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Rosie Jolly SEN Social Value


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Rosie Jolly SEN Social Value

  1. 1. Social Value Workshop
  2. 2. Rosie Jolly Chief Executive Social Enterprise Network Mayoral Lead for Social Value
  3. 3. Legislation Driver • Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 Implemented January 2013 • Enhancements/Amendments??
  4. 4. Social Value in Summary “Social Values” in the Act includes hiring/creating jobs locally; paying a living wage; linking to local apprenticeship and employment schemes; training and up skilling staff; collaborating with Third Sector/community groups; supporting SME‟s
  5. 5. Social Value • What does Social Value mean for a City like Liverpool?
  6. 6. Definition (working progress) Liverpool Social Value „ A community-focused benefit which adds to the widely-defined wellbeing of the city‟s population over and above the usual added value associated with public sector contracts, one which embraces all market sectors and directly changes the city‟s approach and response to people and communities.'
  7. 7. Mayor’s Outcomes • Build 12 new schools • Make Liverpool business and enterprise friendly • Create 20,000 local jobs • Make the city greener, cleaner and healthier • Build 5,000 new homes
  8. 8. Mayoral Priority Social Value Procurement Examples to increase Social Return on Investment Build 12 new schools Economic stimulus for local jobs and business Selecting / building in apprenticeship clauses; encouraging local sub-contracting Make Liverpool business & enterprise friendly Supporting SMEs Supply chain development (spot buying); SME friendly financial appraisal; multiplier Create 20,000 jobs Local job creation, apprenticeships, training, employment schemes Social / local employment clauses in contracts; “multiplier effect” of contractors re-investing in local employees and subcontractors Make the City greener, cleaner and healthier Economic stimulus for local jobs and business Efficiency of working with suppliers based nearby; reduction of transportation / deliveries etc. Build 5,000 new homes Economic stimulus for local jobs and business Jobs and skills charter / contract clauses in new service and construction framework* agreements / contracts > £1 million p.a. + other voluntary agreements
  9. 9. Aspiration Creating a social value city • Growing the local economy • Reducing the impact of public sector cuts • Using skills, capacity and resources differently • Create local jobs • Stimulate local procurement- local supply chains
  10. 10. Delivering the Dream! • Structured approach to Procurement and commissioning • Changing culture • Contract management toolkit • Reviewing systems and processes • Smarter procurement -Market engagement • Social Value – vehicle to drive innovator
  11. 11. Examples • • • • The „Friendly Economy‟ Model „Spot buying‟ supply chain development Reviewing contract management Reviewing and making recommendations e.g.; Standing Orders
  12. 12. Examples Cont • New delivery models for mandatory services • Managed „brokering‟ • Developing the markets • Clinical Commissioning Group • Social Value cross sector „Think Tank‟
  13. 13. Finally • • • • Approach is gaining traction Cabinet Office Social Enterprise UK Happy to share learning
  14. 14. Any Questions?
  15. 15. Thank You Rosie Jolly Chief Executive Social Enterprise Network T: 0151 237 2664 E: @RosieJolly / @SENTogether