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  • You can say anything here really. Main point is that many competitor/similar companies have more sophisticated web precenses (including social media) than invennovations, and to be noticed and trusted the company needs to rise to these standards.
  • From summary: 1) Responsive design 2)As our mock-ups became more detailed, our main focus was to create a web site that presented all of our content as clearly as possible and to keep the usability as intuitive as possible. We placed the search bar at the top of the site for easy access, consolidated the navigation menu, and added slides on the home page that further aided in the navigation of the site.
  • Logo Slider 3)Anything else you wanna focus on
  • Different tabs embedded into one page
  • Self populated Easy to update Uses tags for each product
  • What do I put hereeeeeeeeeee??
  • Filters : Sub filter options Cost Delivery Parameters Category Search result based category browsing (clicking on a category that links to a search result for the products within that category) Autofill search
  • Filters : Sub filter options Cost Delivery Parameters Category Search result based category browsing (clicking on a category that links to a search result for the products within that category) Autofill search
  • Future recommendations???
  • Play slide show to show text…. Any future recommendations??
  • Tecnoconnect finaldraft

    1. 1. AgendaObjective – Class Objectives – Website ObjectivesCurrent Web – First glance – SWOT – Usability – Market ResearchOur Modifications – Quick Fixes – Website Design – FunctionalityPrint and newsletterConclusions and recommendations
    2. 2. Class Objectives
    3. 3. Class ObjectivesWork with client to identify problemsand develop an analysis, strategy tomeet needs, and produce interactive media solutions to address those needs.
    4. 4. Meet Ims 440
    5. 5. Graphic Design Krista Adkins Jenny Miller Paige HakeMajor: Graphic Design Major: Graphic Design Major: Graphic DesignTeam: Design Team: Design Team: DesignContributions: Website Contributions: Logo Contributions: PrintMock Ups of each page Design, Logo Finalization, Catalogue Design,Hometown: Loveland, OH Web Wireframes, Process Newsletter Design, Logo Book Design Mockups, Web, Print, and Hometown: Blue Ash, OH Newsletter Research Hometown: Springfield, OH
    6. 6. Communications Annie Farley Kevin Blank Yi Sun Mary BabolatoMajor: Mass Major: Professional Major: Accounting Major:Communications Writing Team: Communication CommunicationsTeam: Communications Team: Communication Contributions: Team: CommunicationsContributions: Category Contributions: Process Executive Summary Contributions:Consolidation, Copy Book, Editing Editing, Product Category Consolidation,Writing, Product Summaries, Google Content, Page Editing, Translation, ExecutiveResearch, Translation, Adword Research, Homepage Content Summary, Client ChargeStudent Bios Product Research Hometown: Shanghai, Hometown: Berlin, NJHometown: Austin, TX Hometown: Toledo, OH China
    7. 7. Marketing Tyler Games Mitch Quafort Daniela Santisteban Caitlin SheehanMajor: Marketing Major: Marketing Major: Marketing Major: MarketingTeam: Marketing Team: Marketing Team: Marketing Team: MarketingContributions: Contributions: Contributions: Contributions:Market Research, Process Book, Process Book Process Book,Category Development, Summaries, Social Marketing Research,Consolidation, Usability Testing, Media Research, Product Pages, GoogleTranslation, Market Research Market Research, Adword ResearchQualitative Usability Hometown: Powerpoint Hometown:Hometown: Nashville, Madison, CT Hometown: Lima, Annapolis, MDTN Peru
    8. 8. Frank Winston Major: Mass Communications Team: Programming Contributions: Development Hometown: McLean, VA
    9. 9. Brett Westerman Instructor Scrum Master Contributions: Project Management of Site Development Hometown: Toledo, OH
    10. 10. Project Objectives• Work with interdisciplinary team to create interactive media for Community Enterprise Solutions’s Invennovations.• Create a website featuring Invennovations, an email newsletter template, and a print catalog• Create a database driven template and a search bar funciton
    11. 11. Our MethodsScrum •Agile software development framew ork •Focuses on project management institutions where it is difficult to plan ahead
    12. 12. Website Objectives
    13. 13. General ObjectiveProvide Rural NGO’s, individual sellers, and inventors an interactive catalog and idea exchange market of products that solve the developing world’s most challenging problems.
    14. 14. Target Market1. Primary Market: NGO’sand community leaders in ruralLatin America seeking toprovide sustainable productsfor their communities.2. Secondary market:Developed world Inventorswith the desire to createsustainable product sto solvedeveloping world problems.
    15. 15. PersonasLucas:• Villager in an isolated and impoverished community in Mexico.• Recently, his village has had a problem acquiring fresh water.• Accessing the web through an Internet café in his town, he finds that water purification products for sale.• He has not found an accessible and affordable one.
    16. 16. PersonasSupportive Sam:• Sam works for an NGO in Nicaragua• Passionate about helping people, he targets remote villages to longstanding problems in these communities.• He wants to provide people with equipment and skills to find food and clean water.• His NGO can subsidize an initial investment to buy products or services to accomplish this.
    17. 17. PersonasCharity Cathy:•Charity Cathy owns her own technology businessin the US.•She wants to give back to needy and has heardabout micro-finance.•She has an idea for a product, that like micro-financing, would not only solve everyday problemsvillagers face but also help them becomeentrepreneurs.
    18. 18. Current Website
    19. 19. Market Reseach• Main Problems• Best usage in featured products and category forming.
    20. 20. Internet Research in Latin America• Internet access – Increasing tremendously in Latin America – Numbers vague from developed world research – But main points of access are accurate
    21. 21. Competition
    22. 22. HomeConfusing logoand brand nameDated BannerdesignRun on text,lacks explicitdefinition oftarget marketHidden searchfuctionToo manycategories,difficultnavigation
    23. 23. Product pagesNo way to tellin whichcategory youlanded.Wordy layoutand too manydetails forusersScrollingneeded to getto otherproducts
    24. 24. Forrester Score Cards• Total scores (-50 to 50 Range) – Mean score: -16• Value (-6 to 6 Range) – Mean Score: -3• Navigation (-18 to 18 Range) – Mean Score: -5.6• Presentation ( -18 to 18 Range) – Mean Score: -3• Trust (-14 to 14 Range) – Mean Score: -4.33
    25. 25. Forrester Insights“ Nothing on the site is incredibly complicated, and everything available to users is simple to use.” “A lot of the descriptions in products and in describing the site is wordy and confusing.”“The text and layout seems cramped into a central column rather than using the entire window.” “Finding the search bar is a task in itself.”“The NGOs and the inventors are addressed, but not the villagers in South America.”
    26. 26. Eye TrackingBusy 30 SecondsDesign worth of scrolling
    27. 27. Website SWOT
    28. 28. Website SWOT
    29. 29. Modifications
    30. 30. Continuous Quick Fixes• Category Consolidation28 Categories 11 Main Categories
    31. 31. Continuous Quick Fixes• Navigation Creation• Home Text Reduction
    32. 32. Name and slogan• Names we liked: – GlobalVillage – Sending Out Solutions – IdeaVillage – Util
    33. 33. Design Process
    34. 34. Overall Design
    35. 35. Product page
    36. 36. Stages of DatabaseFrom Google Spreadsheet, to MYSQL
    37. 37. CMS System• Search bar and database
    38. 38. Search Bar Stages
    39. 39. Categories
    40. 40. Final Touches
    41. 41. Catalog and Newsletter
    42. 42. Catalog
    43. 43. Newsletter
    44. 44. Conclusions andRecommendations
    45. 45. Translation• Translation was the natural next step.• Professional Quotes – Conversa:$1,623.32, with a 30% non-profit discount ,12-16 business days. – Affordable Language Services: $3,910, completed in 12-15 business days.• Final decision was to purse translations in- house.
    46. 46. Translation• Recommendations: – Language that respects variations across Latin America – Simplicity throughout – Checking with native speakers from most relevant areas for Tecnoconect (Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico) to make sure it still makes sense.
    47. 47. Social Media• Current Social Media:• Lack of social media is an opportunity loss for free marketing
    48. 48. Social Media• Facebook – Information resource to the Tecnoconect new products aside from the website.• Twitter – tool to network with similar organizations. – Tweets about: • new products, Latin American legislation, good and bad news in Latin American infrastructure, retweeting partners and influencials.
    49. 49. Social Media• Social Media should not be overly serious and should be used as tool to converse with Tecnoconect’s audience and partners and should link back to website.• Use: – Appropriate Humor – User Generated Content – Push news and posts by others related to the industry and company
    50. 50. Keyword Reserch• Google AdWords search for potential products or services found in Tecnoconect• Keywords used: “economic solutions”, “educational solutions”, “health solutions”
    51. 51. Keyword Reserch• Uncovered how many people, in a country, searched for the phrase per month, variations of the phrase, and the type of competition.• Example: – Worldwide, the phrase “Bed nets” was searched by 14,800 people around the world in the past month and the competition for the search is “high”.
    52. 52. SEO and Google Analytics• Search engine optimization uses tools like Google Analytics to determine how the site is being found, and who is finding it using search engines.• 3 main points. – Who is using my site? – Where are they coming from? – How are they engaging with the content?
    53. 53. In the end