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  1. 1. Discrimination By: Joaquín Diaz Walker and Juan Cruz Gomez Roca
  2. 2. TYPES OF DISCRIMINATION • Racial Discrimination • Sexual Discrimination • Gender Discrimination • Religious Discrimination • Physical discrimination
  3. 3. Racial Discrimination • This is the type of discrimination, which does not tolerate or separates people, who are different in their skin colour.
  4. 4. Sexual Discrimination • Is the discrimination, which is against other sexual preferences, like when Homosexuals are discriminated because of their sexual likes.
  5. 5. Gender Discrimination • The gender discrimination, is related to the segregation of other sexes such as, when the vote, was only a right for man, but not for woman.
  6. 6. Religious Discrimination • It is the separation of people, who have not got the same as the believings you have. Like when Nazis killed jews, because of what they believed.
  7. 7. Physical Discrimination • This is the discrimination received by saying bad things about the other person’s body’s.
  8. 8. VIDEOS • Gender Discrimination: It’s Time • Gender Discrimination: Russia • Religious Discrimination: Geprgios Katidis • Racial Discrimination: #ImAMonkey