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Cursing in Spanish in Twitter (Jurando en español en Twitter)


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Comic homage to the work by Wang et al. (2014) about cursing in English in Twitter.
Data is real but the dataset is small and the analysis shallow to consider results to seriously.

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Cursing in Spanish in Twitter (Jurando en español en Twitter)

  1. 1. Jurando en español en Twitter Cursing in Spanish in Twitter Daniel Gayo-Avello @PFCdgayo
  2. 2. Related work • This back-of-the-envelope analysis of Spanishwritten tweets is shamefully inspired by the work by Wang et al. (2014) which you should read!
  3. 3. Introduction • Spaniards are worldwide known by their custom to curse and use profanity as part of their common routine [Citation needed]. • In fact, they [1] proudly state that Spanish lexicon is rich in profanities [Citation needed]. • In contrast, English speakers must resort to using the f-word and the s-word most of the time [Citation needed].
  4. 4. Motivation • Nevertheless, there is little empirical evidence to support previous statements. • Therefore, we [2] have analyzed [3] a relatively large corpus of tweets [4] written in Spanish [5]. • To perform such analysis a list of common profanities in Spanish was prepared (see Appendix). • Using such a lexicon insulting/offensive tweets were counted and frequencies for each profanity were computed.
  5. 5. Results • 1.62% of the tweets in the dataset contained at least one profanity from the lexicon. – This contrasts with 7.73% reported by Wang et al. (2014) for English tweets. • The 20 most frequent profanities amount for 80% of profanity occurrences. – This contrasts with 90.40% reported by Wang et al. (2014) for top-7 curse words.
  6. 6. Figure 1 Adjectives in Spanish admit gender and number. Therefore some conflation was performed to cluster semantically related words (e.g. estúpido, estúpida, estúpidos and estúpidas conflate to estúpid*, in English all those words would translate to stupid).
  7. 7. Discussion • It could seem that Spaniards curse lot less than the rest of the world (and even themselves [5] believe). • However, we must remember than Twitter is not a representative sample of the population as a whole (Gayo-Avello, toooo many times). • Therefore, we cannot discard the hypothesis that tweeting Spaniards have a socio-demographical background that make them to curse less than non tweeting Spaniards. • An inattentive reader could attribute this apparent lack of cursing to the current austerity measures the country is adopting. However, the dataset was collected in 2009 [6] so such hypothesis is rather weak. • Nevertheless, which seems to be pretty obvious is that Spanish speakers have much more profanities to choose from (or, conversely, English speakers are unimaginative when cursing…)
  8. 8. Future work • Other official languages of Spain could be studied. • Other languages of the EU could be studied. • Other languages of the world could be studied. • Possibilities are endless!
  9. 9. Acknowledgements • The author wish to thank the guy he follows on Twitter that tweeted about the research by Wang et al. (2014) since, otherwise, he (i.e. the author) could have missed that paper. • The author would like to ask Wang et al. to forgive him since their paper is really nice (weird, but nice anyway).
  10. 10. References • Wenbo Wang, Lu Chen, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan and Amit P. Sheth. Cursing in English on Twitter. In ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2014), 2014.
  11. 11. Endnotes 1. We. 2. I. 3. Actually, written a script to count some words in a dataset. No tokenization or stemming were even attempted. 4. 727,591 tweets since I didn’t have the inclination to untar the rest of compressed data in my drive. 5. Us. 6. Ha! Gotcha!
  12. 12. Appendix. Spanish profanities (incomplete) abobada abobado abombada abombado analfabestia analfabestias argentucho argentuzo arracacha arracacho asnejon asnejón ass asshole atropellaplatos babanco babieca babilon babilona babilón babosa baboso babosos bambaro bambarria barbitonta barbitonto bausan bausana bausano bausán bellaco bellacos beocia beocio besugo bitch bitches blowjob blowjobs boba bobalias bobalicon bobalicona bobalicón bobalías bobarron bobarrona bobarrón bobas bobatel bobo bobos bobote booty bota botosa botoso bucefalo bucéfalo bufarron bugarron bujarra bujarron buzzarina buzzarino cabron cabrona cabronas cabrones cabrón caca cacas cachar cacorro cagada cagadas cagar cagarse cajeta calila calilo calzonuda calzonudo camote cantimpla capirote capulla capullas capullo capullos carajo caray carechimba cascarsela cazurra cazurro cebollino celestial cenutrio ceporro cerote chango chaquetear chichar chilote chingadera chingar chingon chinquechar chocha chocho chochos cholo chota chucha chuminaco chumino cipote cipotes cock cocks cojon cojones cojuda cojudo collons correrse coño coños cretina cretinas cretino cretinos culear culo culos cum cumming cumshots cunt cutama cutre cutres damm damn desorejada desorejado diantre diantres dick dicks drunk dumb dunda dundo estulta estulto estupida estupidas estupido estupidos estúpida estúpidas estúpido estúpidos fatula fatulo frijolero friki frikis friky frikys fuck fucked fuckin fuckin' fucking fucks fukin funique furcia furcias fuñique gabacho gansa garcha gaznapira gaznapiro gaznápira gaznápiro gili gilipollas gilí gringo guajolote guanaco guarra guarras guarro guarros guey guirero haron harona harón hostia hostias hostiazo hostiazos huevon huey idiota idiotas imbecil imbecila imbecilas imbeciles imbécil imbécila imbécilas imbéciles insensata insensato japo jerk jerking joder joderse jodida jodidas jodido jodidos lerda lerdas lerdo lerdos lipendi malcriada malcriadas malcriado malcriados malnacida malnacidas malnacido malnacidos malparida malparidas malparido malparidos mamacallos mamalo mamaverga múcura mamavergas nabo mameluco nabos mamelucos nasty marica nigga maricas nigger maricon noneco maricona ojete mariconas ojetes maricones orto mariconzon otario maricón panarra marimacha panchito marimacho papirote marimachos pavisosa mastuerzo pavisoso melona pavitonta memo pavitonto memos peal menguada pedo menguado pedos mensa pendeja mensas pendejas menso pendejo mensos pendejos mentecapta pirobo mentecapto pis mentecata pises mentecato piss mentecatos polla merluzo pollancre mierda pollas mierdas premiosa minguada premioso minguado puneta mojon pussies mojones pussy molondro puta mucura putas muerdealmohadas puto muergano putos muérgano racano ramera rácano salame salamin salamín samarugo sanana sanano shit slut soca soplanucas stupid suata suato sucks sudaca sudacas tarada taradas tarado tarados tarugo teta tetas tocha tocho tolondron tolondrona tolondrón tonta tontarron tontarrona tontarrón tontas tontera tontiloco tontivana tontivano tonto tonton tontona tontos tontucia tontucio tontuela tontuelo tontuna tontón torgada torgado torpon torpona torpón tortillera tragaleche tragasables trompo valeverga verga vergas zamacuco zamarro zangana zangano zanganos zolocho zompo zonzo zonzorriar zopenca zopencas zopenco zopencos zoreco zorimba zorimbo zote zángana zángano zánganos