global industry and product experience, including senior positionsat Citigroup in Brazil, Luxembourg and the United States, FXall, the leading multi-bank foreignexchange trading web portal and at BNP Paribas, where she was most recently the Head ofSecurities Services in Brazil. Marcia is an active member of the financial services community, aswell as a strong supporter of the fast growing alternative investment industry in the region. Bornin Brazil, Marcia received a BA from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, the top business school in Brazil,and a MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.Gisele RemyDirector of Treasury and Financial Strategy, BelcorpGisele Remy, Director of Treasury and Financial Strategy at Belcorp, is in charge of Belcorp´sCentralized Corporate Treasury in Lima, Peru. She is responsible for the liquidity and cashflow management for the 16 countries where Belcorp operates, as well as funding, FX strategy,investment and financial planning for the Belcorp Group. Prior to joining Belcorp in 2009, Giseleworked in investment banking in New York and London. Gisele has a Bachelor of Science inFinance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.Rene SchuurmanDirectorGlobal Product Manager Connectivity ServicesCiti Transaction ServicesRene Schuurman is the Global Product Manager for Connectivity Services based in Chicago, ILfor Citibank. Rene has global product responsibility for all file and message based connectivityand integration solutions for Citi Transaction Services within Citi. These include the use of EDIand messaging standards integration with ERP and TWS systems, and the use of SWIFT productand services. In this capacity Rene is also a representative for Citi in EDI standard governingbodies such as the PAY SEG and the Common Global Implementation workgroup. He is also anactive participant in the ISO20022 CGI Mapping GroupPrior to joining Citibank, Rene has worked at ABN AMRO Bank in Chicago in various roles,including product management, technology manager and implementation manager, as well as abusiness consultant at Capgemini Consulting in Utrecht, the Netherlands.Rene graduated from the Polytechnic University of Amsterdam with a Bachelor of Science inInternational Finance and Business Administration and is a Dutch national. Rene resides inWillowbrook, IL with his wife and three children.