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Wiring methods & switches part 1


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Handouts for Building Utilities 2

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Wiring methods & switches part 1

  1. 1. I. Cable Wiring Methods Armored Cable (Type AC) - a fabricated assembly of insulated conductors in a flexible metallic enclosure. Also known as BX Cable
  2. 2. I. Cable Wiring Methods Metal Clad Cable (Type MC) - a factory assembly of one or more conductors, each individually insulated and enclosed in a metallic sheath of interlocking tape, or a smooth or corrugated metallic tube.
  3. 3. I. Cable Wiring Methods How can I tell the difference between Armored Cable and Metal-Clad cable, since they both have the same outside appearance? – Type AC cable will always have a 16 AWG aluminum bond wire under the armor, and the individual insulated conductors will each have a kraft paper wrap. Type MC cable does not contain either of these items and has an overall plastic wrap over the insulated circuit conductors
  4. 4. I. Cable Wiring Methods Mineral Insulated, Metal Sheathed Cable (Type MI) - a factory assembly of one or more conductors, insulated with a highly compressed refractory mineral and enclosed in liquidtight and gastight continuous copper or alloy steel sheath.
  5. 5. I. Cable Wiring Methods Nonmetallic- sheathed Cable (Type NM & NMC) - a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors having an outer sheath of moisture- resistance, flame- retardant, nonmetallic metal - commonly used in One and Two family dwelling, but cannot be used in structures exceeding three floors.
  6. 6. I. Cable Wiring Methods Shielded Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable (Type SNM) - a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors, in an extruded core of moisture-resistant, flame-resistant nonmetallic material, covered with an overlapping spiral metal tape and wire shield and jacketed with an extruded moisture, flame, oil, corrosion, fungus and sunlight resistant nonmetallic material.