Advanced LinkedIn Guide for puzzled job seekers


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Presentation for job seekers with 50-300 LinkedIn connection by Daniel Alfon (at DBM Israel)

Parts 2,3 & 4 are also available [but are not free downloads]. They deal with Connections; Groups; Recommendations; Virtual Road Shows; Using LinkedIn Rich Media,API and more

I have lectured to several startup accelerators about Advanced LinkedIn strategies, but this document is focused on job hunt

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  • Let's look at Question 1

    When you select Profile (and then Edit my Profile), you see next to your links the word Edit. Clicking on it will make you see options (e.g. My website,my company,my portfolio etc.). The last option is 'Other' which enables you to write any text you'd like (see my profile - - it now has 'My Visual CV' which in not a regular option.
    Naturally, if all the links you wanted to add are your website,company,portfolio,blog,RSS, you can simply add them:

    e.g. My Website:

    I suggest you try to edit your profile,adding the websites you want, and let me know if this is helpful
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  • Great info in the tagline/headline.

    A few questions:
    1 .You said to customize title ('other'). In the Build section/slide #43
    I was looking for 'other' in my profile and couldn't find it.
    Then you mention 'Your blog,Google Doc,
    Friendfeed, Squared,Slidehsare,
    VisualCV,Tumblr, TubeMogul,Brazen
    Careerist, Xeesm, Raveal,Group,
    Are these all apps that can be added for links?

    2. In the Broadcast section, you mention: Status updates
    Don't overdo it, you'd better provide some value to
    your network - or Tweet instead
    Use smart cross-references to URLs or Apps --> Can you go into a little more detail what you mean by this?

    Thanks for your help,
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  • Dear Linda,
    I promise you this: I'll review any question you may have,improve the presentation and upload it anew. I look forward to getting your questions, @danielalfon
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  • Daniel, Thanks for sharing your presentation. I gained a lot just from looking at the slides. Is there any way to get the audio? (There were a few points I didn't quite get.)

    You can reach me via Twitter
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Advanced LinkedIn Guide for puzzled job seekers

  1. 1. Hands on WorkshopMarch 7th 2013 Daniel Alfon How to really Leverage LinkedIn
  2. 2. Network: AKT GuestPassword: aktaktakt
  3. 3. Daniels Advanced LinkedIn Guide Job Hunter edition B2B Business Edition Entrepreneur Edition Student & Alumni Edition
  4. 4. Agenda: Topic Slide1 Intro 22 LinkedIn No-Nos+No U 103 Suggested LI workflow 32 ● Build 41 ● Connect 64 ● Contribute 83 ● Broadcast 98
  5. 5. Todays presentation is availableto attendees in Daniel AlfonsProfile on LinkedIn this week:
  6. 6. What should you do after today?1. Rewrite your profile so it educates your target audiencesabout what you bring to the table2. Improve tagline3. Applications-install 1 to 3 on profile [presentation/video] 4. Update email address & photo 5. Know the next steps are a connection strategy that suits you [read:avoid over-connecting], and that you should leverage groups
  7. 7. How toLeverage LinkedIn
  8. 8. Your host - Daniel AlfonDaniel has given presentations about networking,LinkedIn and Twitter in Israel, the UK, the RussianFederation & France.* LI Profile:* Twitter: @Danielalfon* G+:
  9. 9. Ice Breaker #1Do you think you are using all/most ofthe possibilities offered by LinkedIn?
  10. 10. In your opinion, what are some of themistakes LinkedIn users make?
  11. 11. 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes ►
  12. 12. 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes <70 Connections:1. A partial,half-baked profile,off-brand,with no photo2. Thinking connections are everything3. Using a job title as a tagline4. Confirming "Select all" when importing addressbook5. Duplicate accounts/single (work) email address6. Weak introduction requests7. Poor/default Settings/Privacy-related hysteria
  13. 13. 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes 70-200 Connections:1. Operation LinkedIn ("Need a Sale") Vs LinkedIn seen as Process2. Inconsistent Connection Policy3. Not leveraging LinkedIn Applications4. Canned, unthoughtful invites5. Overselling/Posting with little long-term thought6. Not knowing when to go off-LinkedIn
  14. 14. 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes 200+ Connections:1. Low connection quality - "Ron who? Am I connected to him?"2. Over-updating status,100% own content3. Off-brand components,outdated content4. Spamming Groups - little value, thinly disguised self-promotion messages5. Broadcasting instead of tagging connections orusing groups.
  15. 15. PS Want to improve your LinkedIn profile?
  16. 16. Common mistakes:any number of Connections Any guess? LinkedIn no-nos
  17. 17. Common mistakes: any number of Connections The single most frequentmistake is misunderstanding thenature of successful networking If you keep asking "Whats in it forme?", you dont get it
  18. 18. Theres no U in Network● Asking for help is not networking● The basis of networking is giving, not getting● Online networking isnt that different Theres no U in Network
  19. 19. Treat Your Network Like your InsuranceIf you want aninsurance in thereal world, doyou call yourinsurer whenyou buy a car? Theres no U in Network
  20. 20. Treat Your Network Like your Insurance...Or do youshop forinsurance afteryouve HAD anaccident? Theres no U in Network
  21. 21. Treat Your Network Like your Insurance Here you network when you dont need helpHere you networkwhen you need help -sometimesdesperately Theres no U in Network
  22. 22. Treat Your Network Like your InsuranceIf you treated yourinsurer decentlyPRIOR to your crash,you will both feel betterasking for his help -and get it Theres no U in Network
  23. 23. Treat Your Network Like your InsuranceIf you have done nothing for your network,didnt return calls, and basically didnthave time for your network...Guess what happenned to your network? Theres no U in Network
  24. 24. Treat Your Network Like your Insurance Theres no U in Network
  25. 25. So you have to GIVE first Give more than you takeLeechers dont make it in the long-term● What do leechers do? ○ Configure connections not to be shown on their profile ○ Ask everyone for recommendations ○ Shoot careless introductions ○ Invite with "cooperation" and then disappear Theres no U in Network
  26. 26. Give● Best networkers give, dont take● What do seeders do? ○ Share interesting Groups ○ Forward relevant profiles ○ Answer Questions ○ Post articles & contribute content ○ Recommend good people ○ Suggest experts (in Answers) in Theres no U Network
  27. 27. ConclusionThe more you help others, the morehelp youll get Theres no U in Network
  28. 28. This is the moment of Truth Theres no U in Network
  29. 29. Instead of having... ...Produce... 1. Killer profile1. Pasted CV 2. Multiple touching points2. Static address book 3. Smart connection policy3. Accidental connections 4. Customized dashboard4. Default Home Page 5. Shrewd group selections5. Limited use of Groups 6. Advanced branding6. Little Application use 7. Learning & positioning7. No Q&A activity 8. Successful campaigns8. Failed introductions combining LinkedIn &and recommendations... other SM
  30. 30. Dashboard Dashboard
  31. 31. Suggested LinkedIn workflow
  32. 32. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB your grow your & Update&Profile Network Interact Request
  33. 33. ●l Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB Question: At what stage should you define your core brand?
  34. 34. ●l Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB …or Here? here? Where should you define your core brand?
  35. 35. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCBWhere should you define your core brand?Most people really understand how to maketheir profile attractive after hundreds ofprofessionals see their off-brand, sloppyprofile.● Who are some of those professionals?
  36. 36. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCBWho are some of those professionals who getto see your uncomplete and unattractiveprofile?Recruiters Investors ...Hiring Managers Customers, prospects
  37. 37. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCBRecruiters Investors Customers,...Hiring Managers prospects Would you really let those people see a CV with spelling mistakes??
  38. 38. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB ConclusionDefine core branding here ...not here Otherwise hundreds of people will see your off-brand profile in stages 1-3
  39. 39. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCBHow do we build an attractive Profile?Lets move to part one: Build
  40. 40. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB Seen a few LI & networking no- nos? Ready to get going? Lets Build!
  41. 41. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB*Browse*Tagline*Links*Contact*CALYPSO
  42. 42. Profile: Browse,then LearnBrowse through 100 profiles - preferablyof people with hundreds of connections- before building your profile and invitingothers
  43. 43. Profile: Learn●Learning Center,LI Blog,Tutorials,Vids: [+http://careerservices.linkedin. com/ +]● Play with as many features as you can,till you actually enjoy what you see.Is your profile becoming sticky?●
  44. 44. Profile: Build powerful TaglineWhat does "GL in What does "Cobol expert openAmdocs" tell you? to new opportunities" tell you? Cf. unemployed/ & when-youve-been-laid-off/
  45. 45. Profile: Build powerful Tagline
  46. 46. Profile: Build powerful TaglineYour tagline is the single most valuablereal estate on LinkedIn.
  47. 47. Profile: Build powerful TaglineWhich is better in your eyes?
  48. 48. Profile: Some (True!) examplesVs.
  49. 49. Profile: Some (True!) examples
  50. 50. Profile Tagline: Hows yours?Take 5 minutes to improve yours* cf. 10-examples/* Well review them and take a break :-)
  51. 51. Profile: OrderYou can rearrange the section order - if it makes sense Industries: industries=
  52. 52. Profile:Add SectionsDo your patents,publications,or certifications helpyour positioning? Voluntary Work?
  53. 53. Build: Browse;Tagline;Links;Contact;Calypso●Add Twitter account - when you have 200+ followers●Customize title if needed (instead of My Website/Company/Blog,select "other")
  54. 54. Build: Browse;Tagline;Links(2);Contact;Calypso●Add e.g. your blog,CV [via shared Google Docs], Slideshare,Social site,Group,website...●To add more files, use●PS Remove your ex-employers website
  55. 55. Build: Browse;Tagline;Links;Contact;CalypsoMake it easy to reach you:●Build your network●Join relevant Groups●Include some contact details [end of summary/Address]
  56. 56. Build:Browse;Tagline;Links;Contact;Calypso
  57. 57. Daniels Visibility Tip:Can you really spot your dream job?If you do, see how it can help you marketyourself better - and even get on recruitersradars Introducing...
  58. 58. CALYPSOC Capture usingA AdvancedL LinkedInY Your ownP PeopleS SearchO Optimization
  59. 59. CALYPSO (1/4)1. Write your dream jobs description A VC-funded B2B startup in Azrielie.g. seeks a Social Media Marketing Manager Requirements: Native English, Social Media & Web
  60. 60. CALYPSO (2/4)1. Write your dream jobs description2. Extract keywordse.g. social media, online, community, blog,Groups, collaborative...
  61. 61. CALYPSO 3/41. Write your dream jobs description2. Extract keywords3. Incorporate keywords shrewdly into yourTagline/summary/specialtiese.g. Online marketing expert seeking new challenge,preferably in newsocial Use tagclouds http://www. Not sure about keywords? media marketing
  62. 62. CALYPSO 4/41. Write your dream jobs description2. Extract keywords3. Incorporate keywords4. Do the CALYPSO using keywords+location.
  63. 63. Build: Browse;Tagline;Links;Calypso1. Write your dream jobs description2. Extract keywords3. Incorporate keywords4. Do the CALYPSO (using keywords+ location)* Why Rearrange according to Keywords?* Keyboards - Boolean Did you top the list?
  64. 64. Build: Browse;Tagline;Links;Calypso Did you top the list?Congrats, if you continue to expand yournetwork and manage your LYPSO, recruitersare more likely to bump into you.You didnt? Go back to stages 1-3
  65. 65. Calypso - Recap1. Write your dream jobs description2. Extract keywords3. Incorporate keywords shrewdly into yourHeadline/specialties/interests/other4. Do the CALYPSO using keywords+location
  66. 66. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB Built a decent profile, smart tagline, CALYPSO and links? Lets connect!
  67. 67. Suggested LinkedIn workflow: BCCB Lets connect!● Who to invite?● Whose invitations to accept?● What do you do after you connect?
  68. 68. Sorry, you are notallowed to view slides67-151.Get in touch with
  69. 69. ‫‪Bonus‬‬‫1( איך משתמשים בלינקט-אין מגייסים וחברות השמה-‬ ‫לינק למאמר של פיקארו מאוגוסט 1102:‬
  70. 70. ‫עדיין ישנן דרכים בהן שמך אולי יגיע לשולחן שלנו ) המלצות‬‫מקולגות, הגשת מועמדות וכיוב.(, אך יכול להיות שאפילו לא נטרח‬ ‫להתאמץ, אם מול עיננו עומדים פרופילים של מועמדים בלינקדאין‬‫שעברו "מניקור-פדיקור", ואנחנו אפילו לא צריכים לבקש מהמועמד‬ ‫.קורות חיים‬ ‫1( איך משתמשים בלינקט-אין מגייסים וחברות השמה-‬ ‫לינק למאמר של פיקארו מאוגוסט 1102:‬ ‫2( לינק למאמר של ‪ WeRHunting‬מספטמבר 2102‬
  71. 71. 2) Want to improve your LinkedIn profile?
  72. 72. Before you invite: Stage Zero