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Ecommerce re platform fina lpptx


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ecommerce re platform fina lpptx

  1. 1. Application DevelopmentIs It Time to Re-platformYour Ecommerce Website? Technology IntegrationInsights, tips and guidelines foryour journey Consulting Services
  2. 2. To keep pace with business and market demands, yourecommerce platform has likely followed one of these paths More features, More ways to Extended more use data ecommerce specialization assets ecosystemResult: ad hoc collection of products, services; some managedinternally, others managed by external providers
  3. 3. Trends, signs and signals to look for Business growth Technology changes Navigation, search Technology support Back-end integration New goals Security, compliance M-commerce
  4. 4. Survey Says …40% Not satisfied with users’ shopping experience Segmentation and98% targeting are important
  5. 5. Improve Site search Promotion Customer service functionalities management featuresBenefits Decrease Increase Grow costs traffic revenue
  6. 6.  Technology touch points Pros, cons current platform Stakeholders Resource, partner strategy SEO plan The devil is in the details
  7. 7. Experience Scale, • Right technology set • Processes, operations, integration evolve • Online retail complexities, intricaciesyour online Expertise presence • Legacy apps, back-end integration • Data conversions, content migration • Process chains, multi-sales channels Standardized Methodology • Predictable timeframes, costs • Meet project deadlines
  8. 8. Average 4-6 Understand Assess current months whom it affects state Develop Secrets to Identify new roadmap success features Set success Identify new Visualize criteria capabilities
  9. 9. •••• 1+ (888) 548-4344